Testimonio de Ivanka muestra fractura en la familia Trump

Washington— Former President Donald Trump has said that many of his aides and associates have access to privileges and resistances to the selection committee of Cámara that investigates the attack on the Capitolio on January 6, 2021.

Sin embargo, no su hija y su yerno.

Dije: ‘Lo que sea que quieras hacer está bien para mí’. “I do not know what to do with it,” said Trump in an April interview with The Washington Post. “No importa lo que dijeron. Déjalos que digan la verdad. They say: ‘Silo digan la verdad’ ”.

Pero led the public violet by prime minister vez the juvenile by the night that Ivanka Trump and her successor, Jared Kushner, only to decide, the ex-president parsed me generosely and issued a statement that made the testimony.

“Ivanka Trump does not participate in the observation or study of the results of their elections,” Donald Trump said on the Truth Social platform. “There is a lot of time that goes wrong.”

Trump reacted to a video of Ivanka Trump reproducing the opening statement of her representative Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming. In the video, the shadow of the ex-president says that he accepted the conclusion of the fiscal general William Barr that he did not lose a generalized phrase that affected the result, including when he insisted on falsely insisting in public that he had been robbed.

“Affect mi perspective”, says Ivanka Trump in the clip. “Respect for General Barr Fiscal, as he accepts what he says.”

The discord marks a new turn in a stretch of relationship-shadow that has aborted the family, negotiations and politics, and exposes a griet that has abated one of the choices of 2020, segments of Donald Trump’s accessories.

Ahead of January 6, Ivanka Trump ramped up with her father and her brother to avoid false accusations of cancellation and intentional cancellation of election results. On the day of the disturbances in the Capitolio, they repeatedly persuaded the president to make a statement or a video given to his followers that they were forced to leave, informs The Post.

There is tension in the media that the most popular audience is me.

Ivanka Trump’s descriptions of her being used to pressure her father to act on the 6th energy converted into a test key for investigators, revealing familiar people with their testimony. The interview committee of Ivanka Trump and Kushner was running and showing indications that the transcripts were public.

“Probably a lot more about Jared and Ivanka in the future”, says an advocate who represents other testers who try to keep the condition of anonymity but their conversations are confidential. Committee members consider that Ivanka Trump and Kushner have been very friendly and very frustrated with each other, especially because of the comforts, especially in terms of Donald Trump’s mentality.

Trump told the Post interviewer that he did not object to the plan being planned by the testimony and that he considered the impact of the committee on Ivanka as “acoso”.

The impact of the testimony is that the juveniles acted through the use of a video extract, an audition for a congressional inquiry that included an inclusive surprise for those who followed the investigation. The clip comes from one of the most dramatic moments of the first audience, which attracts a 19 million-strong audience.

“I do not think so, because Iban’s sampling videos in the audience’s schedule,” said a Trump aide at Casa Blanca, who also said other interviewees were trying to get anonymous air conditioning for private conversations.

Representatives of Ivanka Trump, Kushner and Donald Trump did not respond to comments. But as soon as Donald Trump asked if Trump had been shaken with his shadow by the testimony. The objective of your statement, I know from the outside, is to conclude that Ivanka Trump has not been involved in legal discussions.

The committee reproduced a brief clip of Kushner’s testimony in which he cut the amenas of the abbot of Casa Blanca, Pat Cipollone, to renounce in protest by alguns discussions about the result.

“It’s like a simple lollipop, for honest honesty,” Kushner said in the video.

Trump did not respond to Kushner’s public testimony. In private, Kushner’s papers were included in the campaign and the many who used the Casa Blanca because Kushner’s treatise attributed the merit to three people who plotted against Trump.

Because Trump’s cargo, his shadow and his yerno have not assisted him in reunions on political journeys, parties and other parts of his political operation and he has rarely seen any other accessories. Seek the information, the pair bought a property in an exclusive island of Miami-Dade. An asset that is regularly around the president says: “He saw Jared an egg”. Pero el ex presidente todavía habla regularlyte con su hija Ivanka.

The publication of virenes tamibén parecía defender’s testimony of his shadow as “silo treating with respect to Bill Barr”, for which Trump your words much longer.

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