That’s the Netflix incident where 2 people died

The actors died in Mexico during the robberies of a Netflix production series

Deadline information that the actors of the proxima of the television series Netflix, The Chosen One (antes nombrada American Jesus), murieron after an automobile accident near Santa Rosalía Tijuana, Mexico and when the programming of the program is over.

The accident is caused by a truck transporting different parts of the ring and the team in the series, shooting and firing at the members of the production team and measuring the actors, identified as Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar, tampered with by the artificial number of Paco Mufote.

A portage of the syndicate of independent actors in a communication that can be found in contact with Netflix and the National Association of Mexican Actors (ANDA) to investigate the accident.

“SAG-AFTRA is in contact with Netflix and the Mexican actors’ union ANDA about this incident and we are investigating the developments with the local production. Security in the set is always at the highest priority. We will continue to provide all necessary materials to ensure that our members and other persons are safe in their place of work ”.


Your colleagues are pronounced

Dare to touch the accident, different members of the production team heeding the social network to express themselves and expose the many working conditions in which they are found.

“This is absolutely devastated”, sign up for Twitter the guionist Faisal Lutchmedial. “Paco Mufote, a brilliant actor and musician, accidentally leads a Netflix set. It is furious to hear that the slightest means of ensuring production causes this tragedy ”.

De igual forma, the Mexican actor Fernando Bonilla sign up on Twitter to confirm devotion by reply to your friend Garduño. “A lot of Chinese and television productions have been overshadowed by the drivers, provoking a lot of tragedies. Me acabo de enterar y no me lo puedo creer. Tengo el corazón apachurrado.

What caused the accident?

Los Angeles Times the opportunity of haberdashery with production membranes often that the actors in the set have their own problems with transportation, including the fact that conductors are formed by the need for time.

The escritor Rick Zazueta también se unió a la quejas y escribió en There are various posts on Facebook that elnco is surprisingly prevalent in logistics and transportation problems in production.

“Contraindication of confidentiality contracts and curtain of venous works, which we read and know about any quality of our bodies (…). We are about to start a car accident, but we are also about to get the glass that drains the vase of a small production chain by Stacy Perskie and Everardo Gout. The international media are preparing for a stormy offensive that is now goblins and apparatus like ANDA or the Baja California Film Commission on hacker incapacities ”.

Rick Zazueta

Zazueta note that the truck in which the tow truck was transported in order for the program to be filmed, is to be found in small conditions.Neumatic switches, sluggish brakes, single flywheel, not all safety windshield wipers work, multi-identifiable seals ”.

In the same way, outside the distances between the set and the place in which the actors landed far away. “Imagination moves the gentile by a caprice as a local experiment experienced in the area. It is a respectable wave on the ground, it is a respectable wave for the gentleman who works, and it is a link to the Chinese industry in its conjuncture”. Además, explicitly stated that the carriage was very narrow and the drivers only had an excess of work.

Netflix do not hesitate to comment on case investigations, pero se dio to conocer that by the moment the production is detected. Asymmetry, comment that the series is being produced for streaming service by an unidentified independent product.


Á What is happening in the Chinese cinema industry in Mexico?

Section the column of the economist’s opinion Viri Ríos published in Milenio, este problema se dio por the brake of studios to enhance local production, or assurance that ultimately the Mexican film industry has produced 32% more filmsand confirm that the lifespan of the ascending cases 36%, shut down in one of the industries more rentables of the country.

Aún así, según Ríos las producciones escatiman much in costs and exploding in your employees, of which the streaming companies do not demand just treats for their smugglers and does not really exist a syndicate which protects the interests of those laboratories in the industry, or which ANDA does not have menos miembros and has no utility shares to master the lab conditions of its members.

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