The 26 players in Gerardo Martino’s Orbit assist Qatar 2022

FIFA allowed the national team of Qatar 2022 with 26 players; ESPN presents that Gerardo Martino has been largely accountable

La FIFA confirm that the selections available to Qatar World Cup 2022 Contraán with lists of 26 jugadores and no 23, as hizo in the latest editions of the just world. It’s obedient to the singular moment of the one in which it is disputed now World Cup and the context of the pandemic Covid19.

With this in mind, Gerardo Martino it tends to expand its panorama to find more southwest with it Mexican selection and as the opportunity of tener minutes in the tournament is the most important of the selections in the world.

A continuation, en ESPN We present to you a possible list, such as containing the names of the southerners which I swear most convincingly, in more minutes and than at the taste of Gerardo Martinoas of its technical body.

Please note that this is not the final list and the sudamerican strategy defines the masses before it is initiated. Qatar World Cup 2022.

Do not doubt that the porter of America is the favorite amplifier for the title of the national combo. Además, Ochoa vivirá quinto Mundial y is one of the most impressive for Martino, pues its level with the team is superlative.

‘Machín’ means a creation in your own game and is one of the best elements that exists in Europe. These titles are indisputable with Ajax and compared to Martino, which is based on the content that started the World Cup.

‘Chucky’ is part of the triangle of that emblem of selection. If you are physically fit, damp hay dudas about being green in the extremes of Naples that are planted in the first game.

Wolverhampton Delandero is not in its best moment or with its finer punter, per duna sin alguna, its experience in England ha ha on part of that national.

The case with the ‘Tecatito’, which is the ultimate part of the tricolor. With Seville is one of the most destructive players and has the meta poner ese level in the national team.

The ‘Principito’ vivirá lo’s the ultimate Mundial and is the leader in the vestidor. Your experience is vital no solo for ‘Tata’, sino para los jugadores nacionale mós jóvenes.

The new Cremonese center of the Serie A series goes one of the first to experience the World Cup in Catar 2022. Recurring in the Continental Vine hare that one of the elements with which ‘Tata’ can be configured in the team zone of the team.

The end of the Chivas is one of the elements that appear in the MX League and one of the main recaps before the game, except that one can start on one of the elements that can be initiated as internal flyers.

The second Martino box and selection. Pese a sus 39 aos, el veterano archeero, ahora en Bravos de Juárez, es el numero dos bajo los tres poste en el Tricolor.

‘Cachorro’ is one of the elements that support the central zaga and which is the way to secure the World Cup now and when it is based on the physical theme.

The central defender is located on the south side of the town where Martino is most comfortable and only takes ten minutes in Asian territory.

The Belgian Genk jug has little interesting yield points with the selection and is one of the elements attached to the title. When solving problems with the technical body, you have the opportunity to convince yourself more.

They have the title of the current national team band and they safely return the initial match to the initial one.

‘Zorro’ is designed to be a world-class rematch and one of the leaders in the dressing room to share your experience.

The Cruz Azul element is one of the southernmost that can be used internally and then to be in the world aircraft.

It’s one of the options in Martino and Raúl Alonso Jiménez. The south of America is close to Qatar 2022 as one of the major revolvers.

‘Brujo’ is level with Cruz Azul and is a pillar of the celestial team. Antuna también is one of the main exchanges in the positions of Corona and Lozano.

‘Mago’ does not have the greatest individual momentum, but its imbalance, as well as its technical nature, hacked one of the elements that can influence the form of the Mexican style.

They alternate with Gerardo Arteaga in the lateral equation. Depending on the moment it lives, like the south of Monterrey, it has no possibilities due to the element of Genk.

Rayados’s content is one of Edson vlvarez’s main components. Your balloon recovery can be configurable for Martino.

The experience of zaguero sero clave to lead the most young like Johan Vásquez and César Montes. If your competence is low, your veteran will be able to take the title.

The juvenile of Real Betis has a lot of alibajos with the Spanish frame, pero maestra las ganas cada vez que pone la casaca nacional, por lo that el juvenil puede tener buenos momentos en la justa mundialista.

Finally, ‘Mellizo’ is the dent of the insured, which is what Mexican naturalization and mediation of ‘Tata’ is all about when it comes to the new titular mantras as well as the cans of Raúl Jiménez cans.

‘Chaquito’ is the 24th series, which is based on the need for fresh or fresh water, although with its sacrifices and activations it has found a place in the ultimate ‘Tata’ convocators.

In the diaphragm on the right side, the ‘Chaka’ is one of the elements that started from the Martino process, because of a lesion that is marginalized by the group. If it is a physical list, one of the ones that completes the list.

‘Piojo’ is one of the jugadores that more minutes than 2019 that arrives Martino. You can participate in the bands that give you the most options for the national team.


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