The 6-energy commission is centered on Trump’s pressures and amnesties with a variety of functions for not certifying Biden’s triumph | International

The phrase is the culmination of some of the biggest hits in the history of incumbent presidential infiltration, from Richard Nixon (“I do not have a ladder”) to Bill Clinton (“No sexual relations with this woman, the Lewinsky theory”). Donald Trump’s January 2, 2021, speech by Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State of Georgia: this is one of the ten that we have [de diferencia]. Porque ganamos in the State ”. As soon as possible, Trump flew to record a rally in Washington, in front of his sympathizers, who only paid tribute to a bunch of butterflies in Georgia. Essay mismo d ,a, centenarians of these followers save by raising the Capitolio and interrupting violent manner but prime in the history of the United States and the passage of power to Joe Biden, who surprised the choices of November.

I have an ace and water level. And in the fourth session of the investigation of the 6-energy bloc, the celebrant is married in a solemn hall of the United States Congress, the new members of the commission reveal that Trump actively participated in a plan to report bogus voters. These are the places where the Biden derrot. The phrase from the phrase “11,780 votes” resonates with the anthology of those who did not like the Capitol, so much so that the sum added:

New York’s ex-husband Rudy Giulianni and Trump’s adviser, Rusty Bowers, president of the Arizona Chamber of Deputies, have been tested in this case. “Are we all Republicans?”, Added Giulianni. The phrase demonstrates to the new members of the commission (both Democrats and Republicans) that Trump and his people are personally pressing, whether or not they care about, or locally encamped functionaries to certify their electoral votes in the United States, Pennsylvania and Georgia, those who treat those who serve as public servants for neglecting the triumph of democracy and the 45th president pudding as they hold on to it. The committee was subdivided into basing pressure on Trump sympathizers and functionaries, who are reluctant to do so, because various testers have convened to declare the session, and the president has no respect for it.

“No le importaron lo más mínimo. It does not condense, nor does it move by force; siguó adelante with its false accusations of all fashion “, sentiment the vice president of the commission, the Republican of Wyoming Liz Cheney. Cheney was present at the events that followed the revelations of earlier audiences (“Recovering what the Sabbath did when he was basking in the flames”), while continuing to report that Trump is trying to force “M descent” to M you get a legitimate electoral result, even though the era is “illegal and unconstitutional” or a sabbath that is not established in a hacker way. Además, provides evidence that its most important accessories and family members repeat the one and then the magnate that their base electro-care components depend on.

“The first demand to be taken into account is that the lieutenants in the tribunals will die,” said Adam Schiff, a California lawmaker, and the commission member who is the protagonist in this four-part session: the testicles. “It simply came to our notice then [de las 62 querellas que se interpusieron, solo le dieron la razón en una, y el nuevo recuento no afectó al resultado], to press concrete static legislators. Yl y sus aliads violaron descaradamente mlipiples leyes federal al al al’s’s a plot, including the conspiracy to come from across the city of the United States “, added Schiff. It is inevitable to interpret such words as a message sent directly to the Department of Justice, as the commission is serving every week in a test strip because of the legal actions against Trump that are not clear that they are going to die.

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The audience was greeted by a member of the Senate, Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). This is a false electoral offer to Vice President Mike Pence, since he was quoted by the commission as sampling an interchange of text messages between a member of Johnson’s team and Pence’s minutes before the 6th session. ataque interrumpió. In another robbery, the president of the National Republican Committee, Ronna McDaniel, could be heard saying that Trump was hacked in a phone conference over the falsehood, legality of the case, electrified encumbrances to certify the triumph or the derrot.

Conversation with Raffensperger, which takes place on your own The Washington Post, however, one of the most important points of the audience. Including the famous phrase. The Secretariat of the State of Georgia has told the commission that “there is no surprise in the search box”.

“The numbers are the numbers, and the numbers are not always”, he repeated in various variations during his testimony, in which the present did not appear because he pretended to reproduce a part of the robbery in that of Raffensperger, that sonaba azorado by the tone that establishes the conversion, offering a mandate (link) al entons presidente para que comprobara que los cokculos eran los correct in Georgia. Trump, who insisted that the United States won 400,000 votes in the United States, even though it did not go as far as 11,780, responded: “I do not care. link. ¡Tengo un link mucho mejor! ”.

Schiff prepares the testicle to determine if it is appropriate to work with it in the midst of the basic pressures and amenas that it recovers in the same way as your family. Raffensperger quotes importation, and says: Eso fue todo lo que hicimos. Mantenernos del lado de la ley y la constitucion ”.

The amenazas suffragette graves by the functionaries who try to fight against the Republican leader who is occupied by the main traumas of the last chapter of the series that prepared the commission, led by the president, the Democrat Democrat Bennie Thompson, present of suspense.

Bowers is counting on the fact that “20,000 electrically correlated and decades of recurring miles on the edge of the train and text messages”, which diffuse videos of those who say “a pedophile and a pervert” and that a man , dressed in the uniform of the radical militia The Three Percenters, sympathizers of Trump, are present in the casings, armor, and amenation of your vehicle. Other citations, Gabriel Sterling, Alto Cargo of the Secretariat of the State of Georgia which offers in these two a conference of the princess in the negro of the fragment in Georgia, declares that it is convenient that the abbey is legally present at the moment on Twitter an amenaza de muerte that exemplifies an animation that includes a soga (all the paraphrenalis of the chords are captured in an iconography recurring in the hacks that conducts all 6 of energy).

With more statements than the session carries the cargo of the electoral samples from the condominium of Fulton, Georgia, Wandrea Shaye Moss and mother, Ruby Freeman. Trabajaron in the quote of November 2020, and Trump the number 18 only in the lambada of Raffensperger. Moss details the suffocating needle through it, which includes a morale-bearing almanac and cargo of one of the types that Moss’s mother-in-law searches for like a “city arrest”. Freeman — looking at video testimonials (in front of his shadow, comparing them in the room, visibly affected) – says: “My curtain, my reputation, my sense of security.” The FBI assumes that the live stream lasts one hour at a time. Y así lo hizo.

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