The 911 audio reveals about the final moments of Vicky White

(CNN) – Authorities reconstructed the final moments before the fleeting agent Vicky White recovered a mortal trachea from an automotive search engine. Recently, an audio has been released from which the authorities say that it is a 911 flame that White hunts during the persecution and the brinda more information about the minutes passed by the capture of Else and the recluse Casey White. However, the sum of the preconditions required by the respondent should be taken into account.

The audio reveals a frenzy scene from the car escaping from the next few steps, but it also provides clarity on how Vicky White recovers the ball in the front panel of the car’s powdered powders. Ella murió at the cause of her heridas in a hospital m ts tarde ese día.

The termination order when the authorities oblige the car that Casey White conducts shooting and roaring in a cage, according to the Federal Alguaciles Service. Authorities made it clear that Vicky White was shooting at the head of the car, but the official cause of death was not announced.

In the audio of 911 released by functionaries in Evansville, Indiana, it is known that the person who is not talking directs it to the dispatcher, who says “911” and “hola” almost as if responding.

In turn, the driver’s voice is heard, which the authorities say is that of Vicky White, who says things like, “espera, detente … the air bubbles are dispersed and nos matarán”.

First of all, when a rainstorm breaks, the first of four rainforests that turn 15 seconds. It is not clear in any case representing the wheels, and it is not clear in the audio when it is inserted into the car, when it is fired and when it is dispensed with a weapon.

“Dios”, says the woman after the first red. “The air bubbles are ringing. We salute and weep.” La mujer menciona un hotel.

One second the boy listened and the woman cried. Llegan al menos dos ruidos más, seguidos de otro chillido. If sirens are heard and heard more than one minute later, the words “have a gun in hand” and “are breathing” are repeated.

The line of 911 permanently abducts meters the agents to work to secure the vehicle part.

Muere the carriage that escapes with a press in Alabama 0:50

Vicky White, 56 years old, was transported to a hospital, said the sheriff. Casey White, 38 years old, has been sent back and forth to Alabama.

The fugitive inclination and correctional agent huyeron from the condominium of Lauderdale, Alabama, the 29th of April. Authorities say that Vicky White, who had subcontracting subdirectories in the condominium circle, had Casey White as the center of the detachment with the libertarian capital as the palace of justice.

Investigators believe that Casey White’s romantic relationship, which normally takes place in a static state, was periodically transferred to the Lauderdale condominium to assist audiences related to the year 2015. by White white carpentry carpentry steps. The sheriff of the condo dijo that the mantuvieron communicates when the transfer returns by static pressure.

The escape of the junta provoked a human outcry of 11 days which abated various stages and captured the generalized national athens. After the search for the hello has ended, there are two things about the realities of Vicky White’s death and the future that Casey White now loves.

Sheriff and details of Casey White’s translation back to price 0:43

Term What is the term Vicky White with a dispar?

911’s audio is not clear as Vicky White’s message has been leaked and has not been released yet.

In the evacuation audio from Evansville Police, you can search the dispatcher based on the application units that say “we’ve been searching the line where only the hand is in the kitchen”.

The 911 robbery did not reveal Vicky White stealing a weapon or a handgun. An embargo can be made to escort other persons in the robbery, apparently agents responding, saying that they set themselves up in a hurry to control it.

Ningún’s agent dispersed the perpetrator, followed by Lauderdale’s sheriff Rick Singleton.

When Casey White’s car agents were taken out of the car and taken away, they allegedly added “su espa” that were spread out in the cabinet and insisted that they were not in the car, said Sheriff Marty Keely, who went to his condominium. , la pareja no estaba casada. The authorities otherwise know that the agent and the inclusion do not establish relations.

If Vicky White fires a shot, it is not clear whether it is intentionally or accidentally dispersing the weapon in the chaos of persecution.

Casey White indicates that he only intends to shoot at police with his car no matter how busy he is, driving the sheriff or sheriff of Vanderburgh, Indiana, Dave Wedding, quoting White’s interviewees with his investigators su captura.

“(Casey White) says that he’s probably going to have a terroir, in that he’s screwed up,” said Wedding.

What to do with Casey White?

Casey White devotes to Alabama Tuesday night to assist with cargo reading in Lauderdale.

Ben Graves plays White in an audience that flees, adheres to the cargo ships that are displayed in relation to Ridgeway’s death. White’s confessively obese, but who declares himself ignorant of dementia, opposes authority.

Employ Casey White’s audience, because of what they want to capture 0:51

Aimed at the audience, White flew directly to the William E. Donaldson Correctional Center, a static approach to Bessemer, Alabama, more than 100 miles across the Lauderdale condominium.

White added a sentence of 75 years to a series of delinquents that comet in 2015, including a morale booster, car robbery and police harassment, by the Alguaciles Service.

The trial by White Assistant is currently scheduled for June. Durante the comparison against the martial tribunal, the abbot of White, Jamy Poss, knows that he presents a motion of the saddle exchange, which the game knows what to consider.

– Jamiel Lynch, Eric Levenson, Jaide Timm-Garcia and Nadia Romero of CNN contribute and are informed.

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