The abyss of America

Polvareda that is armed around the decisive exclusion of the Latin American nationals from the novel Cumbre of the Americas, which is flying from June to June in Los Angeles, is full of all continental history. As of December 2021, Joe Biden has traveled extensively to Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia in his “Cumbre for Democracy,” which focuses on the ideological rise of Panama and Panama. Dominican Republic. Ahí Biden advertised a $ 425 million fund for the so-called “independent media on the outside” and the anti-authoritarian society organization “fighting authoritarianism, corruption, and promoting book choices.” Now, without obstructing the titles of the story of Casa Blanca, the novel Cumbre of the Americas has been released in many parts of the world. Only Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia have said that their presidents in Iran and the United States have not been able to share their political identities with the democrats. It is a different moment for the United States, a method in a war of attrition against Russia — not to mention that it is promoted in Korea on a one-size-fits-all basis, in a commercial dispute with China, and in the middle of all cities plebeyas in Latin America that, ésta vez, incluye in Mexico. President López Obrador at the helm of Central America and Cuba at the disposal of Biden’s regional leadership, litigations with electricity and lithium ownership, record that the United States Congress The four-million-dollar wave to disentangle Central American migration did not respond well to the dinosaurs that the Mexican brand fought against Claudio X. González’s or the “Selvame del train” environmentalists. He abandoned the strategy of interventionist pressures that he used in Latin America to destabilize the goblins that did not take place, from Guatemala in 1954 to Bolivia in 2019. He did not respond to the scandal that the Organization of American States (OECD) had his instigator of the police-military golpe against Evo Morales.

In this context, Mexico is conditioned by the assistance of its President and novelist Cumbre pero, on the couch, and as a child, salting the numbers that we all have as Continent. This column is based on basic words.

Hemos recidivo varios nombre que siempre han tendid que ver con lo que alguna potencia extranjera esperaba extrarenos. We work as “Indians” because of Crist pbal Colón’s purely mercantile pretensions to find their way to the Assyrian specialties. You see, the term “Indian” only carries out, explores, and explores these places through its habitats. It is the form in which corporations or energy companies are not allowed. The word, “New World”, comes from the religious perspective of the Spanish who see us as a white license that is evangelized as a matter of course. The “new” meaning of the Spanish Corona and its Jordanian religions is an impossible incubator with the Virgin Eden, a city of prodigies, cities of dance, amazons like a peacock, members of a single pie or pen case. It’s the form in which some of us in Europe find ourselves surrounded by the “real maravilo” that comes from the Remedios La Bella that flies from the beautiful, in Cien aos de soledad para ser, ahora, the series of narcotics traffickers on television, such as the fire, antes, the stories of anthropophagous or human sacrifices.

The name “America” ​​for the continent does not originate on a map of 1507, it is not generalized until the eighteenth century and was expropriated by the liberator Simín Bolívar to refer to an extension that originated in 1815, when editing the Map from Jamaica, 16 million people who speak Spanish and who, up to now, share the colorful masses in their flags: Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. In Simín Bolívar we found the idea that it is named as the “order of the universe” and that the exchange of balances between potentials and an independent state, Gran Colombia. When I heard of continental projects being encapsulated by other United States states, we were using this Bolivarian idea. Leading President López Obrador is a sign of American integration that treats migrations as forced labor and not as illegal, alluding to integrated America.

Latin America has a term attached to the French Empire. The main asset of Napoleon III, Michel Chevalier, invented to justify his expedition to invade Mexico. The invention of Latin America is of interest, but it has little in common. Según Chevalier, Europe establishes dividends in three cultures by its linguistic origin: the Anglo-Saxons, which is Gran Brittany; the Slavs, with Russia; and the Latin commanders, for example, for France. The fact that Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese created a common denominator in Latin, as well as a cultural hermeneutic junta, combined with Roman Catholicism, the Protestant dynasty, and the Orthodox Church. Así, según los imperialistas franceses, América tenía, a la mitad de siglo XIX, una part angloajona, los Estados Unidos, y otra latina, de México hasta Argentina. The idea of ​​the Chevalier era invading Mexico and following the hack to Panama, when building a canal for trade. The French adventure in Mexico, as we say, with the arrival of Emperor Maximiliano at Cerro de la Campana in the summer of 1867. The Latin American did not wall with the French. Fue retomado por la Revolución Cubana, tras su triunfo. Most of Che Guevara’s guerrilla ideas in Bolivia, a cultural phenomenon that coincided with the Latin American boom in the novel and with the new song in popular music. The Latin American, hasta la fecha, suena a quenas y charangos, a Benedetti y Neruda. To contain this new identity, the influence of the Cuban Revolution and the House of America, John F. Kennedy assisted the Alliance for Progress in 1961: a project of inversion in the Latin American camp that continued, but did not cause ahora, if not the causes of the revolution. A decade later, the CIA orchestrated a campaign of military grenades with all sorts of deportation and exile in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

“America for the Americans”, now known as Doctrina Monroe or the Destiny Manifesto, was founded by the President of the United States before the Congress in 1823. Subsequently, the idea that parts of the continent were defended invasion of europe. Thirty three years ago, the United States refused to participate in the Congress convened in Panama by Bolivar because, in reality, America was plundered before the United States. The “doctrine” blade was a message of military intervention fundamentally in a superior authority imposed by Dios on the students to rule the continent. Even now, the idea that democracy is an imitation model, with its corporate bipartisanship and persistent suppression of African American flags, struck by discourses such as Joe Biden’s that the continent is pacifist and culturally in the region. It is the superiority of theological origins that the, según ellos, the divine right to calibrate the democracies of aeneas, the freedom of expression, the vigilance of the human rights y, the present tense, the environmental instability. This view of James Monroe pertenecen también the idea of ​​evaluar y juzgar a la otras naciones desde la continental isla hecho de Estados Unidos un país aldeano, ensimismado, que desprecia todo lo que no trace Catsup.

As Latin American caricaturists and totally estadunidenses, they damped their disgusting ignorance and resentment to our nostrils, even though we live in their cities by the millions. Richard Nixon is the official exchange of the term “Latin” for “Hispanic”. As we see it, the “Latin” is an identity that has the Roman Empire, as the minority of the United States has always been emulated. The term “Hispanic” is a term used to describe Spanish’s idiom, which means “racial identity” as a racial identity, being a record holder of some colonial rule in Spain. Asia, since the late 1980s, Latinos in the United States have always had continental and Caribbean heresies and their reserves have become dominant. Simply in the vacant lot, rationally, no whites or blacks, no cafes. It expires on May 5 and on September 15 to celebrate Mexicanism in Casa Blanca because it wants to commemorate the rise of Napoleon III’s Francis and not the popular rebellion against Guanajuato-type slavery.

The words contain the cargo and the influence of that light. As the term is somewhat disputed between “ellos” and “nosotros” by the novel Cumbre de la Americas, of which we are sure hablando is from Bolívar, and Che Guevara; of Colon and Napoleon III; by James Monroe and Kennedy. American, Latin American, Hispanic, and Latino. Internally, we followed the trades that invoked Maximiliano and those who endured the declination of the United States as a point of no return.

I do not want to avoid the weight of the words when a sentence is followed by an abyss.

Fabrizio Mejía Madrid

Es escritor y periodista. Collabora en La Jornada y Aristégui Noticias. Has published more than 20 books among those that contain the novels Disparos en la oscuridad, El rencor, Tequila DF, Un hombre de confianza, Esa luz que nos deslumbra, Vida digital, y Hombre al agua que recibije 2004 2004 el Premio Antonin Artaud .

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