The adventure of Dallas to Europe that soon ends like the prospect of Mexico or the United States

DALLAS – Para Johan Gómez, the most famous European footballer, has gained so much momentum, and since he did not make his debut in the Primera Division, he is a footballer who is an aspiring Mexican footballer aspiring to follow his brother’s passages Jonathan Gomezwhich has been swallowed by Tri, even though it is not easy to select the primary light.

Gómez, from the age of 20, made an appointment to be the first in the FSV Zwickau de Germany, leaving his pass through the FC Porto de Portugal, which was the gateway to Europe coming from the base fortresses of FC Dallas.

The Mexican races turn out to be an interesting prospect for the future of Tri, as they agree that they’s far enough to catch the meta from going to the World Cup, an objective that comes from going south to Arlington, Texas, in Dalrea Dallas-Fort Worth.

“I love a family of footballers. Mi tío jugó con Cruz Azul Hidalgo “, dijo Gómez. “I play football from three or four years ago. Of course, only one or more of them are attached to the body. Desde ahí le agarré la onda y no he parado “.

Starting with the first teams with the YMCA team and the Solar club in Classic / Select Dallas levels, competing with the FC Dallas Academia team.

It’s a fundamental part of the FC Dallas team that dominates the league at the US Soccer Development Academy, MLS Next, even though it has been established to list the most important retailers, as well as its studios.

“Always follow the trajectory to get a degree in college (university)”, said in an interview with ESPN. “Pero empezando la Sub 17 en la Generation Adidas Cup empezaron a llegar agents i ahí comence i illusionarme. Pence that can be hacer. Try to find some companies that have professional firms with FC Dallas, which are based on selections. Me di cuenta de que sí se podía “.

“Originally, I was offered a contract with North Texas Soccer (second only to the professional team of FC Dallas), with the idea of ​​having a player and playing team as the first team,” he added. “Obviamente no wind an ideal option para mí y por eso no tomé esa ruta”.

Gómez tuvo the opportunity of probation with three European teams, with those who syntió that tuvo buen despepeo. Pero no recibió noticias.

When it comes to returning to the United States to decide whether to fly to FC Dallas or not to accept university football, it’s too much to change.

“Ya estaba muy cansado, llevaba un mes fuera de casa, pero era el Porto”, mencionó. “I have a great history with the Mexicans. Y ahí me quedé con el Porto “.

Gómez pronto comenzi a rodearse jugadores del primer equipo con experiencein e el futbol mexicano como el porter Agustin Marchesín, Jesus ‘Tecatito’ Corona y de manera fugaz por Héctor Herrerawhich are summed up as “part of your family”.

“Marchesín me invitó a quedarme en su casa, me llevaba a cenar con su familia. I play a player. The main experiences are that all stamps count all the life “, recordó. “It simply came to our notice then that the most important thing is to create and work hard.”

Gómez approves the experience of alternating with the most high level players, who establish themselves in the Primera Division of Portugal and who play tournaments as important as the Europa League and the World Cup, to absorb all the teeth and heat of the can, from the preparation hasta la manera de encarar los partidos.

“Every now and then, from the FCD Academia Sub 19, you are now in Porto,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Ni tiempo tuve para pensarlo “.

Durante el verano pasado, lelegë el momentu seguir su camino hacia mejores mertunidades, con la esperanza de acercarse mús aún a la Primera División e Europa. See you in the third league of Germany.

“Muchos jugadores han venido para acá de Estados Unidos y pudieron hacerlo”, dijo. “It’s a good league for jugadores jóvenes. The Primera and the German Segunda and much follow in this league. In Germany it is the first team, since the Third Division “.

“In Portugal you train with the first team, but you have the opportunity to play with them. For this quoí evolve a little yugar for a first team “.

Gómez is a national player in the United States of Mexico, who hopes to be considered by some of the national selections for those who are elegant.

“The United States has only a good message. “Mexico has not sabido nada”, mencionó. “There are many good leagues here in Germany. Definitely going to empathize with the goal and the game is better than the selection because my goal is to win a World Cup. Me falta, pero ahí voy en el processes ”.


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