The Alabama correctional agent has only one “special relation” with the pressure to escape

(CNN) – An Alabama correctional agent and auxiliary sealant added to an assorted assault to escape the carcass the passage only a “special relation” in physics with the inclusion of permissible privileges being established unequivocally.

Relationships between Vicky White, Lauderdale’s correlation subdirectorate in north Alabama, and Casey White’s up-and-coming time have been confirmed in part by traces of reclusive condensate detection centers, according to CNN. sheriff Rick Singleton.

“Hemos confirms traverses of independent points and other mediums that, by the way, have a relationship between Casey White and Vicky White because of their normal work schedule, no physical contact, but a different natural relationship,” said Singleton.

“We do not see Casey White gaining special privileges and treating him differently from other high-ranking officials in the center,” said Singleton.

Authorities are trying to get Vicky White as well as Casey White, which does not work, because the correctional agent salivates the veins through the Lauderdale condensation center unit with the 38-year-old press coming in and out su patrol, dijo el sheriff.

To issue an arrest warrant against Vicky White by cargoes to allow or facilitate flight in the first degree, said Singleton is the moon.

Vicky White knows that Casey White’s fuss over a mental health evaluation and the recoil of medical attraction do not make sense. Posteriorly, the authorities discourage that no audience programming or evaluation for Casey White is underway, and Vicky White joins the medical center. The patrol can be seen abandoning the tracks on the vehicle in the station of a commercial center, within a mile of the center of the destination.

The situation is in a state of shock at Vicky White’s work computers. The only way to get rid of clutter is to work hard to get the most out of your department, says Singleton. Present the documentation of the jubilee in the following week, placed in the case approximately one month and a week taken on the beach, aggregate.

“All of your work compartments are dedicated. Nunca hemos tenedo a situation like this with Vicky White. “Here is a sample,” said CNN’s Ryan Young Singleton. Previously, Singleton knew that the correctional agent was only “an imperative history” and that it was “an example sample”.

The sheriff of Lauderdale, Rick Singleton, composed a photo of Casey White.

“Si ella hizo is voluntarily and all indication that lo hizo … Supongo que estamos tratando de aferrarnos a la latima cupa esperanza de que tal vez por alguna razón fue amenazada e hizo esto bajo coaçón, pero absolutasado me senticion Singleton.

The Lauderdale condo fiscal chris Connolly told CNN that he was working with Vicky White on a 17-year-old diary and that he’s obsessed with it at the end of the day.

“Le habría confiado mi vida”, dijo. “I was deceived by God. Confident in God and exploded in confusion.”

Vicky White has been living with her mother-in-law for the last few weeks since she left the house, but after her jubilee on Casey White, mother-in-law, Pat Davis, on WAAY, a CNN affiliate. “Nunca escuché sobre él, nunca vi su foto, nada. No sabía nada sobre él”, said Davis al medio.

Pat Davis says he does not care about the situation and why his shadow falls back.

“We do not have to pay for it ourselves or voluntarily participate in it. But only the treasures of the flight, that’s all that queremos “, said Pat Davis to WAAY.

Sheriff: “I’m surprised by the security in Alabama”

The video shows the Vicky White patrol being detected, one minute left by the wheelbarrow, intersecting one of the frames of the stationary commercial center during the abandoned enclosure, said Singleton.

It is indicated that the car is driven directly to the station and the conductor is intentionally ignited, driven by the sheriff.

Pero’s video does not show what the success story of the car is at the station.

Singleton told CNN that when he saw the lot of the lot in a second vehicle, he would translate it into a vehicle that was set up or sent for sale.

The 2007 Ford Edge will be the latest car to be launched after Vicky White and Casey White were last seen on April 29, 2022.

EE Sheriffs Service. UU. dijo este martes que la pareja fue vista por tltima vez el 29 de april en Rogersville, Alabama, en un Ford Edge 2007 dorado / cobre con placas unconocidas de Alabama.

“I’m surprised that he’s safe in Alabama,” the sheriff said. Please note that the operators on the fronts of Mexico and Canada have not yet been notified of the search.

Vicky White tends to be the recipient of this case, but its documentation of the jubilee fund has not been processed, said Singleton.

EE Sheriffs Service. UU. Offer a US $ 15,000 compensation for information leading to the location of the Departure Press (US $ 10,000) and Agent (US $ 5,000).

Casey White’s 1.82 meters tall and having just changed his mind about getting out of the car, his height was too high, said federal sheriff Marty Keely.

The press and the agent must consider the peligrosos and can be armed with an AR-15 rifle and a rifle, said Marshals in a communication from the princess of Tuesday.

The pressure to run is “extremely tight”

Casey White is “an extremely religious person,” said Singleton.

A total of 75 years of pressure for a series of delinquents in 2015, including a morale booster, car robbery and police harassment, according to the Sheriffs Service.

Transferred from a static approach to Lauderdale’s detection center on February 25 to assist legal audiences through capital cargo shipments that are related to the death of Connie Ridgeway, 2015, 58, the Sheriffs Service.

Confess the crime in 2020 and declare yourself innocent, segregating the fiscal district of Lauderdale condado, Chris Connolly.

Casey White completed a 75-year-old condenser by a series of delicacies and established the delicacy of an assorted capital.

“We’s supposed to be armed because of the establishment,” Singleton told Casey White. The sheriff advises those who do not want to be pressured to report to the police.

By 2020, Casey White will establish itself in the center of the Lauderdale condominium, the authorities will be interested in escaping the carcass and recording a hostage, said Singleton.

“I do not know what to do and I do not know what to do with it. And we recuperated. We have been sent back to the Correctional Department, ”said Singleton.

The stabilization cycle encompasses a policy that the law enforces with the adjudicators and the press at all times, including during transportation to the juzgado, for “ending that policy with el”, said Singleton.

Vicky White violates the politics of the solar cell with Casey White, as the wind blows from the mandate in the center, other agents do not oppose it, says Singleton. “How the wind blows and shocks the transport, supplementing information to the registrar that Iba and lvvarlo al juzgado and lo iba a dejar, that constitutes a flagrant violation of the policy. the registry function does not query “, señaló.

As part of his work, Vicky White “frequently recovers the lock blocks, having contact with all the recloses at one time or another,” said Singleton. “But as a romantic relationship or as an asshole, we do not have evidence or proof that the case will be fired, because it is a possibility”, added.

Chuck Johnston, Elizabeth Wolfe, Laine Mackey, Nadia Romero and Maria Cartaya on CNN contributed to this report

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