The AMLO machine, 16 de mayo, minuto a minuto

09: 37- Conference term.

09: 35- Anuncia that bancos and algunos commercial centers receive that the CFE sea which the administration of electricity. Please note that this machine is used in the offices of the Governor of Mexico City “to address the issue of security”. Punctuation that applies retroactive mode tool to energy.

09: 34- Agradece López Obrador to the Cuban goblin of the Cuban doctors “because they come to us”.

09: 33- We do not have problems with presumption because there is no corruption, but López Obrador on the topic of health.

09: 31-Neoliberalism does not increase much because it empties the material, the individualism, goes to the mind that is vacant for Mexican doctors.

09:28– “How do I always say I love you”, López Obrador went to advertise UNAM: We found pandemic and in order to convince all the medical students, they run into their cases; ¡Eso do deben hacer las universitades, menos la publicas u mucho menos la UNAM!

09: 26- Resistimos a la mafia del poder ya sus voceros porque nustro scudo es nuestra honestidad, eso es lo que nos protege; tenemos moral authority and vamos a seguir defending our project now, declare.

09: 22- Now that Cuba has been planted by the president Miguel Díaz-Canel who specializes in treating minor patients in Teletón, López Obrador points out of the 500 Cuban doctors stationed in Mexico. Menciona a la politologa Denise Dresser y al periodista Jorge Ramos to criticize the contract of Cuban doctors. Refer that you do not pay attention to the medical community of Cuba and Mexico.

09: 20- The news of the contraction of Cuban doctors and their convenience with Teletón, President López Obrdaor accuses “irrationalism, selfishness and retrograde act of these things” which are against.

09: 17- Destaca el convenio que su gobierno hizo con el Teletón in order to niece and nephew with disability, “independently whether we like it or not we like it to see the resources”.

09: 15- Some doctors consider that health is a privilege and that they have no other access to health. The Cuban doctors of Ganar do not think that the Mexican doctors and the first one will convince all the doctors in Mexico, but they do not have to be specialists in order to work in different areas; no hay pediatras, declara.

09: 11- Against the critics of the Cuban medical contractor for their work in Mexico, President López Obrador responded that it is “because we are not physicians, but because of the system of corruption that advocates that only those who sign and document it educate themselves” to privatize education and by inventory in the administrative premises ”. Assurance that the “balance” of the “corrupt policy” is implied in the neoliberal period without the knowledge of medical specialists.

09: 08- Regarding the contract of Cuban doctors to work in Mexico, López Obrador responded that the critics, “with all due respect, admit to conservative thinking”. One of the things that characterizes the mode of corruption is simulation, or it has the quality of haberdashery, clarity.

09: 04- The President pede atender denuncias de trabajadores portuarios. Ballast distribution distribution for el Train Maya and the costs for delivery.

08: 51- The ambassador Ken Salazar is waiting for you to be invited to the Cumberland of America, say. López Obrador reiterates that he has not assisted the Cumbre of the Americas and has not invaded all the countries and is seeking the assistance of Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard. Ya es tiempo de los hechos, hechos, no palabras, express.

08: 48- Lopez Obrador informs que el canciller Marcelo Ebrard hablará hoy con Antony Blinken, the secretariat of the EU State, and the best places in the Palacio Nacional are a commission of the organizers of the Cumbre of America, which are planted “because we are all united”. If you do not want to be invited to Cumbre’s countries, who will not respond, go and do not say that “haya unidad todos” in Los Angeles, which deprived CDMX is one of the most Mexican.

08: 45- Tengo the expectation of being invited to all countries in the Cumbre of the Americas and has a very responsive position to the EU governance because it does not take into account the ability to participate explicitly.
López Obrador says he has not been elected yet to rely on the United States to assist Cumbre in the United States: Tengo confiance on President Biden.

08: 42- Í El maíz is a bendita plant that grows in all lados and without maíz no hay país! ¡All of them may be free and free, all, all, all, and self-sufficiency!


08:35– López Obrador spreads all the products “because we have a fatherland, as we invented the pandemic, among all we invented the inflation problem”.
With the preoccupation that the tortilla is cracked, I have a blade for not being abused, dice and bromea that the major is “la de comal”.

08: 33- Vamos a mantener los precios de warranty of frijol, maíz, trigo, arroz y leche, refiere. Si lo quitamos, los intermediarios, con todo respect mecor conocidos como coyotes, hacen su agosto, dice. We want to implement the emergent fertilizer production program, refer.

08: 32- Faltó m tras trabajo de la ONU and diplomats, says López Obrador against Russian-Ukrainian war in the sense of “deajuste in the world economy that we are paying all”.

08: 30- In order to pulse the campaign to boost productive activity and with the logs accrued in order to accurately calculate just the right product and make sure it is complete. “The best formula is to produce,” says López Obrador to begin production. Confía López Obrador in that their undertakings are complemented by the compromise of respecting the prices of the basic canast products in their plan against inflation.


08: 27- More gasoline in the EU than in Mexico and you can approve precision control, Lopez Obrador insurance.

08: 24- Gas bottles for importing gasoline; either with the Deer Park purchase as self-sufficient diesel and now with Dos Bocas, or near the gas stations to buy gasoline, destaca. Now that we are talking about self-sufficiency, he says.

08: 21- Meaning that “subsidize stigmatization” affects the agro-sector. He said that in 40 years he did not refine refineries, abandoned refining and destroyed the petrochemical plant: “¡Eso no podemos olvidarlo!”.
From the beginning of this goblin we are recovering those refineries that we do not have, which do not have the time of places, refer.

08: 17- Initiate unions with products and extensionists, President llama and ir rumbo to self-sufficiency and the term “fund differentiation” with the neoliberals: can be purchased on the outside ”.

08: 15- Pide a Manuel Bartlett and the governor of Zacatecas reviewing a project of a solar plant in the state.

08: 11- Nunca vamos a hacer nada que affect the popular economy, the difference between the nosotros and the neoliberals is that some think that the gobierno quita and the nosotros pensamos that the gobierno da, declare.

08: 09- “I do not know the governor of Texas, I do not consider him a small person, because he knows that he is abrasive, he does not know oca Choca with his mentality! (…) Se debe enfrentar el mal haciendo el bien ”, express. López Obrador the registration of registered territories is at the end of the week in the EU and they are assisted by racism”.

08: 07- López Obrador reacts that no “un desliz” decrees that it should protect the screw of the delinquents: “¡No, así pienso!”. We think that we are not only small by nature, but the constants that we do not want to act in this form, aggregate.

08: 05- I sent my plan to Desarrollo de gobierno, says the President. When it comes to planning, the main problem in Mexico is corruption. Recognize the differences that arise from the beginning of your sex with the secret secrets of Hacienda because the sample is an identical Desarrollo plan that each of them has its duration during the neoliberal period:

08: 03- We are very advanced, but we do not want to be a part of the technical conservative think tank that does not have to be easy to express.

08: 01- “We tend to sensitize public servants (…) but do not want to be bullied”, says about proposing a national car revision with more than four antidotes.

07:59– López Obrador says that he is not the only one who cares about a national car revision with more than four years’ antecedents: , antes era un desorden el gobierno ”. See that members of the goberns do not have security reunions.

07: 49- Present videos of the advances in the construction of works such as Dos Bocas Refinery, Maya Train, Mexico-Toluca Inter Train and Santa Maria Presa, Rio Baluarte Sinaloa.


07: 48- The Hacienda secretariat reveals that the Lopez Obrador goblin inverted approximately 25 million pesos for the fortification of salads for maestroes and maestroes: With this policy in place, the occupants will be activated increasingly gradually increasing the base the contributions for su retiro.


07: 41- Rogelio Ramírez de la O, Secretariat of Hacienda, describe the strategy for fortifying the education sector salads: Increased escalating percentages of 3%, 2% and 1% for minor salads to 20 mils per month; which gains less than 12 miles per miserable amount to be recovered in increments; and an increase of 1% in total and salads in general.

07: 39- The Secretariat of Education supports vaccination for masters against Covid-19 with up to 116 mil 87 million doses applied and their applications in the educational sector “which suggests that there is a desire to apply justice to masters”.


07:36 – Delfina Gómez, Secretariat of Education, promoting the masters by their use, before which the salarial element is detailed for the educators of education. Support the participation of the federal government, state and institutions in the new design of educational plans and programs.


07: 33- In the center zone of the country, the Walmart Tlalpan Express “se pasaron de rosca esta semana” with the precision of the canasta basica, says Sheffield on the record that it aggregates 5 liters of leche, dos atons and one las of sardines in tomato.

07: 30- The title of Profeco denuncia that algunos bazhos gasolineras fueron encontrados “en muy mal estado”: “Y olvídense del aseo, ni qué comment”. Increasing the allied gases of consumers “in these complex international constituencies that are living in humanity.


07: 24- This week has not been paid yet IEPS a fuels, destaca Ricardo Sheffieldtitular de Profeco: Continuous erotic continent in the international market and high prices petroleum.

07:22 –Initiate the president’s conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Indication that the moon is detailed “on the basis of the salutations of the trainers in the service of education”.


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