The AMLO machine May 9, 2022; en vivo, sigue el minuto a minuto

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) ofrece su tradicional conferencia mañanera este May 9, 2022.

The themes of the AMLO machine, May 9, 2022

09:44 | Finaliza la matferencia matutina del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

09:33 | Indication that there is stable communication and a message of dialogue with the air operators.

09:20 | Acquires that you do not have to fly and are responsible in the aviation sector, because “there is no need for destruction”.

09:17 | Indication that there are resistances to airport traffic Felipe gengelespero “is logrando que Aeroméxico tenga more flights from August. Lo mismo va a ser Volaris y Viva Aerobicstodo mediaante el dialogo ”acotó.

09: 09 | Indication that you have a reunion to touch the theme of the air space. “If you make a mistake, the investigation, the director and the director,” he said.

09:07 | Lopez Obrador refirió que hay resolución de la SCJN a medium to compensate for what they have pensions in the case of Medida Units and Updates (UMAS), which have the same minimum wage. Dijo pretends that the prestige of the desk goes straight to the salario and when only the jubilee is paid for the accrual to the vigilant salario.

08:51 | Detachment from energy inflation, from stock to Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development, Mexico se incuentra entre las tasas m bajs bajas. “A pause (between Russia and Ukraine) adds a lot to the crisis,” he said.

08:46 | About the inflationreflection that the intention to control the precise means of increasing the production and import of foodas well as updates with products and companies.

08:42 | Dijo que todos los mexicanos tienen derecho a aspirar a la Presidencyya sean empresarios, políticos, profesales, mujeres, hombres, etc.

08:34 | Indication that the city of Mexico is the master of the age and can not be seen as a manipulative, imaginary, no real. “Eso del tapado es anacrónico, viene de la epoca de Porfirio Díaz“, Sostuvo.

08:20 | Indicates that it resumes with the agro-aggregate all the way to record the self-consumption and impulse the agropecuaria production.

08:17 | Adelantó que har a una gira para visit to los pueblos seris y yaquis en Sonoraademás de tratar otros temas con el gobernador Alfonso Durazo. Indication that the virenes have a secure reunion in Nuevo León.

08: 13 | Check out the vacancies Cuba for the children of the two are adelante son para COVID-19 and he knows that it is the stage that comes before vaccination program.

08: 10 | Lopez Obrador dijo que no ha tenido de part de United States ningún reclamo por ejercer el derecho a ser libres y soberanos. “We want the unity of the whole of the American Continent,” the manifesto said.

08:06 | I also want to know if I want to visit the commander Raúl Castro. “I want to express my gratitude that Cuba you have an extraordinarily president, honest man, trabajador, humano, muy buena persona y ser humano ”, sostuvo.

08:01 | “We want to see more samples of the pistol for which the gentleman can see, can see the Museum of History (…) Anthropology,” he said.

07:53 | Dijo que Miguel Díaz-Canelpresident of Cubale entregó una “historical” pistol que mandó hacer Francisco I. Madero para entregársela a Francisco Villa.

07:48 | Do you want a vaccine that is produced for children (…), to contract medicines from Cuba that van venir a trabajar a nuestro país porke no tenemos los medik que necesitamos ”.

Lopez Obrador

07:45 | Indicate that you are signing a collaboration with Cuba for which specialized medical specialists can be trained in the island and they can be arranged with this purpose.

07:42 | Dijo que en El Salvador se aplica el programa Sembrando Vidaque apoya a 10 mil productores y en Belice buy an acuerdo for quoting French food.

07:43 | The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador express your increase in the number of people and goblins Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belice, de Cubabut the respective treat that manifests a Mexico.

07:30 | Information that in March 2022 las remesas alcanzaron 4 mil 681 mdd, but with respect to the market of 2021 it registered a rate of 12.59%.

07:24 | También dio conocer el Which is the most expensive of the canasta basica:

Zona Centro

  • Superama: 223.50 pesos
  • Central Abastos: 37.20 pesos

Zona Centro-Norte

  • Sorina Hiper: miles 230.65 pesos
  • Central Del Abastos: 977.10 pesos

Zona Norte

  • Casa Ley mil 221.35 pesos
  • Central Abastos: 53.60 pesos

Zone Sur-Sureste

  • Mega Soriana: 188.95 pesos
  • Central Abastos: 33.20 pesos

07:20 | The Federal Consumer Procurator, Ricardo Sheffield Padilladio a conocer el quién es What is the most expensive supply of fuels:

  • Gasoline Regular: 20.31-23.29 pesos
  • Gasoline Premium: 22.51-24.99 pesos
  • Diesel: 23.20-24.39 pesos
  • Gas LP Cylinder: 25.12 pesos / Kg
  • Gas LP Station: 13.53 pesos / L

07: 13 | Initiation of the president’s graduation conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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