The BBC will indemnify the ex-niñera de los príncipes William and Harry for the case of “la interview del siglo” with princess Diana

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Alexandra Pettifer, Tiggy

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Alexandra Pettifer fue niñera de los príncipes William y Harry.

The BBC announced that it will pay damages and perjuicios to the old babysitter of Princes William and Harry for the false statements that they made about her before obtaining an interview with Princess Diana in 1995.

Alexandra Pettiferknown as Tiggy, received an apology from the BBC in the Superior Court of London for the unfounded affirmations that they made about her that she had an affair with Prince Carlos, as well as an abortion.

Su abogada dijo que esto habian causado “grave personal consequences”.

El año pasado, una investigación ya había determinado que el journalist Martin Bashirdel programa de la BBC Panorama, usó esa falsa información y falsificados documents para ganarse la confianza de la princessa Diana y so obtener una interview con ella.

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