The best natural world photography 2022

The California Academy of Sciences wants to conquer all the winners of the competition who won the best natural world photography. Photo: Natural World Photography Competition 2022

The competition BigPicture of natural world photo dio conocer to your ganadores and finalists of 2022 and how each California Academy of Sciences organize the event to celebrate the biodiversity of the Tierra.

The Ganadora photo is here for you Karine Aigner for the purpose of extra-ritual of the apparatus of las abejas of the cactus.

Photo: Karine Aigner / Natural World Photography Competition 2022

In a primary locking machine in the south of Texas, one abeja de los cactus hembra, Diadasia rinconisthe emergence of which is not cylindrical in the sole, elevated as the chimney of a chimney.

Instant access, invasion by machinists; their leonados form a “ball of apparatus” zumbante and agitated miteras competing for the opportunity of copular with ella. After a total of 20 seconds more or less, the ball of the abyss is dislodged and the salivary heel is fluttering, a victorious solo machine is approaching the firing and falling.

This image is the only one of the many photographs of the competition that documented an exceptional animal behavior, either in the field or in the water and celebrating the beauty of natural world. We present algunas of la ganadoras in different categories.

Acid screw

Photo: David Slater / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

Los California Marine Lions (Zalophus californianus) iconic sea urchins from the Monterey Bay ecosystem, and photograph David Slater le encanta bucear con ellos. “Pasan nadando junto a ti con tanta belleza y gracia que te dejan atónito”, says.

Pero lasting an interest in September, Slater test of a scene of more marine lions. One tram shot from the Marine Fund, one marine lion hubby each other in the place of final descent, and a color group of murciélago stars (Patiria miniata) sparse on its skin as flora arrives in a mound.

The murciellago stars are omnivorous or short of feeding on magicians that fall on the ocean floor.

Terrestrial fauna

Photo: Bencé Maté / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

One of these is about extinction, but now the European population of castor flowers has new protections, which allow new opportunities for photography. As an embargo, the presence of this castor is not the only moment when it is a special sea: a car in its cage moves around the car, making a spectacular scene, ephemeral.

Vida alada

Photo: Sitaram May / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

Un murciélago frugívoro se direige majestuene a árbol de chirimoya para darse un festín y se incuentra perfectly ubicado dentro de la abertura del dosel.

It is no coincidence that the sea urchin is accurate; the photographer has three semesters observing the behavior of these murciellagos mentras frequenting the fruit tree, adapting their hobbits and finally capturing this photo when the moment is present.

Landscapes, acoustic landscapes and flora

Photo: Tom St. George / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

To record this image, the photographer deselays the increasing natural beauty that is concentrated in the peaks of the Riviera Maya, but also increases the attraction over the amenasas and its ecosystem.

Even though these are an important part of the aquifer, there is a lot of tourist pressure going through the excessive flow of the region.

Art of nature

Photo: Pal Hermansen / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

A carpet traditionally hermosefly of insects, inadvertently assembled, deprived of being traversed by an external lamp with an involuntary aperture. Lime lights, the photo decoupling a green background of dead and deciduous insects creates collage that demonstrates diversity.

The human nature

Photo: Bencé Maté / BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition 2022

Things to do in the Cárpatos region of Romania, this photographer can be found with trash cans at the moment. After eating the potatoes for consumption, the rest of the ranes flow into the water: a horrible remnant of honey and spices, composted in a tragic and degrading scene.

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