The BEST series of medical documentaries on Amazon Prime Video

  • The Amazon site is on sale live with Prime Video, an exclusive service that deals with a free catalog with a variety of medical devices.
  • Pero hoy nuestro foco estará in our series of documentary medicines available on Amazon Video Prime.
  • The documentary series are documentaries fragmented into different episodes, the difference from traditional documentaries, which are considered films.

Conocido mundialmente, el sitio de Amazon también is in the market live con Prime Video, an exclusive service that deals with a vast catalog with a variety of movies, series, animations, reality shows and documentaries. Adams of their own transmission capacity, supply of television programs and terracotta films to be purchased or purchased.

En SALUDIARIO ya hemos commentado algunas Peliculas involving medicine and including documentaries about medicine that are available in Netflixpero hoy nustro foco estará en las documentary series available on Amazon Video Prime.

Las documentary series their documentaries are fragmented into different episodes, the difference from traditional documentaries, which are considered films. This type of tampon series can be compared to traditional ones, which are generally fiction works, without embargo, the documentary series has as its main objective the exploitation of the exploitation of reality.

But what a continuation to sample the BEST documentary series on medicine on Amazon Prime Video ¡Compruébalo!

Salie Series

La Saie Saúde presenta 9 mini medical documentaries that cover the environments of the female universe. People with special needs such as breast cancer, history and treatments for endometriosis, infantile leukemia, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and depression, migraine and atherosclerotic deficiency. Además is available in Prime Video, you can find various episodes on Youtube.


Produced by Medialand, a Brazilian producer founded in 2006 and specializing in the delivery of containers for television, Transplantes series in its first time with 12 episodes that follow the trajectory of its ante patients, lasting and deprived of their experience with Organ transplants. Mintras that algunos todavía luchan per la salud en a lista espera, otros cuentan cómo cambiaron sus vidas despuje de que se realized the transplant.

The body

The latest investigations reveal that every cell and organ of our body actively participating in a dynamic exchange of information. Our dentist has an enormous amount of self-sufficient information, and deciphering these intercostal messages between organs being placed in the window for new treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia. This is the theme covered in most of the 8 episodes of the O Corpo series.

Follow the routine of different rescue teams at decisive moments. Bombers, doctors and social workers counteract to save the victims of the most diverse types of accidents, which is secondarily important and definitive, in this documentary series produced by Brazilian medialand. There are a total of 15 episodes that ensure the day to day of these professionals.

Anatomy of the crimson

The series Anatomy of Crimethat you have 3 times of 10 episodes each, no medicine in it, but you can find some interesting study material for the health professionals who work with the human mind. ¿What impulse does a person get from a delta? Ha Which hack as an awesome father with his shadow screw or that a shadow mate your hair? ¿What is the passionate crime and how much is the psychopathy and the cruelty of the assisted? Consult all forensic analyzes of this series of documents to refer to the dynamics of famous delights and comprehend how it works the minds of the delinquents.

Heroes of real life

This inspiring documentary series of 8 episodes supports the heroic uses of the essential services in the EE. UU., Narrated by special invitations Alicia Keys, Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas and others. Heroes Anonymous does not allow extraterrestrials to take risks to save lives in the Covid-19 pandemic. From the students of the mercenary hasta professors, their influence is such that they are waiting when we are looking for juntas.


Amazon Prime Video is constantly updating its catalog, but it is possible that some of the series out of this list are not available in the future.

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