The bivariant vacancies, lock in the prevention of Covid-19

Isabel Jimeno, Jose Ramón Blanco Ramos and Gilngel Gil de Marín.

The pandemic por Covid-19 has the studio pulsed and desarrollo de un gran number of therapeutic options (anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antipyretic, etc.). “Things that at the beginning of the pandemic are current centered on the set of treatments in the ámbito hospital, when establishing the present, at the moment there are therapeutic options for outpatient meninges in people with lever or moderate symptoms, but with a elevating the risk of infertility ”según José Ramón Blanco Ramos, scientific director of the Biomedical Investigation Center of La Rioja.

Blanco, who claims to be the Infectious Diseases Department of San Pedro Hospital, has been present at the XXVIII National Congress of General Practitioners and Families on the new treatments of this new nurse and the need to reach out. “With the vaccination, new therapies are being inflated in water viral cycle dianas which allow the replication of the virus to be detected and which are not affected only by the application of new variants ”.

It is sent, the expert cree that is deberían personalize the treatments que se suministren en this is the new phase of the pandemic. “In the current moment of precision personalized medicine, there are more and more records available on the population groups that are most likely to benefit from algunas of their therapeutic options,” Blanco said.

In these cases, a large number of clinical cases are allowed to be selected, which allows you to select the most secure and effective paws. Without embargo, “although infertility is a constant exchange rate, debit, for example, and the apparatus of mutations is accurately monitored with an activated vigilance of the effectiveness of therapies and the search for new therapeutic options ” aclara el investigador.

With the main treatment options demonstrated for efficiency, the director of the La Rioja Biomedical Investigation Center informed that “there is a large amount of waste identify preventive therapeutic options (before exposure to the virus) such as the combination of tixagevimab junto with cilgavimab; and other post-exposure interventions (such as virus exposure) such as, for example, nimatrelvir junto con ritonavir. These words can be applied “by following the criteria and prioritizing the indication in a collective collection of rice”, according to the expert José Ramón Blanco Ramos.

Futuros scenarios of the pandemic

On the other hand, the Department of Preventive Medicine and Salud Pública of the University of Rey Juan Carlos, Gilngel Gil de Miguel, analyzed the ongoing SEMG national congress and the paper that has shown that vacancies are a pandemic in the case against Covid- 19. “It turns out that it is always decisive, a piece of paper, but hoy en día tenemos muchas preguntas. It turns out that vacation vacations in the adult population have been done deliberately, but it is difficult to say which ones which we can expect to drive to the future ”.

For the time being, during this conference you will be able to see the possible future scenarios of Covid-19, creating one for you. regional elimination, “Which is probably probable on the cortex”, or what we mean by this endemic nurse in the interior, “possibly, one of the most relevant ideas”. When it comes to relatively high endemicity, all in the most popular population, “this includes incorporating new vacations into the vaccination calendar of 65-year-olds, 70-year-olds, and 80-year-olds, and those who are most vulnerable, inmunodeprimidos ”, says Gil.

There is no possibility of an endemic situation, yes pensar si vamos a seguir utilizando las vacunas hemos empleado hasta ahora, o si tenemos que cambiar e incorporar vacunas nuevas. “The paper says that there are many vacancies that are bivariant, which include a single variant, which is close to the ancestral edge (Wuhan) junta with the micron variant.”

Other possibilities are what we do in one epidemic endemic situation, which is what we have in these moments. “We have a high level of endemicity, with a lot of cases, because vacancies are available, independently of those that we use and are used to, even though all of them are protected against the bad forms of the nurse, reducing the number of people la muerte, y eso sí que se va a mantener. When in an endemic epidemic situation, with a high evolutionary potential, all vaccines, in the same way, with these empty shelters, can guarantee the reduction of the clinical impact that the nurse has, ”said El Prev. .

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