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Jeanine Áñez, in an image from August 2020, running for president of Bolivia.
Jeanine Áñez, in an image from August 2020, running for president of Bolivia.DAVID MERCADO (Reuters)

The Tribunal Primer de Sentencia de La Paz is located at the 10th anniversary of the ouster of Bolivia President Jeanine Añez’s delusions of “resolutions contrary to the Constitution” and “inclination of debauchery”, in a variety of ways bolivia follows the 54-year-old policy, which can be found more than one year ago. The jury is refuting Añez’s campaign following the reunion of Evo Morales in 2019 and his subsequent proclamation as president, actions that the accusation considers as a “Gulf of the State”.

For Bolivian officialism, the condena “sent a precedent to the ninja more than a goal in the State of Bolivia.” On the other hand, the opposition unanimously rescinded the dismissal of a juicer from the party of former President Carlos Mesa, saying “one of the most vicious chains of the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Judicial Authority for the benefit of the underprivileged”. Junto añez fueron sentenciados a diez aozos the ex-commander of the Fuerzas Armadas, Williams Kaliman, and the former Chief of Police, Yuri Calderón, que se hallan prófugos. Other ex-military recycling pens between them and four others.

The decision of the games is connected in a virtual session. The juice is semi-representative and the determination of the body should be based on physical and chemical reactions that do not constitute a matter of dispute between the defense and the game. The ex-president is not allowed to assist the jujgado, substantially due to security issues. On June 9, he participated “online” in the last audience of delegates from the penalty spot in the event that he was recruited. Reported adormecid by medications that habían dado to palier the stress that caused the proceeding. The shadow, which the acompañaba, and its abogados defenders insists on not establishing conditions to follow the judgment, but the tribunal ascends to the medicines of the press and, having ordered a recession, listens to the presentation of the finalists. Posteriorly, the defense denounces the prince “cruel and denigrating tracts”. Gobierno abbots create what they want to prepare the presentation, in the future, from a resource against an international tribunal.

Añez: “Fui a consistency of all that sucedió in 2019 ″

To listen to the latest words of the accuses, the games the visitors in their circles. Ante ellos, Añez said: Se me ha negado el derecho a la justicia. Así han tratado a una mujer, madre, expresidenta, inocente. But Bolivia does not know what to do with it, but what it’s like, but it’s comedy. Bolivia comes in handy [solo] has a consequence of all that sucedió in 2019 ″. Also affirm that your “El Gobierno, pero no el poder”. Confirm that you follow the lawsuit: We appeal to the international community ”.

The object is to hold a pen high in one of the administrative loads. The main observation of Añez’s legal team, as well as the opposition politicians who were fired, are those who have been elected but who have been accused of dividing themselves into different groups and, in fact, through different processes. This is because, in this case, the fiscal case can be processed by Añez against an ordinary tribunal, with the argument of the delinquents that the imputation counts against that of the Bolivian president. In this way, the accusation removes the constitutional obligation to process the ex-mandates in a fairness of accountability, a special process that must be initiated in the Legislative Assembly with the favorable vote of the third parties of the parliament. President Luis Arce’s Gobierno does not count with sufficient respite for what he prefers to negotiate with the opposition parliamentary factions, which initially did not want to engage Añez, except by exchanging views intentionally for the intended purpose que el que tuvo. As a result, the main delinquents, such as the fiscal department, are responsible for Añez, as well as the acts of repression of the protests against Gobierno, which have killed more than 30 people and resulted in 85 deaths, but are not included . The correlation of parliamentary forces does not change.

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The complication and inconsistent legal strategy of formalization is terminated at its base bases. Members who associate the veredicto, the lesser Pact of Unity, the structure of unions and social movements of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), amenazaron to record the judicial institutions and mobilized as Añez no era condosa at the maximum prisión) por su gestión de Gobierno, pasando por alto que eso no era lo estaba siendo analyzed in el juicio.

A group of query-minded people in the process who go through the terminology will refer to their characteristic features: rapidly, or apneas going through a process similar to the one in Bolivia triple or quadruple. One of Aogez’s defense advocates, Luis Guillén, called it “express juicio”. To record, the trial tribunal limits the probes and testaments presented by the defense, meaning that they are all referred to during the period of time in which they produce the investigated cases, which have been shown to be negligible . Según is a legal team, but does not consider the context of the issue that eliminated the debate over the current election in October 2019 as originating from the political crisis that culminated in the ousting of President Evo Morales and his constitution by Añez.

The tribunal determined the case between November 10, 2019, when Morales renounced, agitated by the protests against him, because of the shock of the police and the dismissal of Fuerzas Armadas, and on November 12, both of them. Jeanine Añez is convinced to be president. Dictatorship that the incumbent Vice President of the Senate acting against the Constitution and folds it as well as public function. That corresponds to a parliamentary reunion with which the Morales’s reigns, the vice-president varlvaro García Linera and the presidents of their chambers of senators and deputies are being dealt with, and it is decided to decide what to do next. In this place, Añez, with the consent of the military and police forces, declares the president in a parliamentary session without a quorum.

The defense, on the other hand, records the various circulating constants that are alive and well in those where the police establish ambiguity and harassment in their calves. Acquisition to the MAS of the order of the renaissance of all its legislative and impartial powers impeded that the reunion of the Assembly be qu’rum qu yrum, and seóaló that Añez, that the era of the maximum authority of the country at that moment de poder ”nefasto para el país.

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