The bombshells of the last years: Haaland, Messi, Grealish …

Llegó el primer fichaje bomba de la próxima temporada. Erling Braut Haaland sergeant south of Manchester City, el propio club de la Premier League confirm is this one principle of agreement with the star of Borussia Dortmund that has been on the radar of the biggest clubs in Europe as well Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is not for the citizens that it is for one of the most powerful plants in the world to record the great fichajes that are eaten in the last years and what a recordable continuation.

Aubameyang al Barcelona

The passage passed through the inner sloping sloping steep slopes as the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who, after the era of the Arsenal star, joined the club captain and one of the most cohesive players. The gabons are on the radar of teams like PSG, Tottenham and Chelsea, but eventually Barcelona is the one who concluded his contract under a contract until 2025. If you do not agree with the expected expectations given to the game with the ‘Gunners’, the dealer’s buy acorns in Xavi’s game style.

Messi and Ramos al PSG

Sin duda, el gran protagonist in the summer shooting season passed to PSG, In order to conquer the Champions League, you have decided to make one of the most inverted and created a super-capable team in all of their lines, mainly by Lionel Messi, quien more than 20 years old in Barcelona to create a new reto in the French Liga. The incorporation of the Argentine is all in the Parisian frame of the Spanish Sergio Ramos, who has been beaten by LaLiga players 16 temporadas con el Real Madrid.

Messi and Ramos’s team to Pochettino’s team offers what most reflectors, as an embargo, in the summer’s PSG have been dealt with by their services Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi and Georginio Wijnaldum.

Jack Grealish al City

Others of the teams that ‘rampe’ the market in the summer of 2021 to Manchester City, which is a Jack Grealish, who fought in Aston Villa, for a song of 117 million euros, conviertendose de esta manera en el English footballer more than history. The attacker had a great time with the ‘Villanos’ with 213 points, 32 goals and 43 assists.

Hazard al Real Madrid

En el 2019 al Real Madrid specify one of the most pop-up files by affix: Eden Hazard signed as a white juggernader for the time being. al belga dejaba al Chelsea to conquer the Europa League and the league as a whole ‘galactic’ in the Madrid community, presented with a bomb and a platter at the Bernabeu, from where the league, the Attacking the learning curve that the impedance sample is at the highest level and demonstrate that the 100 million euros paid by the penny.

Lukaku al Inter-Chelsea

Otro of the big fires in the summer market of 2019 on the Romelu Lukaku al Inter. The best Belgian striker to Manchester United to play in Serie A is Jordan’s Antonio Conte. Lukaku’s tribe in Italy caused a great deal of controversy because of the lack of interest and the contract that the only one fecha hasta 2024, sin embargo, en el 2021, el Chelsea hizo con los servicios del delantero belga, tras pay 115 million euros for crossing the ‘Nerazzurri’. At this point, the 28-year-old lives on second stage with the ‘Blues’.

Cristiano a la Juventus-Manchester United

En el 2018 la Juventus sorprendió al anunciar el fichaje de Cristiano Ronaldo, who have a real exit from Real Madrid by the new decimated exchange rate and record of the Serie A return. The relation of Christian with Vecchia Signora less than a year ago, pues el verano de 2021, el Manchester United announces regression of ‘hijo prodigo’.

Neymar al PSG

The league of Neymar’s PSG has never been one of the most controversial players of the last years. The Brazilian language from Paris to one record figure of 222 million euros, game of hacer valid the rescue clause of his contract with Barcelona in August 2017. Starting from a summer full of dim sums and directions by part ambassadors, the Parisian team dio a golf over the table and stays on the attacker, where the series of the formation of a starry linen plant with the objective to convert into one of the protagonist teams of Europe.


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