The Celta de Vigo razor cedar to Orbelín Pineda in Chivas and no other Mexican club


The Spanish club Celta de Vigo has in its office a solicitation position by one of its flyers Orbelín Pineda by part of Chivas de Guadalajara and solo razón bastaría para darle el sí, firmarla e ejecutarla.

Orbelín Pineda is part of Chivas who wins the 2018 Concachampions
© IMAGO7Orbelín Pineda is part of Chivas who wins the 2018 Concachampions

Spanish club’s directing Celta de Vigo has about the middle of its office a solitude of cession by one of its flying Orbelín Pineda by part of Chivas de Guadalajarawhich can be found in a full evaluation by the other Mexican teams, but a razan that licenses darle el sí to los rojiblancos, firmarla and ejecutarla. Rebaño Pasión te quenta cada detalë de esta fastuosa transaction de mercado de pases.

Rebaño Sagrado’s president, Amaury Vergara, revealed in an interview with TUDN the fact that it has its own directive to obtain pre-flight steering services, before continuing its rhythm in the MX League and later, flying to Spain. The owner of the Omnilife-Chivas Group confessed to TUDN that “seguimos buscando strategosos refouzos y ser precisos con la gente que queremos traer al club, comprometidos y sepan bien lo que es portar la camiseta rojiblanca y lo que quiero decir es que We are searching for Orbelín Pineda, offering a year and a half at the moment to return to the level and to be selected and sea a short distance and despise to return to Europe“.

al Maguito Pineda decided not to renew his contract with Cruz Azul in the 2021 finals and he is free to play Celta de Vigo in La Liga de España, pero I do not need the activity of the deseada and tampoco goza de la confianza, nor the view made by the Argentine technician Eduardo Coudetwhich is why it is considered “formwork“, because it only lasts 93 minutes between June and June. have 14 games and register 1,100 minutes.

The main concern of the deportiva direction of the club is centered in the depressive insufficiency that sampled the Mexican mediocampista filament, which in the apenas or midsects vio caer continuously its value in the condition of the passages. From the portal German specializes in these transactions: Transfermarkt, the Orbelín Pineda card only has a price of 9.5 million dollars in October 2021figures that are drunk in the bathroom and in the most recent June update, are quoted in less than 4 million dollars.

Mediocampist’s record depreciates most of its value in October 2021 (Transfermarkt)

The trainer of the Mexican Selection, the Argentine Gerardo Martino, adelants a semantics that is plastic with the mediocampista of Celta de Vigo and the clearing of the rain that regresses the convocators and gives them a chance to dress the national player in the Qatar 2022 World Cup must be regularly active at the end of the week y en España no lo tiene, ni lo va a tener en el futuro inmediato. Because Chivas appears on the horizon to share the works of Orbelín Pineda and all of them.

Pinned solidified to be received by one from Guadalajara (IMAGO7)

Celta de Vigo’s secret to Dar es Salaam solely from Chivas’s solitude

The Spanish club directive is aware that the mediocampista needs action to recover their physical form and football rhythm, due to the solitude of the Chivas in the maravilla, the company and the company of a guarantee that the jugador series crucial titular in the alliance, that it can not offer Monterrey or Tigers. For what a good time with the sunrise player the median devolution of the convocators and the continent, assisting Mexico with the World Cup of Qatar 2022. Participation in the World Cup is automatically valued at the transfer rate, is the main secret team of the gallego to apostar by the cision in Chivas and you can negotiate for a precise price of another European club in the summer energy period of 2023.

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