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The live experience along the Covid-19 has resulted in the importation of emotional well-being and mental health, having to comprehend the need to take care of your professional.

One of the main lectures that pandemic has on society is that it deals with the importation of the physical and psychological well-being of individuals, even in the context of organizations such as communities in general. Mental health is considered a tab to be perceived as a collective problem. As a result of this process, the emotional well-being and mental health of the people in the laboratory is converted into a priority prior to the companies.

There are many ways to do this due to the implication for the fund in aspects such as the conciliation and where it comes from, but not all of them have the necessary media and hermeneutics for it. Not to be outdone, this brand is fundamentally dependent on the human factor: those who engage in the biennial of their professionals have the opportunity to obtain major and minority benefits as a result of the negotiation. The Bienestar laboratory center and mental health center are located in the company, organized by EXPANSIN with the collaboration of Sanitas.

“It is our responsibility to generate an environment that adapts to the needs of our distinct teams and people: if we do not take our seats, our right to take care of ourselves,” said Elena Jurez, Sanita’s director of personalities. While an organization can not attribute accountability to what its members have done, it is compromised to promote flexibility and the good laboratory climate contributed to sending them to bases. As Jurez puts it, “el bienestar y mental salut sonos separados concepts, pero podemos aportar los medias para facilitate la vida”.


Respecting the Covid-19 previa poca, “one of the novelties ms destacadas is that nunba habamos hecho an activist as now. It’s one of the aspects that ms demand the completed”, explicitly Laura Vivanco, director of planning and desarrollo de Cemex human resources. Adems to relate the importation of digital desconexin, Vivanco hizo hincapi in that “the bienestar that treats the pandemic establishes itself inflated in the physical plane, mentras que ahora tambin nos centramos en la salud mental”.

If the scenario is numerical advances, the new plant plant will be ready for business. “We detect a high demand for distance work, all in terms of profiles, and only when there are balances of compromise and compromise of competence, which are at an emotional level,” said Alfonso Pascual, director of person, communications and ESG of Engie. Assimilation, “our accountability is conceivable that the inside of the work repercussions of the positive form in the emotional bienestar”, responds to the responsiveness of Engie, which agrees that the confluence conquers league in flexibility.

It is a sentiment, “the pandemic was a habilitator for many cambiums that were bred for what they’s. Hemos confiado ms que nunca en el impleado”, coincided Alicia Fuentes, director of human resources at Normon Laboratories. Once the purpose of the organizations in which they are partisan, one must find the model that best adapts to the constancy. Fuentes consider that “no hay a formula nica para todas las compaas: cada empresa is a mundo, as that its form of trabajar debe enlazar con su propia cultura empresarial”.

On the other hand, Jens Axel Fyner, HRSO Manager of Nutreco, sampled the tone with which the telecommunication force was exerted by the pandemic and specified the expropriation of the persons. “Confusion is decisive: conceding freedom and accountability to individuals is fundamental in that it is fully operational in the face of adversity,” said Fyner.

“If we do not take the emotional biennial, we have potential. It treats an authentic indicator of the health of the company”, affirms Vicente Alarcn, responsible for the compensation and benefits of Fresenius Medical Care. Experts are convinced that the implication of their leaders is an essential result for detecting possible problems. Alarcn matiz que “el manager is who can detect that change has changed the allegra or the identification, and intervene in time”.

In the same vein, “the pandemic is about the importation of natural health, and the fact that mental health is a non-physical disease”, says Cristina Carrasco, responsible for human resources of Chep Espaa. In any case, hizo hincapi in which the psychological salutation should be from the hand of a professional, igual that ocurre with the physical salud. “The fact that by raising hairs the companies generate a structure that leads to the production of our nectar in the laboratory,” Carrasco said.

For example, Ignacio Garca de Leniz, director of human resources at Avanza, said that “in a situation of inertidumbre where nadie saba qu iba a suceder, hemos tendido that advances much in the field of communication: the deconocient generator of tension, y in the middle of the information procedure “. The Avanza representative intends that the companies take care of the selection of professionals to capture profiles that contribute to creating an internal work environment.

What the experts think

  • Ignacio Garca de Leniz, director of RRHH de Avanza. “Hemos advanced much in the matter of communication, because of the medium and voltage generator disconnection”
  • Elena Jurez, director of Sanitas persons. “It is our responsibility to create an environment that adapts to the needs of our teams”
  • Laura Vivanco, RRHH Cemex planning and design director. “Nunca habamos hecho an activus like now. It’s all that the implants demand”
  • Cristina Carrasco, RPHH Responsible Chep Espaa. “The companies can generate a structure that leads to the best of the best”
  • Alfonso Pascual, director of person, communications and ESG of Engie. “We must take into account that the inside of the work replicates the positive form in the emotional state”
  • Vicente Alarcn, responsable compensation by Fresenius Medical Care. “The emotional well is treated with an authentic indicator of the company’s health”
  • Alicia Fuentes, director of RRHH of Normon Laboratories. “Every company is a world, as your model must converge with your own proprietary culture”
  • Jens Axel Fyner, HRSO Manager de Nutreco. “Confusion is decisive: giving freedom with accountability that works safely”


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