The companies ascended the back of the veil by the beneficiary of their work


The words that reflect the importation of mental health and emotional well-being. Companies that offer their professional benefits in terms of productivity.

The impact of the pandemic, its effects on society and economic inertia has the effect of relieving the importation of physical and psychological health for individuals, communities and organizations. Many companies have commented and preoccupied themselves with aspects such as the conciliation and its aftermath, offering new and hermeneutic means and arrangements for it. Much are the benefits of hacerlo: those companies that invest in the beneficiary of their work are the ones that obtain the major benefits of fidelity and the greater the results of the negotiation.

Because mental health is superimposed on some of the social stigmas that rodeaban has, a lot of camino per recorrer. As indicated in the Bienestar Emotional and Bienestar Laboratory Center, organized by EXPANSIN in collaboration with TherapyChat. Sign up for a study done by start-up, up to 17% of professionals in Spain count with the type of emotional or emotional pain in your workplace.


“Every company has a responsibility on its implementation, as well as the form of contribution to the beneficiary of the company”, says Teresa Roch, manager of compensation, benefits and beneficiary of American Express. The company supports the formation and communication to increase its responsiveness and detectable possible alarming alarms within our teams. “The key generates a confusing environment in which the effect is ignited. We are proportionate to the formation and the arrangements of those who know the hermeneutics that we have at our disposal,” said Roch.

Experts sample the acreage in which the pandemic marks a member and a despot are sentient. “All of us see the need to work in aspects related to the work of the workers and, moreover, we have to create confusion,” said Mara Allende, director of human resources at Este Lauder. The company moves like three pillars, focusing on the physical, emotional and economic life of its members. Allende agreg that “the essential result of combining flexibility and balance, members of the compromise of the leaders”.

How can companies line up with your teams right now? Alejandra Sastre Calvo, HR Business Partner of Jobandtalent, said that “these aspects should form part of the culture, which is one of the most strategic metas, to ensure that the implants are intertwined with the values ​​of the company”. Assimilation, starting the importation of communication between the organization and the plant. In the case of Jobandtalent, there are only a handful of semantics to conceive of the necessities of their work and, from there, implant solutions.

On the other hand, Gonzalo Martnez Coco, bionestar director of Aon Espaa, recalls the pillars on which a bienestar strategy is based: the values ​​of the company; despus hacer much nfasis in the themes of leadership; y por ltimo, the apart of communication and storytelling “. To determine the main risks that can occur near the level of esters and inertidumbre, Martnez Coco explicitly states that “hence there are indicators and matrices that allow him to record decisions”.

Javier Cantera, president of Auren Consultors, singled out some of the concepts: “One is the hennest bienestar, where the pods can be herramientas or the formation of the impleados, and otro is the bienestar of propsito, like the desarrollo of people”. In an ideal scenario, the function of respecting human resources is second to the type of bienestar, a part of the hermeneutics as well as the social axis, which focuses on motivation and emotional connection between the implications and the undertakings. Auren Responsible recalls that “the hedonistic bienestar must exist, but that it is intended to be a personal bienestar, linked to the person profile”.

By the way, Ada Rubio, Head of Clinical Content of TherapyChat, hizo hincapi in the necesidad of which the expressions are left as a continuous sequence of all the medians that implant: “The doctor is the branch”. Drawing a parallelism with the treatment processes that underlie the psychological, Rubio concludes that “it is necessary to evaluate, implement, follow this implementation, leave feedback and extra indicators for clear conclusions”.

What the experts think

  • Teresa Roch, compensation manager, beneficiary and beneficiary of American Express. “All companies have a responsibility on their actions. It is the form of contributing to the well-being of the society”
  • Gonzalo Martnez Coco, bienestar director of Aon Espaa. “Culture, leadership and communication have their pillars about what should make a biennial strategy”
  • Javier Cantera, president of Auren Consultants. “People are looking for a way to connect emotionally with their emotions, impressions and aspects such as culture and leadership”
  • Ada Rubio, ‘head of Clinical Content’ by TherapyChat. “It’s fundamental that companies keep to themselves a continuous continuity of all their media. Medicine is the key.”
  • Mara Allende, director of human resources by Este Lauder. “All the needlessness of the trustee in aspects related to the well-being of the trustees, creating confusing entrances”
  • Alejandra Sastre, Jobandtalent ‘HR Business Partner’. “Culture is one of our strategic metas to make sure that the results are in line with the values ​​of the company”


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