The country that flies most thanks to the war in Ukraine

  • Cecilia Barría
  • BBC News Mundo

Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani

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The prime minister, Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani, announced his 2020 cargo.

With more than 3 million habitats, Qatar has flown a cruise ship to Europe in a frenetic search to replicate Russian energy imports.

Australia’s Middle East is the largest exporter of natural liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the world and a potential commercial ally for the countries of the European Union, which currently has around 40% of its gas pipelines from the Russian market.

The energy dependence between Europe and Russia is not a big problem even though the Kremlin decided to invade Ukraine at a time when trade relations are becoming increasingly unstable.

Europe has agreed to sign off on a wide range to increase gas imports from other countries, but it is not a sufficient solution to offset the potential curtain of Russian gas imports.

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