The Cumber of the Americas Promotes a Case to Facilitate the Devolution of Irregular Immigrants | International

More opportunities for legal or exchange immigration, compromise to develop irregular immigrants and their countries of origin. United States is ultimately placed in a document as a reality that is alive in the region in the most recent years. It is part of the content of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection which is already signed by the leaders of the American countries. Even if you do not have the assurance that you will not be allowed to immigrate, you will claim that you have been sent a new rule on the basis of the term “party accountability”, which is a coin with several times. The rest of the nations, which have been given solo issues to convert converted into immigrant destination destinations, are in line with the new regional system.

The first compromise is to prevent the release of the parts of origin in order to disinfect migration. All the themes of The Cumberland in the United States of America, of a modo and otro, in this direction. Promoting a democracy of caliphate, avoiding asylum and exile; economic cooperation to improve opportunities in the most vulnerable countries; private inversion and financing of multilateral organisms, better than sanitary systems; against the climatic exchange rate and all a series of proposals for which only men are available to emigrate.

United States quies, además, apoar and all parts of the region that cause refuges before the population helps and reduces the immigration of the second round, as it’s friendly with the number of refugees fleeing the United Kingdom “The need for economic and economic establishment is especially important in countries where more than a million refugees and migrants arrive,” said Casa Blanca.

In this chapter the first package of concrete compromises. Colombia has regulated more than 1.2 million deportees and Venezuelan immigrants and reaffirms its agreement to reach 1.5 million before the August 2022 finals. Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba are expected to close before March 2020, as they are gaining traction. Ecumenical asymptotic compromises extending the regulation of Venezuelan immigrants. Belize offers a program in August 2022 to regulate Central American migrants and CARICOM who live at a determined pace living in the country. United States destined for $ 314 million in assistance to refugees and vulnerable migrants throughout the hemisphere, including most of the millions of Venezuelans who have been displaced in 17 parts of the region. Up to 25 million dollars in serial payment to register processes, amplification of social services and integration programs in parts that are compromised.

Junto ese esfuerzo de regularization, to control migratory flows, which prevails lambre of las Americas es, por un lado, facilitate all of your legal immigration and por otro, brake las illegals. “President Biden shows all the Gobiernos that are concentrated in the migratory routes that facilitate the transfer of asylum in all countries, refraining more efficiently on their fronts, carrying out checks and exploring a number of people who are required to do so.” , explicitly a high cargo of Gobierno estadounidense. Next to this, United States announces “a campaign with precedents for desarticular and dismantling” the traffic jam.

This statement was made at the moment by the Biden administration bus to reinstate an asylum system destroyed in the four quarters of Donald Trump’s Governorate. Washington announces in March an initiative to reduce a process that leads to more than one month and a half. They must be allowed to migrate legally and from refugee camps and to compromise in order to protect the protection of immigrants. This initiative, in fact or in practice, is included in the compromises.

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The Gobiernos who write the statement of the righteous debán follow the stela of the United States and Canada, which amplified the programs of the temporal traverses to hare to the escalation of the mane of the work, which is “hacked subtly too”, cargo. “This is one win-win [en inglés, acuerdo beneficioso para ambas partes] for the countries of North America ”, added the function.

About a month ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Trabajo announced 35,000 visas of this type for the second semester of the year. 23,500 eran for migrants who are accustomed to the program, while 11,500 restaurants establish reservations for cities in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti, countries that have seen an increase in the expulsion of migrants to the north.

The declaration included some of the latest compromises and included new ones. The most active countries to facilitate legal migration are Canada, United States and Mexico. Canada has more than 50,000 migrant workers from Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean in 2022 after their migration to promote their legal migration, including programs of temporal extraterrestrial workers. Mexico is launching its current front-runner program to include between 10,000 and 20,000 additional beneficiaries and launching a new annual temporal function program between 15,000 and 20,000 Guatemalans. In the middle of nowhere, claim the Honduran and El Salvador program. Además, integrates up to 20,000 refugees in the Mexican mercantile lab during the next three years.

Hay, además, concrete compromises of august of refuges. United States compromises to increase the 20,000 refugees from the Americas during the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years, tripling the current rate. Canada augmented the refugee population and accommodated up to 4,000 people by 2028 and facilitated all over the Haitian community by training. In Spain, where information is facilitated by Casa Blanca, the compromise is generic and consists of “duplicating the number of laboratories that Hondurans participate in in Spain’s circular migration programs”, more specifically.

A caravan of immigrants destined for the United States, many of them Venezuelan, passes through the Mexican state of Chiapas.
A caravan of immigrants destined for the United States, many of them Venezuelan, passes through the Mexican state of Chiapas.PEDRO PARDO (AFP)

“The declaration of Los Angeles demonstrates the compromise of all the region from having an adjoining pass of collective form to harassing the retos that suppose the historical levels of migration,” explicitly stated a high cargo. At the same time, the declaration claims to send the bases to curb irregular immigration and “clear and dismantle the smuggling ring of persons in all Latin America”.

As a result of an interview with EL PAÍS Juan González, Latin America’s main asset to President Joe Biden, he sought to refute the laity for the fact that “a form of organization and dignity” would devolve its parts of origin to “those who you are migrating irregularly and have no petty asylum petition ”.

Preferred mode to ensure that parts are cluttered with such compromises of refractive error, temporal immigration and, in particular, immigrant evolution, alto cargo señaló, but a lad, who agrees to agree it is true that, for example, “it is only the principle”. United States states with the parts that sign the declaration before downloading and executing the content.

In the specific case of the United States, some of your regular immigration applications, such as family reunification, require legal intervention. “We do not count that the Congress acted accordingly. Because we do not need to amplify the legal migration channels. This series is good for our economy, for the United States, but also for direct impact on the reduction of irregular migration. We want to know that we have the right to execute our authority, ”he said.

A specific initiative of the apothecary to Haiti was announced: “Recognizing the need to legalize Haitian migrants (…) We have announced decisions to raise money against the security sector, the humanitarian situation and the security.” In the most recent months, the presence of Caribbean citizens on the front lines between Mexico and the United States has increased. From the point of view of economically destructive pillars, to the potential for legal migration and agitation and to recover and relocate immigrants without papers, there is a pillar that responds to emergencies.

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