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Silo in 2021 and silo in our country, diagnoses a total of 276,000 cases of cancer, según la Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica (SEOM), y se estima que fallecieron 113.000 patients debido a esta enfermedad. It is not to be outdone, however, that all the investigating community as the public sector and companies are being searched, this is innovation, c ermo erradicar el cancer de nustro vocabulario cotidiano.

Tampoco ballad result, therefore it is reasonable, that the innovation is not circunscribing only to the medical or pharmaceutical industry, which supported by multidisciplinary and transversal. And that, as it were, decisively, great retouches, great solutions.

About this theme versó el event organized by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid junto a FENIN (Spanish Federation of Sanitary Technology Companies) this week. A quote that serves to ponder about the amount of collaboration between the two agents in the health sector and, in particular, to explore the data in the case against contraindications such as cancer.

Tras la pertinente bienvenida, a cargo de Carlos Blanco, Vice President of Investigation and Transfer at UC3Msería Margarita Alfonsel, secretary general of FENINwhich introduces some of these concepts into the conversion.

“One of the great obsessive passages to pulse a new wavelength in the lathe to the sanitary technology, which supported by I + D + I, result transfer and creation of new, innovative, high-speed, high-speed development “. In Alfonsel’s opinion, this is a collaboration of debería llevarnos a la “building a state-of-the-art, intelligent and sustainable sanitation system over the pillars of initiatives such as the Sanitary Technology Innovation Platform, created in 2009, which has now evolved into a forum for startups.

About this latest initiative, Sergio Muñoz, director of Innovation, Digital Health and Emerging Technologies of FENIN I look for potential innovators, even when we advertise media as a ‘sandbox’ “when it comes to transferring transfer projects from universities to companies, new comparative models and novel arrangements in a complete set” the apoyo for the internationalization of these technologiess. “Unsurprisingly, the sound system does not have the capacity to absorb all the technology that is being carried out in this field, but it is necessary to be transferable in other places.”

Transfer haberdashery is a key to a more disruptive innovation with the market and patients, Virgilio Díaz -Director of the Service for the Improvement and Innovation of the UC3M Conscious Park- present the new Capacity Map in I + D + I of Biomedical Technologies and Health Sciences of this university.

Treating a document with what “communicate and connect the labor investigator work of our professors with the empirical interest in ordering the activities of collaboration and the search for solutions in the nets of the society “. A map of what is extra currently 62% of UC3M investigation departments focus on a portion of their I + D + I in the health sector.

Examining the field: UC3M investigators Javier Pascau (Group of Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation), Eva Méndez (Dep. Library and Documentation), Mar Carpena (moderator and periodical of D + I), Luis Javier Bonilla (DG of CGM Clinical ) and Belén Soto (Digital Sales Manager at GE Healthcare).

Examining the field: UC3M investigators Javier Pascau (Group of Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation), Eva Méndez (Dep. Library and Documentation), Mar Carpena (moderator and periodical of D + I), Luis Javier Bonilla (DG of CGM Clinical ) and Belén Soto (Digital Sales Manager at GE Healthcare).

However, these general premises have been translated into specific cases, in order to investigate such as technological transfer, which are carried out in the largest retouching of our time types. It is provided, the professors at UC3M and the representatives of the collaborating companies are united in one roundmoderated by Mar Carpena -periodist of D + I- to explain the main lines of actuation in matter dates and their potential for planting as soon as they can be emblematic.

She is the daughter of Eva Mendez, Investigator in the Library and Documentation and Vicerrector Department next to the UC3M Science Policy. The purpose of specialization is meta-investigation, essential to ensure that “the data in health are the best possible and allow a calibration investigation”.

Ent Which subjects do we use to date? “Que sean non-negotiable, accessible, interoperable and reusableJunto al Hospital Virgen del Rocío is working hard on a European project to provide basic technical requirements.

Compatibility in the importation of data Javier Pascau, Investigator of the Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation Group (BiiG UC3M). From its I + D + I line it works in a variety of lines, including a “psee patient’s imaging data for ponerlos at the moment and place adequately for oncologic surgery, inclusive technologies such as surgical navigation or current reality “. By all means, in your words, “a major personalization and intrusive menu”.

Asymmetry, and junta with the Navarre Clinic, Pascau form part of a European project for limit the toxicity of radiotherapy treatments, “mediating the analysis of images and oximetry of patients”. Explain that “prostate cancer has toxicity and is minimized by minimizing the specific areas, graces and predictive models of toxicity”.

Precisely in the depth of the imaging and diagnostically encoded a Belén Soto, Digital Sales General Manager Southern Europe Region at General Electric Healthcare. The directive recognizing that precision medicine is one of the main inversion curves of your company and that its final objective is “transform the way in which current diagnostic, protocol-oriented and based on fragmented information is performed, and a model more personalized in which decisions are made with integral and accurate information by artificial intelligence“.

Information on what is available at the same time is not available. Luis Javier Bonilla, General Manager of CGM Clinical Spain (CompuGroup Medical) “Criticize the fact that you have received 22 million clinical histories in one year,”an enormous activator that is infused“. In your opinion, we will take care of all platforms with rapid access to information in the assistive process such as” destined to further investigation and generation of conjugation “to finally make some efforts,” he said. cuentan with separate and presupposed models “.

Unique moment.

The operation for celebrating is concentrated on UC3M and FENIN without further ado. In the last months, we all conceived PERTE for the vanguardia salute – approved in the finals of 2021 by the Spanish government – as the mission program, relative to Cancer, the Marco European Program Horizonte Europe. It also provides an important inversion destination for research and innovation in this field that can and should be approved by all the agents of the value chain.


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