The deficit of sanitary attenuation is followed by the health of the major

Felipe Madruga and Antonio Blanco.

La PANDEMIC has affected the manner very important al geriatric patients, tanto en su cantidad como en la caliper of major black screws. De hecho, m dels del 90 per cent of the bankrupt in our country by coronavirus tenían more than 60 years. The patients with mayor edad (major of 80 years) belong to the group of mayor mortgaged, segregated by Felipe Madruga, faculty specialist in Geriatrics at the Unit of Ingresos of Toledo Hospital, attending the XXVIII National Congress of General Medicine and of Family.

The Annual Survey of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG) analyzed the motivos but which group etario ha visto reduced its calorific value with greater intensity. al deterio of their chronic pathologiess, la aparición de nuevas pathologias, la deficient atención sanitaria y social during the pandemic, in the group that most often did not, as well as functional and social affectivity due to immobility and social and familial insemination, increased cognitive-conductive pathologies (such as cognitive detachment, disability, depression, etc.) and contributing to the functional detachment and screw quality, since it has the manifesto status during the congress.

“It’s a matter of extermination, as if the sanitary system and society in general have seen something, hemos suspended cladding and the most vulnerable group, los patients mayores, han sido los m pers perjudicados. Do we have to worry about all of them (citizens, responsible sanitarians, politicians and professionals) to make a serious and personal reflection, on a personal and collective level, when we are in a state of shock, because the situation is not repetitive and takes its toll? , según Madruga.

In the major patients, “las telephone consultations can not be set upcomplemented by specialist consultations, salvage for cadaver aggravation with major bureaucracy that results in increased patient inefficiency, ”said the Geriatrics specialist, who considered that“ it is fundamentally about integrating medicine the patient ”.

Integral vision of the major patient

Currently, medicine tends to have impersonalization, specification and superespecialization. That is, in fact there is no advancement in medicine in its scientific aspect, result “Perjudicial claudication in the attenuation of the geriatric patient if not complemented by an integral vision based on science, experience, common sense and a high degree of personalization and humanization, characteristics that nunca se deben perder de vista ”, reclama el experto.

Respecting the therapeutic aspects, how to deal with one pharmacologic therapies more advanced which do not allow the evolution of high-incidence pathologies to major incidence. “Pero, si no las we integrate an integral vision and we deal with the problems of the conjunctural form, the potential therapeutic benefits are disseminated ”, says Madruga. For example, pathologies with high prevalence such as arterial hypertension, diabetes, arrhythmias, heart failure, dyslipemia, cerebrovascular encephalitis, cognitive detachment, etc. deben ser abordadas de manera global.

The paper of the Atención Primaria es fundamental y debe ser el eje sobre el que pivote el sistema. “Sería como el director of orquesta, always in coordination with the different specialties for the benefit of the patient ”, said the geriatrician. Hasta ahora, “coordination is by far the most specialized and specialized as Geriatrics is fundamentally up to the hospital level as in coordination and work in conjunction with Primary Attention”.

The rate of Spanish with an advanced age has not been cut in the last 25 years. Spain only in June 2021 a population of 47,326,687 inhabitants, of which 9.3 million are major persons representing 19.95% of the total.

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