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Shuuhei Yabuta (director and producer of 3D animation by Shingeki in Kyojin, No Game No Life, and director / by Vinland Saga) make a series of publications from which it is revealed that the timing of the anime adaptation of Vinland Saga había pasado a manos de los studios MAPPA.


The director noted that “a studio does not determine the quality of an animation project“:

  • The staff that works in an animation, less than 10% probably has animation studio implants. The majority of directors and animators work independently, for the art of fundraising, filming and editing are subcontracted to specialized companies. Case with all the security, only the products and the workers of the production are represented by the studios.
  • The products and the production seekers, which are carried out by the animation studio, are connected to the firing screens and traversed by their contact points, but which, in a strict sense, the studio has no direct influence on the caliber of the project. As an embargo, the policy of the studio is influenced by a great deal of inwardness that resonates with the creditors, which affects the caliber of the work.
  • As the studios do not engage directly in the productions, the studio recovers the inversion of the production committee and the production costs. Además, as the studios rarely see streams about the work, part of the production costs being the main point of contention of the company. Without embargo, in many cases agitation or super the presumption of each production.
  • In our case, this has changed the studio and the pace of each episode. The embargo, the production team is the mismatch, because the director of each section is sure to hear the mismatch, and appropriately, the cost of those who do not allow the first time in such positions as director, storyboard and production supervisor to follow participating, because we can work in terms of quality control without affiliation.

Here are some comments made by Reddit about it:

  • It seems that the main studio al that is attributed to a nunca work, and digo nunca, hace a series, or including a solo episode, completely solo and with the masses of circunstancias. The majority of studios do not have to subcontract CG animation production to CG animation studios because there are no CG animation departments. The scripts the scripts the script studios. Most of the industry animators are autonomous and most of the studios (including the “good ones”) do not employ a single boat animator, but they tend to shine from episode to episode. We ismo ocurre with the directors and the guionists.
  • All depending on the calendar (that, the majority of their cases are not controlled by the studios), from which the main personal creative (which is always computable by autonomous translators) and which is available for the study before hacer things that are subcontracted.
  • Debid on these factors, all the studios supported, in theory, make great programs. “Entonces, qu for which studios that consider only solo hack malos programs?” However, as long as the sea does not attract a single person, it can not be accessed by the largest number of people available for subcontracting or adjusting their schedule, all of which are specially different from hacker so much as it’s produced or under-produced.
  • The mayor agrees with the studios to make sure no one is the animator. The Animation Producer is the studio studio that directs a personal production / network to its surroundings. The studios are more than just one of them, and they are the only demonstrating factor that does not produce all the animations by one studio having the same technical quality. Solo hay que ver la difference between Sonny Boy and Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu (The Vampire Dies in No Time). After all Madhouse productions of the past year, for the first time Yuichiro Fukushi as animation producer. There are many connections that can be made, and this can be explained by the fact that this series has a much more impressive production.
  • Pero eso podría exchange literally machine. Fukushi goes to Madhouse to get a little studio, and goes into studio to launch gran porcelain programs, but finally, that the import is the gent, and the studios are included in a very small percentage of the gent that is accredited in any program. This is the Yabuta point.

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