The double-breasted staff of the salutation; manicurista is one of them

  • A video goes viral on the internet after being shown to a double-breasted nurse; swallowing a lot and taking a lot of gel from your patient.
  • Accompanied by CIEP, Mexico slaughtered in the second place in the OCDE countries with the annual promissory note more than the personal salary.
  • The nursing staff owns 9,896 and 29,263 pesos, respectively.

A video goes viral in el Page despising that he exhibits an affair, angular foot of the Mexican salute staff, having a double leg; swallowing a lot and taking a lot of gel from your patient (at the same time). The quality of the BAJISIMOS salads that Mexico does not have for personal health.

The salad manicurista promedio en Mexico is $ 72,000 a year or $ 36.92 an hour. Initial-level cargoes with a value of $ 54,000 per year, with the most experienced professionals trying to reach $ 108,000 per year.

Mexico: with the most expensive salad for personal health ¡In the world!

Accorded with CIEP, Mexico killed in el second place of OCDE countries with annual promissory note more than personal health.

México con el salario para salud m bajs bajo

The Center for Economic and Preservation Investigation (CIEP) Mexico is equipped with the most promising salaried salon for personal health. That is, by following the steps that conform to the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCDE).

For other reasons, the nursing specialty can be found in the global market between countries such as Chile, Spain and Italy.

Á Habrá mejoras?

Public health institutions are the 2021 destination plant 35,917 million pesos in the form as a result of the appropriation of 4,340 million of weights in the creation of 11,958 new plazas.

Contraction is included in 25 hospitals de las zonas m ps pobres del país, según el CIEP, y se abrirán 8,977 plazas divididas entre ellos.

Además se contemplaron 2,226 million pesos to cover personal eventualpero the security investigation center that to realize this series of necessary 18,000 million pesos, is 708% more than what was approved in 2019.

More than 5 miles of nurses and 4 miles of operating doctors

Acquired with the number of registered places by SFP for the payroll of the number of active workers, the INSABI with 5 mil 858 nurses and 4 mil 729 doctors (SFP 2021).

Mexico ranked second in the OECD list, by the end of Poland, through the list of countries with minor promedio salario for specialized medical staff. In parts like Chile the current supply is 1.5 ves more and compared to OCDE, it is 0.9 ves less.

The same way, Annual promo salon for nursing staff in Mexico is for OCDE promo delivery. The organization’s salad is 0.6 hours old. Asymmetry, compared to Chile, is 0.7 percent higher.

What’s your favorite personal health?

The Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) is present more salaries in Mexico for medical staff, mainly in the field of nursing. The total number of nurses at the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Trabajadores of the State (ISSSTE) is between 368 pesos up to 10 miles superior.

By the way, a general medicine type A in the IMSS receives 16 mil 289 pesos menos respecting the salute of the Institut de Salud para el Bienestar (INSABI).

Levels and salaries

As previously mentioned, the balancing actuators are cataloged in three levels (A, B and C) and their stags are stipulated in the following manner:

  • Specialists between 16,768 and 46,702 pesos.
  • General medicine between 13,190 and 40,014 pesos

¿And the specialist doctors?

With the help of specialized doctors the salad is 1.3 years old at the Isidro Espinosa National Institute of Perinatology in Reyes which in the Alta Regional Specialty Hospital of Ixtapaluca.

The Bienestar Institute of Health (INSABI) pays 32,956 for specialist A and 33,052 pesos for specialists B.

Menos pagados

By other means, the nursing staff has a salary of 9,896 and 29,263 pesos, according to the specialists C who are the main salario. A C Regional specialist at Ciudad Victoria Hospital is 14,629 pesos less than the salon at the National Institute of Perinatology.

The average nursing age is between 14,771 and 17,913 pesos.

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