The “elements” that intersect in Mbabane’s destiny to Madrid

L:Statements by Killian Mbabane last Saturday, when he insisted that he had not yet decided on his future “New things” which makes him doubt whether he should stay at PSG instead of signing him Real Madrid they turned the board on which the game is being played, which continues without closing.

MARK is deepening about what those new elements will be, The sources close to the Parisian team inform about the football player’s environment. The question that everyone asks, which is only in Killian’s head, is very clear: is Killian really thinking about his decision to play for Real Madrid because of these new elements, or is it all the result of a strategy, a leap forward? pressure from his own family, PSG, Qatar and all of France. Is it so that PSG fans, who are already idolaters, do not fall for him? These are the questions that MARCA is trying to answer. The footballer’s relatives continue to assure, though. these latest announcements that: Mbab wants to play in Madridwho, in turn, is very calm, because he also has no doubt that the attacker’s decision has not changed or will change.

The latest offer from PSG

Whether he decided to play for Real Madrid or not, it is true that for many actors who are close to surgery, what seemed so simple is not the case, as the player is listening to a new offer from PSG. in its environment. how to tell BRAND: used to be the mania of PSG that the footballer will hold the World Cup in November-December 2022 in Qatar as a player of PSG.

The millionaire’s offer will consist of a contract until the summer of 2023, which will allow him to play in Madrid. A two-year contract that will free him next summer, however, is difficult to legally fit because There are no termination provisions in French labor law The contract can also not be terminated unilaterally, so PSG will have to reach an agreement with Real Madrid to transfer him, even if the club promises to do so for the money available to the white club. On the other hand, the French club has to pay 40 million to “Monaco”, even if it extends Kilian for a year or two, so it will be even more expensive.

Mbab remains strong

Despite the offer, yesterday Sources close to the footballer assure that the footballer is still determined to play for Real Madrid that the statements are only the result of enormous pressure from Qatar, PSG and France. There is already information that points out Macro:who has already moved in the same direction last summer, is again trying to persuade Mbabane not to go to Real Madrid yet. The fact is that the agreement was to expire a week after the return match between the two teams at the Bernabeu. because MARCA has advanced, but it seems that not everything is 100% connected. His last words or recent events, however, do not go in the same direction. In addition to appearing in the mixed zone, Killian has been showing his identification with the club in recent weeks. He was seen with his mother watching a PSG handball or in the locker room a few days later to greet the PSG girls after their victory over Bayern Munich and their transfer to the Champions League semi-finals.

Madrid conveys calm

The “calm” was transferred from Madrid to Mbab ՝ after scoring two goals in the game against the league as a result of Mbab հայտարար’s statements. Lorien. Or it is true that there have been difficult negotiations on some aspects, such as the rights of the character, the will of his mother and his lawyer. Dolphin Vanderheide it still has to fulfill the player’s desire to wear white. Mbabane was ready to come in the summer, և everything fell apart as PSG rejected the last offer of 200 million. And now they hope that the attacker will fulfill his word.

The elements that PSG will contribute

The most optimistic on the Parisian side point to some of the club’s internal moves that might have pleased Mbabane, who has long condemned staying in Paris as a matter of project rather than money. RMC assured yesterday even the fact that the player announced his renewal in May. It seems that the club will finally pass on some decisions to the player that will force him to reconsider his future. On the one hand, moves that will put Mbabane at the center of the project as the leader of the club և team, such as giving him the captain’s armband.

Paris knows that Killian’s power is huge among the fans now. It: Garden of the Princes, who only whistled at him six months ago after his contract with Real Madrid was disappointed, now adores him, sees him as a symbol of his devotion to colors, in the face of a highly dubious direction. PSG can look for peace Leonardo, with whom Mbab has already encountered several times, և name Zidane. He can also be much more in tune with the club when it comes to strengthening the team next season.

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