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Washington / Berlin.- United States announcement is a dong new battery of sanctions against Russia as a reunion of the leaders of the G7, in which the great industrial potentials are compromised and even more so in Moscow than in the war in Ukraine.

The European countries of the G7 do not puddle announcing their debit sanctions because the European Union (EU) has a supply of oil and gas to prevent imports of Russian oil due to the dependence of the Soviet Union.

No obstruction, in a communicative manner distributed through Casa Blanca, the G7 leaders reiterate their compromise to reduce their dependence on Russian energy and affirm that they increase their campaign to help the Russian economy grow more economically.

In the G7 reunion, which celebrates the virtual manner, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski said.

Zelenski reaffirmed his intention to return to the Russian tropics and explicitly stated that Ukraine depended on its international societies, particularly the G7, to provide adequate military resources and that the Ukrainian economy could recover from the destruction of Gurana.

In this respect, G7 leaders reiterate compromise on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity y prometieron tomar m meds medidas contra el Kremlin.

Sanctions against Gazprombank directives

Pese a la amenazas del communicado conjunto, the only country where the announcement of sanctions is dominated by United States, which restricted access to 27 visas of the Russian bank Gazprombank.

A high-level official function explicitly states that sanctions against Gazprombank’s directives should be “advised” of the entity, a subsidiary of Gazprom’s stagnant Russian gas company, and that the Kremlin should be authorized to do so. UE hagan sus pagos de ruso gas.

Not obstructed, as the sanctions are not directed against the bank and in this case against the directives, the European countries can follow the trade with Russia, indicating this point.

The United States is reluctant to retaliate against other members of the Sberbank, most importantly Russia, representing 37% of its financial system.

In total, the North American country has announced similar mediators against 2,600 people who form part of the Russian elite or their Russian or Belarusian functionaries, who have subsequently increased and perpetuated aggressions against the sovereignty of Ukraine or humanity.


On the other hand, Gobierno is currently retaliating against three major television stations: Channel One, Rossiya and NTV, most recently owned by the powerful Gazprom-Media communications group, with the support of Gazprom.

Washington accuses the haberdashery converted into part of Putin’s “machine” of propaganda.

As a result of the sanctions, most emissaries tend to absorb technology that does not need to hack their transmissions, cameras, and microphones manufactured in the EU while having sound systems and lighting systems.

Assimilation, United States Announcement of sanctions against Promtekhnologiya, an undertaking that produces weapons used by the Russian troopers in Ukraine, as well as against navigating companies that possess 69 ships and a single spare unit.

También which prohibits air traffic in Russia by means of independent companies of industrial materials which can be used for warfare in Ukraine, such as excavators, industrial engines, fans, valves and products.

Además, the Governor of Joe Biden decreed that the companies of EE.UU. can not access accounting and accessory services for any person or entity in Russia.

Gestures of solidarity with Ukraine

Most of the sanctioning sanctions, various parts of the G7 express solidarity with Ukraine visiting the country by surprise, gestures of special symbolism coinciding with the glorious Day of Victoria, the annihilation of the Capitalism of Tercer Reich n.

For example, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, visited the municipality of Irpin, in the region of Kiev, accompanied by his alcalde, Oleksandr Markushin, who joined the Ukrainian portal Ukrinfrom.

Mentras tanto, the President of the German Parliament (Bundestag), the Social Democrat Bärbel Bas, travel to Kiev to participate in the commemorations of the end of the II Guerra Mundial, capturing the first high-ranking figure of Germany who visited Ukraine the Russian invasion of February 24.

By the way, the first lady, Jill Biden, cruises through the front lines between Slovakia and Ukraine to reunite with the party of Ukrainian President Olena Zelenska, in a show of solidarity that coincides with the celebration of Madonna EU as in the Slavic country.

The G7 breakdown has already been announced by Gobierno Allemán, who has been holding the rotating presidency.

The Group of 7 (G7) winds prevailed as the G8, but Russia launched in 2014 annexing the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.


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