The Faculty of Medicine opens new institutions of the scientific degree of physiotherapy

As a result of cooperation և teamwork lHe has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy (LF) from UNAM School of Medicine and has new facilities at 721 Adolfo Prieto, Colonia del Valle.where it will continue its leadership in the training of physiotherapists in our country, the opening of a patient care clinic is planned.

During the opening ceremony, on March 28, the director of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. German Fajardo Dolchi, recalled that Dr. Jose Meljem Moktezuma, Head of the University’s Transparency Department, was a special guest who was the one who proposed this building. For the degree of Physiotherapy approved by Rector Enrique Grau; However, due to the epidemic, the project was postponed Only a year ago, the renovation work resumed, achieving the dream that existed since the creation of the Diploma, almost 10 years ago.

Thanking the authorities of Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gomez (HIMFG), the General Hospital of Mexico “Dr. Eduardo Liceaga (HGMDEL) և IMSS’s Siglo XXI National Medical Center (CMN) to provide training space for undergraduate physiotherapy students Dr. Fajardo Dolchi explained that the students will continue in these places, and in the new institutions they will have internships to contribute to the good development of their graduates, who are now five generations old.

“We have made a lot of progress today, butThe bachelor’s degree must continue to grow not only in its physical structure, but also in its academic aspects, for which we must strengthen its staff, have researchers and postgraduate students. “Therefore, our commitment to continue to strengthen it,” said the director of the faculty.

In turn, Dr. Laura Penyalosa Ochoa, LF Coordinator, emphasized that in the first phase, the new facilities already have classrooms, furniture, and materials needed to conduct student internships among peers in a variety of physiotherapy techniques. such as electrotherapy, heat therapy իոնալ functional exercises, among others.

“Soon we will have classrooms, which will be furnished in a new way of hybrid classrooms. Here we will be able to have laboratories to develop our own clinical և basic research work, how we will be able to admit academic exchange students, equip classrooms with modern teaching resources, ուցե maybe in the near future, in the second phase we will be able to have physiotherapy կլին patient care clinic. “explained Dr. Penyalosa Ochoa.

He stressed that they will be able to increase the teaching staff և researchers, improve communication between students և lecturers և promote the university identity of the bachelor community.

Thanking all those who intervened to “realize the dream of having our own facilities”, in particular Dr. German Fajardo են Irene Durante Montiel, Secretary General of the Faculty, Dr. Penyalosa Ochoa for as: The training of its students has greatly benefited the acquisition of skills, abilities and capacities due to the great opportunity to have clinical practice with patients from the first day of classes.

The coordinator of LF reminded that so far almost 350 students have graduated, who are of high professional quality in different spheres of their competence., both in the field of healthcare and in the field of teaching, research, even management, many pursue postgraduate studies. In addition, six areas of research have been developed.

It should be noted that the opening of this new headquarters will contribute to the greater dissemination and generation of scientific knowledge in the field, as well as strengthen ties with other health care institutions in research that contribute to achieving this goal in cross-curricular, cross-curricular areas. questions.. In addition, it is planned to adapt a clinical modeling laboratory where practices can be performed on clinical case scenarios.

The presidium was attended by Dr. Irene Deiran, who was accompanied by secretaries, various coordinators, and members of the physiotherapy community.

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