The FBI is seeking evidence from the federal judiciary to confirm that the pilot of the Venezuelan aircraft claimed possession of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran

Gholamreza Ghasemi, Iranian terrorist based in Buenos Aires aboard a Venezuelan airliner from Caracas
Gholamreza Ghasemi, Iranian terrorist based in Buenos Aires aboard a Venezuelan airliner from Caracas

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wants to provide further information about Gholamreza Ghasemi’s association with designated terrorist groups, the Fuerza Quds del Cuerpo of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC-QF) and Hezbollah. Gholamreza Ghasemi is the CEO and member of the Fars Air Qeshm Administration Council. Además de posición, Ghasemi también es piloto ”, information provided from United States to the federal government of Lomas de Zamora, and cargo of Federico Villena.

The FBI file: “Fars Air Qeshm has been sent to the United States in 2019 for its direct participation in terrorist activity and assistance commensurate with the Quds Force or the Iranian airline Mahan Air, which has been attacked as a terrorist organization.”

According to the FBI, the federal government has confirmed that Ghasemi is a terrorist who claims to be the Guardian of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The pilot of the Venetian company Emtrasurthe absolute control of Nicolás Maduro, based in Buenos Aires in one Boeing model 747-300M, with matrix YV3531. This aircraft is part of Caracas, hizo escala en Querétaro (México), where the cargo of the car parts landed, and finally landed in Ezeiza on the 6th of June.

The FBI also rallied the federal governor of Lomas de Zamora after informing about three cases -case file: BE -6135976- which describes the distant operations carried out by the Quds Force – which integrates the Revolutionary Guards of Iran – and how the United States reacts to the terrorist amnesty on a global scale.

“The Fuerza Quds has a long history of supporting the Hezbollah militia, paramilitaries, and terrorist activities, providing leadership, funding, weapons, intelligence, and logistical support. “Las Fuerzas Quds operates a training camp for Hezbollah in the Valley of Bekaa in Lebanon and has reported training for more than 3,000 soldiers in the quarters owned by the Revolutionary Guards in Iran.” asegura el informe, ahora en poder de la justicia.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Hezbollah terrorist organization have been active in the AMIA since July 18, 1994. More than 86 people have been killed and more than 300 injured.

The FBI’s dossier aggregates economic reports that hack Tehran’s regime to approve Hezbollah operations against Israel. “Las Fuerza Quds has raised between 100 and 200 million dollars in aid to Hezbollah and assistance to Hezbollah in the aftermath of Resolution 1701 of the United Nations Security Council.” consists of FBI information aggregated to expeditious.

The Venezuelan plane that landed in Buenos Aires with the Iranian terrorist Gholamreza Ghasemi among their passengers
The Venezuelan plane that landed in Buenos Aires with the Iranian terrorist Gholamreza Ghasemi among their passengers

The FBI’s informant hacked the two days after Villena’s friend returned that the Secretariat of Tesoro of the United States -trained by OFAC- impose sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard to promote global terrorism and support different organizations like Hezbollah.

Complete information with a final approximation of the term for the Urdu plot by Iran with the collaboration of the Venezuelan company Conviasa. “In October 2011, OFAC sanctioned Mahan Air for providing financial, material, or technological support to the Revolutionary Guard of the Holy See. “Mahan Air has also transported weapons and personnel to Hezbollah.”

The Ghasemi terrorist flew to Buenos Aires as a pilot of a Boeing model 747-300M with YV3531 matrix, which pertenece to the company Transportes Cargo del Sur (Emtrasur), a subsidiary of the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa).

Ghasemi tampered with each pilot of the flight made by the aircraft on May 13 passing between Paraguay and Aruba to transport a shipment of cigarettes valued at US $ 755 mil.

See the invoice issued by the company Tabacalera del Este SA (TABESA), owned by the former president of Paraguay Horacio Cartes, see 6010 packages of “Ibiza extra suave double short filter” and 1076 packages of “Ibiza extra suave King Size”. The client declared in this document is the company Tabacos USA Inc, owned by Tabacal Free Zone Nv, based in Aruba.

You landed at Guaraní airport, in the city of Minga Guazú, only 13 kilometers from the city of Este (Paraguay). The trip set integrates for 7 Iranians and 11 Venezuelans. All accommodations in Dazzler de Ciudad del Este hotel. Of the 7 Iranians, how many coincided with the flights to Ezeiza: Gholamreza Ghasemi and Abdolbaset Mohammadi.

Passage from the airport to the city of Este is 15 on May 15.

According to the FBI, Ghasemi is the CEO and member of the Fars Air Qeshm management council, the cargo airline sanctioned by the United States.

“Fars Air Qeshm operates cargo flights carrying civilian fighters to the Quds Force and the IRGC, and uses them to smuggle weapons and sensitive teams from Iran to Syria, among other things. This activity is part of Iran’s efforts to establish a military presence all over the world. “asegura el informe.

A su vez, el dossier describe the direct flights from the airport to Hezbollah: “Fars Air Qeshm operates regular flights between Iran and Syria. As part of the exercises carried out by Iran and the Quds Force to equip Hezbollah with weapons, advanced military components and weapons are both contraband from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon using civilian flights from Tehran to Damascus. “Because an aircraft claimed by Fars Air Qeshm transferred teams from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon using the route between Tehran and Beirut.”

The passport used by the pilot to enter Paraguay and Argentina.
The passport used by the pilot to enter Paraguay and Argentina.

Built on Boeing 747 by Mahan Airlines. Amir Hossein Zolanvari, porter of Mahan Airlines, confirmed the operation. “Ya ma es de Mahan Airlines”, directed by the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

“The Emtrasur 747 can be identified by its manufacturer number (MSN) 23413, which is a unique identification number associated with aircraft. This MSN coincides with the number of an aircraft previously owned by Mahan Air, which only has the number of the EP-MND package ”insure the FBI and its informant.

Aerospace tracing, leasing mode, complicates lanes. “If Mahan Air is targeting Emtrasur aircraft, the aircraft should consider blocking Mahan Air. Además, the people who try to get services or services at the airports are exposed to sanctions on the basis of the services that are proportionate to the services or services of Mahan Air “, explained the North American agency.

OFAC has been sanctioned by Conviasa in February 2020.
OFAC has been sanctioned by Conviasa in February 2020.

The United States Theory Department – through OFAC – has partnered with Mahan Air to cooperate with the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Por ese motivo impuso sanction a Conviasa, propietaria de Emtrasur.

The Information of the External Boat Control Office (OFAC, in English only) is public. And in the official page you can see that since the 2011 sanction on Mahan Air. Nicolás Maduro, who authorized the purchase of the Boeing matrix YV3531, did not disclose the OFAC interpretation.

Without embargo, Maduro ordered that the name of Emtrasur landing in Ezeiza with a conductive trip by Ghasemi terrorist, four other Iranians and 14 Venezuelan tripants. According to the information provided by the FBI, Villena’s mother is not one of the two suspects who is a victim of international terrorism.

avión - Ezeiza - Venezuela - iraníes - aeropuerto - Boeing 747
avión – Ezeiza – Venezuela – iraníes – aeropuerto – Boeing 747

The plane landed at C lrdoba airport on Friday due to the nebula flying over Buenos Aires, but at 14.35, it sailed to Ezeiza, where it was waiting. The cargo revision varies only because it has alerts from international agencies.

On March 8, in front of the Shell Negative of Fuel Ventures, intentional tripling flew to Uruguay, possibly with a pre-contract with a small oil price. “The aircraft is set up with the fuel-efficient menus by the landing gear that haunts the moon in Córdoba through the nebula ”opening a unit that knows the details of the operation.

Recognizing the mercenaries from the tarde, the Uruguay regression, the Hebrew trip intentionally negotiated with YPF and AXION, the work of Marcelo Di Sanzio, the person contracted by Emtrasur for the handling services. A esa altura, la petroleres ya habían intercambiado consultations with the Airport Security Police (PSA).

The 8-car hire cargo revision de la carga. And how many are deprived of PSA having a “exhaust” requirement before the aircraft, with more than 60 special effects and specialties.

Juez Villena interviewed the drunk on the car from a corpse present by the abbot Rafael Resnick Brenner, who was correcting the investigation. At the same time, the Cecilia Incardona fiscal impulse is an investigation that accumulates three denunciations.

Alberto Fernandez was defending the American Cumber in Los Angeles
Alberto Fernandez was defending the American Cumber in Los Angeles

“Only the periodical novel has its limits of reason”, This comment was made by the Portuguese Gabriela Cerruti when she asked about the Venezuelan-Iranian aircraft. President Alberto Fernández agrees that the topic has been raised by the opposition. “Quisieron shows something that is not, alguna cosa or moving motion of Gobierno, but act rapidly. Opportunity to try for vincular car with his hands tan dolorosos as assassinated by AMIA“, Dijo declaraciones a Radio 10.

In a nutshell, the Minister of Seguridad Aníbal Fernández used the term “homonymous”. “Respect for the people has a special indication of respect for Gholamreza Ghasemi, which is one of the tripulants and having a name, a homonym with the participation in Quds, in the Iranian revolutionary forces, more than the condition of homonym, no other ”, insurance in the absence of medical interventions.

“Se va a terminar probrobando lo que dije y por lo que me bardearon a diestra y siniestra. The number of tripods is only shown by the fact that they have been shown to have a venezolane tripularization in order to pilot an aircraft ”, informs the director of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustín Rossi.

The president, his successor, the minister of Seguridad, and the director of the AFI certainly comment on the information provided by the terrorist attacks on the Venezuelan aircraft and the Iranian pilot.

The game focuses on Ghasemi and its terrorist targets in Argentina, to continue advancing on the rest of the integrated trip by four other Iranians and 14 Venezuelans working for a public company that operates in Maduro’s Jordan.


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