The final explanation of the series

    “Est Are these altruities not all about human will?”, Says Wendy (Laura Linney) and Marty (Jason Bateman) in episode 8 of the 4th season. Ozark, explicit siete episodes antes que acabe la series todo lo va va ocurrir al final, en el lattimo chapter. This phrase is absolutely absolute content. The final de Ozark we can not be more content: all that Wendy and Marty have to do with the family and the follower haciendo all that haga falta, as it is voluntary human … when you have a family that quies. But let me explain about the final one Ozark; yes, the result is that Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gartner) have been deprived of all their fathers and, moreover, they have not been, nor have they been different from their progenitors; yes, Marty wants to go to Wendy; y, sí, ¡sorpresa !, Wendy quiere a Marty ya su familia. The rest is clear. Ese fundido en negro ne te hace dudar de lo que ha ocurrido, ne te hace preguntarte si al final Jonah ha disparado o no a Mel Sattem (Adam Rothenberg): sí, le ha disparado y le ha matado. From the way it’s made it clear to you that Camila Elizondro (Verónica Falcon), effectively, has matured as they do: we all see Ruth (Julia Garner)’s witch, who is dead. Camilia venga la muerte de su hijo, de la misma manera que Ruth vengó la muerte de Wyatt. Así es la ley de la calle. And Ruth, as all that the Byrde family has done, wants a tragic destination. Fíjate muy bien en las dos muertes del episodio finale. It’s impossible for family members to survive. Pero is that the only ones of the people who change are the ones who die.

    sofia hublitz is charlotte byrde and jason bateman is marty byrde in the netflix ozark series


    Theories abound, as it were, that Mel’s final death and that special agent Maya believed Mel and implied that Jonah was the detective. But theories are not compatible with this series. The person who did not try to get the chance to choose a different cam, lo elegido, the problem is that he was underestimated by the Byrde family. Ese fundido in negro ne quiere decir que alguien ha podido evitar que Jonah mate a Mel. It’s black and white’s son ojos cerrados de Jonah mientras mata a Mel. All of the time 4, all about the second part, all about the ability to choose a different destination, about the expectation of other people, and about the decisions that we can change or not. The Unics who exchange Mel and Ruth all over the series, the Unics. Y, vaya, los dos acaban muertos. The only ones that contain the passages for change, absorbent terms by the vortex Byrde. The Byrde family nunca ha cambiado, siempre han sido iguales. A family that seeks and constitutes more than just a negro. The verdict is that all resume to eso.

    Unica suspects that we all tend to think the series is really Marty and Wendy. In episode 12 there are some things that have been waiting for you, that you are, that you are reading. “It’s not so easy to queer,” says Wendy to Marty. “Eso no es cierto”, says Marty. “We’m looking for it. When we say salutations to you, you’re like me, I’m entertained,” says Wendy, “What ‘s that? “No. Pero entendería si lo hicieras”, sigue ella. Entonces él se va. Esa fraz enlaza con otra fraz que soltó Marty en ese mismo episodio, cuando Wendy sale del psyquiátrico. “I do not know what to do unconditionally, but I have to go through everything because I’m here,” says Marty. It’s a big declaration of love, realistic bastards like me and me.

    julia garner is ruth in the netflix ozark series


    Where to go now from the Byrde family? Pod What can be done about their conclusions about Ruth’s death? Esa es la gran pregunta del tltimo episodio. In the end, the FBI said that it’s going to release the cartel of an egg by all of you who have arranged it all with Camila … these are the men, as they are sure. The Ruth effect is important. And the key is from Marty to Wendy. “Tengo mido de perderte,” says Wendy. “¿Y ou esto demasiado para soportar?”, Added the continuation. “No lo será,” Marty replied. Y esa es la respuesta: la familia Byrde sobrevive y Ruth nunca fue de la familia, así que estarán bien si ella.

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