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Many people are best positioned for the revolution of electric vehicles as multimillion Julio Ponce Lerou.

Retire hace años, pero the exterior of the diffuse dictator Augusto Pinochet was conquered in Chile as the ‘Rey of lithium’. Y ahora, Julio Ponce Lerou is more like a nun: the turnout of about 25 per cent en SQM —la segunda mayor minera de lithio del mundo, perteneciente to the group of shareholders that lead— if quintuplicado en los ultimos siete años at record rates, which increased the participation rate from 3 million to 500 million dollars (mdd).

Even though multimillionaires from all over the world cuya riqueza is dispersed – even Elon Musk has the Chinese real estate magnates – Julio Ponce, 76 years old, converted from white to medium in lithium ion, a mineral key for the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries.

One of the main adversarial podría ser el current president of Chile, Gabriel Boricof 36 years, which apoya the redaction of a new Constitution that supports the imposition of more environmental restrictions on the mining and claiming to create a national lithographic enterprise that can compete with SQM, which is the site of most planetary growth.

Boric’s clear policy is much more favorable to inversions than Salvador Allende, cuya nationalization of mines of estadounidense ownership in 1971 led to the creation of the giant static Codelco cup. Pero hay señales de que the lithium negotiation is at the point of complication that most in Chiledue to the fact that the rescuing authorities did not make any new contracts through the lamellae before the State obtained a major share of the mineral derivatives.

The problems of Julio Ponce Lerou

The panorama exchange for ‘Rey del lithio’ has its races in a wave of civil protests in 2019, which derives from the re-description of a Constitution which was born in the Pinochet era and which preserves private property, including minerals and water. The rewards of signing up for the new Carta Magna how to balance the balance between community law, environmental protection and static social serviceswith a large participation of indigenous groups on both sides and how to extract natural resources, including lithium.

In the last instance, the media oblige SQM to adopt extraction techniques that provoke an increase in costs or production limit, which can be fined at the height of the ganancias. Ponce, the second most popular person in Chile, is the only number that has been revealed by the group of shareholders, whose total participation has a value superior to 6 million million dollars. Official sample documents that your participation is equivalent to around 16 per SQM client.

The media are aiming to scrutinize the SQM negotiation model, which is based on extra large salmon candida that goes a long way in the Atacama Desert, in the north of Chile, and enchanted in enormous evaporative positions rather, a hole that can be observed from space. The resulting concentrate is converted to carbonate and lithium hydroxide in current plants and shipping batteries manufacturers in China and Korea.

Tan simple as rentable, the process uses very little water, chemicals and energy from the rock mining industry.. The technique of solar evaporation means that more than a million miles of salmonella and water are vaporized in one of the most arid places in the Tierra, which, in other words, is an amenase for fauna, such as flames r habitan en este paisaje similar al de Marte.

Radical prophecies such as the nationalization of all industries have not been able to thrive in the constituent process. But as for the new Carta Magna on the porch before the salmon that Atacama sails and has a high content of this mineral consider a type of agua – an idea that the company does not – a type of mass extraction supported by a verse amenazado.

Ya hay llamados of algunas communes and politicians before the transition to a mining process more selective or direct that means much less evaporation, and probably less production and warranty. Tanto SQM as Albemarle Corp., the only ones lithium products in Chile, you are investigating several techniqueswhich are relatively less probable in commercial terms.

Through all the world, the creation of electric vehicles generated a new demand for minerals, from the Atacama Desert to the Russian Siberian nickel and the cobalt of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Supplying the world with fossil fuels represents a new conjugation of social and environmental challenges. On the plaza, there are intentionally magnets and magnets in the mineral sector such as Ponce.

SQM says that it is reducing its salmon extraction cups including production points, efficiency measures and centrifuges more in lithium and menus in the minerals used in the fertilizers. The comparative company is involved much more time and energy in gaining traction in favor of indigenous groups, noting that contributing to the static arcs of the frontier of 60% of the gains to be taken into the greater industry.

The company has a new marketing campaign that supports its contributions, contributing to the production of a crucial mineral that helps to decarbonize the world.

N C nmo nació el ‘Rey del litio?

With Julio Ponce Lerou, your trajectory has just been converted to ‘Rey del lithio’ by your location.

In 1969, Ponce Lerou se casó con Veronica Pinochet Hiriart. Quatro años más tarde, Pinochet bombed the Chilean presidential palace in the gulf of the State that the lion stands on.

Durante the dictatorship of Pinochet, Julio Ponce Lerou was named president of a cellular static company y ayudó a dirigir su privatizón. To lead other companies controlled by the goblin and, moreover, the cargo agency to convert stationary companies into private companies, Corfo. It’s allied with these roles in 1983 to connect with illegal enrichment associations in the field acquisition, from which it was absolutely impossible.

In 1986, él y su family buy shares of Soquimich, how to get acquainted with SQMwho was ousted as president in 1987. When he was ousted, Chile or Habibia regressed to democracy, securing a contract for exclusive mining mines in Atacama salons under SQM, one of which is rentable of Chile, the Conquering Countries that parts of Soquimich are privatized but only a third of the market value.

However, the new constitution represents a case that is based on the most different resolution for Ponce that anterior judicial battalions.

Cristina Dorador, a member of the Chilean Constitutional Convention, says that the current Carta Magna does not reconcile the Atacama Halls as ecosystems that are affected when extra large volumes of salmon are stored to accommodate lithium. As a matter of fact, studies have been published on the presence of flamenco in the lagoons around the lithium mine.

SQM says that these studios do not take into account the impact of tourism on their migratory and aggregate areas, such as increased lithium production, dismantling of extraction baskets, and non-exchangeable food conditions. The monitor monitoring systems that flame locations are stable are away from the time, SQM signal, and aggregates that increase the scientific scores to better comprehend the relationships between the mine and the media environment.

It is intended that the passage of air conditioning through the medium of unused materials for a transmission of renewable energy enriched by mines such as SQM, but by consumers of electric vehicles, is likely to take its toll on the environment. .

Joe Lowry, founder of consulting Global Lithium LLC, knows that SQM should support environmental concerns, although it is altogether – when the lithium discharge rises precisely at record levels – it is not an “important obstacle”, but in financial terms. Probably not a new constitution altering the conditions that favor Ponce, indicative.

“The new goblins do not deter the enormous incarnations of royalties,” he said.


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