The four patients that all deberían patients seek medical attention

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The sound balance is very effective, but there is no risk of injury. It’s very much a handicap to bioethics, which, in general, in medicine tends to be ‘hacerlo todo hasta el final’, when only the rice is out of stock. Planting the fruit of the plant before, without embargo, is not a fake plant. It is also known that, by the way, the diagnosis or discrepancy does not always come from the patient, which is inconsistent with the decisions of the doctor.

Para el neurocirujano Christer Mjåsetvice-president of the Norwegian Association of Medicine, for example, if any, as a child, a doctor or a patient a cervical disc herniation that is only operative. “Doctor, is it really wrong?“, he asked.

Ah, it’s medicine that knows what it’s not, that it’s not the wind, that it’s the wind that’s elgía esgogido sin tener en kuenta los deseos de su patiente. It also helps to start a series of dudes for those who find one of the fastest revealing solutions.

In your juicio, se percató de que the company is “sobretratada” with formats and other treatments that, in fact, are not impressible. Three of these doctors or describe something that is not necessary “, the expert at char TED explained about the topic.

No obstruction, No need for all professional computers is a problem. It seems that as such the rest of the action takes the demands of the patients and the premise of what hacer algo siempre será mejor que no hacer nada.

This is, of course, a quick recap of the discussion about the placebo effect and prescription medications with only scientific evidence but the prescribing algebra to generate tranquility in the patient.

By the way, the neurosurgeon does not have the internal population four questions and that the plants are always subject to embargo on treated algae, all of which are imported: ¿is it really unnecessary? Á Cuáles son los riesgos? Are there any other options? É Qué pasa si no hago nada?

Partisan decisions

“It’s a TED Talk that acrobats to ponder to medical students because it’s not that every patient’s pregnant, if any medical device is injected“, explains Montserrat Esquerda, doctor, psychologist and general director of the Institute Borja de Bioetics of Ramon Llul University.

Book reviewed, Hablar de la muerte para vivir y morir mejor (Alienta), is a professional at the middle of a debate that spills over into bioethics practically from its foundation, What is the best option for patients?

It’s a complicated complication, yes, but it ‘s what it’s all about and it’s just like that: “The answer depends and not to the aid of the doctor, with its technical connotations. “It depends on what the patient’s most valued at that particular moment of their screw.”

However, for these four important questions are important, but they are medically and patiently adjusted accordingly. party of partisan decisionswhich must be passed over to be treated qualitatively.

“Pongamos un pequeño emjemplo”, illustra Esquerda en su libro. “A patient and patient with a patient advanced lung cancer. Some chemotherapy protocols have been implemented. From now on, planters can have a variety of options: derived from different palliative to abort the symptoms and prioritize the comfort, it is derived from another hospital when a ensayo this is a type of cancer or try another combination of pharmacists with very high exit probabilities and many secondary effects “.

What is most convincing about this patient, from the point of view of bioethics, is what ism mismo considere. If you want to get the most out of Mjåset y’s one way to get all the information, it’s worth it.

“The problem is that there is always something wrong with it and no one is doing it because it is defective. pensamos siempre que el riesgo de hacer es más bajo que el de no hacercuando no es así “, aclara Esquerda.

More time

With all the available options available for medical treatment, as in case of lung cancer, the number of decisions is presented as much more complicated and, more precisely, more accurate m tis tiempo a parar ya pensar sobre ellas. “It’s at least as if you have to hack to get to the bottom of the treatments, also, obviously, if you have time to hack, which is more expensive”, the professional appendix, which airs the theme of the times freneticos in los que se mueve la salud hoy en día.

Without embargo, the timing should not be about health and it is important that every patient’s value form adequately responds to the four questions they have. Además, it’s all that should happen now, not only when cruciate ligaments are treated.

The Christer Mjåset prophecy in char char TED that in the latest has been demonstrated that one regular therapy for the rodilla can be used to get good results as an operation.

For example, an ensay published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that, in the case of rheumatoid arthroplasty (surgery to resuscitate a part of the uterus), conocida efficiency is 85%. Without embargo, it should be noted that up to 15% of patients no longer have the risk of undergoing surgery. Measures, a 65% efficiency measurement effective with a physiotherapy, diet, implant and analgesic treatment.

The four most difficult questions to answer. Now, what to do with these patients? Pues as directed by Esquerda, depends on: será el propio patiente el que decida lo mejor para él “.


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