the gates of university universities and prostitution

Marta is a young Spanish university student who, like Vienna, does not have to worry about extravagant extravagance, even though she is a senior at a party that offers travel, clothing and other things; is at the point of arrangement la first phase of “sugardating”an apparently incoherent relation that can be attributed to prostitution.

“All the parties and restaurants offered by the way and the places where we are imagined. “It’s very simple, I’m just getting used to the events, the mantle and the level and the subverting of the junta,” Marta said.

Según la joven, él le pagaba el precio por lasos horas pactadas y si necesitaba m vols volvía a contactarle: quería m encs incuentros y luego, por supuesto, vino el sexo ”.

In reality Marta does not exist, your history is still with experiences of various kinds of people who are still victims of this practice, because the Spanish organization Diaconia denounced the camp’s crane Quieres ser una “sugarbaby”?, Es cada vez mús común en España.

Adult and major men with high assurance (known as “sugardaddy”) contact with university students (las “sugarbaby”), except for traces of legal digital platforms, in order to obtain the company in public events or enclosures that are free from the possibility of changing screw screws by a larger surface.

“Between 80% and 90% of young people come here with one of those maravilos, the ones who have nothing to do with prostitution, who do not have the risk of conducting violence,” said EFE Eva Márquez, coordinator of the women’s programs y lucha contra la trata en Diaconia.

Abuses normalized

According to Márquez, Spanish society is “asumido” that “exploitation is a matter of enslavement, encroachment, encirclement in a situation in a very precise situation, which is always being abused against its will.

“It is the image that we have, but we consider that we have to light the attraction about other practices that have normalized and included that we are not exposed to traces of euphemisms and bochornos announcements of the complete type”, analysis.

Yes, it’s inconceivable that “sugardating” is what harecapture a profile that you do not have in mindand some university students who do not have great problems of supervision and that other way nunca hubieran metido in an asia relation “.

Márquez explained that “before the delta of the deed is taken away, the hemos from being repaired to the many actions which the society has normalized and which have the cultivation temperature before these deltas are left to the cape”.

But it also says “prevent situations that can be debilitating when a woman or a child can be killed alone in the trap that is the most extreme case of any type of sexual exploitation against their will.”

The social red paper

Note that “sugardating” the sea has a lack of documented, concise and indicative reality that part of the responsibility of the young people who are in this trap is “where you put the social networks, that which can be given to a screw of the assembly” .

In this line of expression, Natalia Colmenar, creator of the Diaconia campus, expresses that the national phenomenon in the United States is going to “the problem is now that it is popular” through platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok or .

“You search on Youtube c sermo ser sugarbabyfind a montage of videos that explicitly and animated to the subject ”, critics are experts, who make sure that accessing these platforms hubiera a video that indicates the origins of this practice,“ a series of great advancement ”.

He insists that the practice of “euculta bajo euphemismos” is not “very popular” because: of mutual benefits interchanges ”.

Marta’s story goes on to say, “a university girl who goes to a web page to be more inclined and to follow and follow the straight lines that she makes”.

“El sugardaddy va exigiendo cada vez más and more than that, in the end the amenaza with the quitarle the dinero that the iba gives and the professional carrera strings because it is a person who has a lot of contacts, otherwise accessing things that initially do not queria hacer “, explicitly. Finally, “there is a difference between what is in the bottle and what is very different”.

To empathize with luchar against this tendency is that there are passages and paradigms that you do not have to follow the example: “I do not want to empathize with the message that sugar can be used at the door of sexual exploration”.

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