The gay scene in “Lightyear” is not Disney’s polemical .nica

A belief among women, which lasts only a second, provokes in the latest semantics even critics such as censorship hacked the cinta “Lightyear”.

Measures in countries like the United Arab Emirates prevent the projection of Disney and Pixar movies, in Peru a chain of cinemas has run an advertisement about the “ideology of the genre” that has been denied to you.

As an embargo, it is not the first time that an animated and directed film has been published in a large majority of comments by many of the characters or scenes.

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The character we call “Toy Story 4” (2029) was created by Bonnie and is still recycled materials such as a tender and abutable tongs. When it comes to launching, theories offer theories about how to deal with an LGBT + person who, after all, has a variety of signals that can be used as a reference:

But a person does not identify himself as a South Korean as a bastard, but as a record as a reference that is not binary or transgender, that is the sum of the existence of a poster in which it is compared to a tenedor and a cuchara as if it is not superior to what it should be, pues, if it is still there but a tenedor (fork in English) does not treat the classic style, sino, exactly a tenedor-cuchara.

Last but not least, one of the pies (abatelenguage’s) can be seen as a painted image, the image of which has been adopted as a symbol of the LGBT + community.

These details can be viewed by small groups of Christians and at the moment circular photos in a grid of questions are being asked whether or not to paint with their eyes.



This is the character of “La Bella y la Bestia” (2017) or we are surprised by the animated version of Disney, but for the live action hubo all the details that are released at the moment that the news of the protagonist of the moment gay in one cinta of this product.

Interpreted by Josh Gad, LeFou has a couple of moments in which he is attracted by other people with one of the final scenes, which is all that is suggested in the quintet.

At the moment director Bill Condon runs the magazine Attitude that “LeFou is alguien that a d qua quiere ser Gastón y al siguiente quiere besar a Gastón… no sabe lo que quiere. Nol no sabe que tiene estos sentimientos (hacía Gastón).

“Hay’s an exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie, because a lot of time is a decisive moment for Disney.”

As for the embargo, respecting Josh’s propulsion is in line with the media Independent and say that it is not enough:

“We do not suffice as much as for the sake of reason, we do not suffice for the sake of deciding ‘what good we have’. I’m sorry because it’s so convincing in ‘Disney’ s first gay gay moment and now I want to be the best. Now your intention is to take a moment because of what we call obesity, but, frankly, there is no reason that we justifiably justify going crazy over a real gay person in a Disney movie. If you do not have palmaditas in the espalda, maldita sea, deberíamos haber ido más allá con eso. “All measure the possibility of verse or mismos in the pants, and no creo that hayamos hecho lo adequate”.

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If you do not have enough money for the community, for groups of conservators who can easily find news in the United States that does not allow the film to be projected.



Playing the premiere of “Frozen” in the movie hall of the finals of 2013, hubo Christian groups that scandalize and excite Disney, in negative form, but mensaje gay. Messages from the outsider viralize the statements of Pastor Kevin Swanson, of the Reformed Church, which tracks the radio program broadcast in Colorado, United States, as being the subject of a male-dominated film.

“Creo que peccñca peññcula pecñcula va adoctrinar mi mi ija çinco años a que se lesbiana ou para que homosexualidad e el bestialismo sean vistos de positiva posit”, for one of his comments.

“How about the devil, who wants to be a stroper of a social system and hack algo muy, muv malvado to the ninja of zinc, seis or siete all of the Christian families estadounidenses? If you like the devil, hubiera comprado Disney ”.

Religious declarations read by an article published by another group of Catholics when it is stated that the phrase establishes the theme of “homosexual culture”, for example by the character of Elsa and the interest of masculine people. The Oaken family (who, in one scene or another, tends to criticize and exterminate all types of respondents of religious groups against the film.

In the embargo, in 2019, the petitions of the community for Elsa to be confirmed as a homosexual person run with the screen of the second movie.

Seg recn recogía el diario El País However, for groups such as the Statistical Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Bisexuals (FELGTB) it is important that one of the most influential public figures be presented as a lesbian, but not without success.

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Alisha Hawthorne

The astronaut is Buzz’s biggest friend in the movie “Lightyear” and has all the motives for the critics and polemics surrounding the movie. (Spoiler alert)

In the desolation of your character we see how Alisha constructs her family when her community is always on an extraterrestrial planet. Alisha has a pair of women with whom she stays, she gets pregnant and gives a kiss to someone, but she does not want to be one of the characters that Buzz knows (debut that Buzz has not envied any grace on the roads spaces that take about a minute to the people on the planet).

One of the most powerful moments of the movie is when only Alisha’s screw is released and between these scenes it is a piece of paper that can be paired.




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