the history of one of the most iconic images of the Russia-Ukraine war

The photo of a pregnant woman carrying a bombed-out mother is captured in one of the most iconic images of the war in Ukraine.

Pero is the protagonist of the white of an extraordinary Russian camp of misinformation and expressions of odos ambos.

Envuelta en a kolcha y con la frene incangrentada, la imagena de Marianna Vyshemirsky dio la vuelta al mundo.

The photo of this note has already taken off a little Russian air Mariupol.

The image circulated on the Internet, in the portals of the periodicals and the debate included in the Security Council of the United Nations.

Playing sobrevivir al ataque, Marianna faces other aggression: misinformation and hostility against her and her family.

Mientras Russia intentaba sembrar falsedades sobre el ataque, Marianna, de 29 agos, fuse acusada sin ninguna de “actuar”. Russian diplomats, inclusive, claim that the “interpreted” habí is not one, but different months.

Marianna Vyshemirsky last interview with BBC


Marianna broadcast the video with the BBC.

Extensively with Marianna’s friends and family and interviewing my tocaya dura semanas. When I finally got my apparel up my pants in a video, the experience paired me with a surreal touch.

Marianna contacted me about her angst and fleeing from the line where the wine was sent.

“Recibí amenazas de que vendrían a buscarme, de que me matarían y cortarían a mi bebé pedados”, dice.

It is primarily interested in an important medium of communication route being evacuated to its native city in a part of Donbas controlled by separatists Russia.

Marianna parece tranquila y me habla sin precondiciones, pero un bloguero separatista está junto a ella.

Relate how to find out in the media of a battle of misinformation, menteras daba a luz a su shadow Veronika in a war zone.

“Ella eligió venir al mundo in a moment of difference”, señaló, “pero es mejor que haya llegado en esta circunstancias a que no lo hubiera hecho”.

“Todo se puso patas arriba”

The life in Mariupol was very different from the war. Marianna promotes beauty products on social networks, such as Yuri, looking for Azovstal acería.

“Teníamos una vida tranquila y sencilla”, dice, “y luego, por supuesto, todo se puso patas arriba”.

Your Instagram account shows you enthusiastically against the prospect of converting to motherhood.

Marianna shows her panza in an instagram photo


Marianna posted this image on Instagram in February, giving it to all the followers who joined you as a child or a niece.

When Marianna entered the hospital, Mariupol was converted into a bombed-out city Ukraine.

March 9 Ella Charlaba with other women in her hospital room with a car bomb exploded.

Cover the head with a mantle and play a second explosion.

“Podías escuchar cosas volando, el ruido de metrallas”, relata. “The sound resonated in some places lasting a lot of time.”

The women take refuge in the hospital room with other civilians. Marianna suffers a shortness in the fringe and some fragrant fragments of the window are inserted into her pussy, but a doctor says that it does not need points.

If necessary, explicitly, the wind will recover the potential of the hospital ruins.

Pidió entons into a police officer whose ayudara volver enters the editorial office.

“All that había prepared for my baby is established in this maternity room.”

Anatomy of a mentor

Waiting for the hospital to recover and recover from their injuries, Marianna was photographed by Associated Press periodicals.

Mismos periodistas la volvieron a fotografiar mientras bajaba las escales para salir del edificio.

Imaging is rapidly viralizing. When it comes to setting foot on a pro-Kremlin Telegram channel, the false accusations that their images are “just a point”.

Marianna’s beauty blog has been used as an argument to suggest that there was an “actress” era and that makeup was used for fingerprints.

These are forged and amplified by other Russian functional and static media.

These media outlets claim that a photo of another woman embraced in a camel is similar to that of Marianna, although it is clear that her photos are of different people. The woman in the camel and her hair murieron more than the cause of her herids.

In addition to internet access, Marianna has no real rights yet.

For your Instagram entries, set up free and easy messages. For Marianna, all the trolleys like the false accusations are striking.

“Fue actually offensively recovers these messages, but in reality does not live it all”, he says, having abstained from directly criticizing the Russian functionaries who diffuse the false information.

In exchange, critics of the Associated Press.

“I’m offended by the periodicals who publish my photos on social media not being interviewed and many other embarrassed puddles confirming that they are actually obsessed.”

Explain this, Marianna says, because some people “embody the impression that every wind blows a stage”.

The young man said that he had one of the last patients evacuated, and that he was taking care of the AP photographers.

Periodicals also interview other people in the area. I do not want to see the false history diffused by the Russian functionaries.

Contact the AP to solicit a comment.

Looking for Marianna

On the other side of the aisle, Marianna makes her way to Veronika in another hospital.

As miles of people, Marianna and Yuri deliberately wanted to escape Mariupol. Durante semanas fue practically imposing contactless.

Eventually, Marianna’s family finds me staring at the solid city wall of the city, because it’s made no sense. Luego, the principal of April, restores in the Donbas region.

Ella filmed an interview with Denis Seleznev, a blogger who apologizes to separatists Russia. Some observers speculate that Marianna only had the freedom to decide what to do.

“Only to describe the whole situation, as you do with my own prophecies,” he says.

My conversion with the tambien fue pactada a travis de Denis.

Marianna habla me from the house of Denis, which is present in the distance of our charla sin without interrupting. Marianna’s family and friends are assured that she is safe now.

Armando el rompecabezas de la verdad

Although Marianna was interviewed at the time of the interview, she was shocked by the falsifications of the Russian goblin.

The Kremlin has repeatedly claimed that the hospital was attacked by the number one hospital. Mariupol and which is not operatively established.

But the BBC disinformation team identifies the mother who established Marianna: the hospital number three.

We did not contact the Embassy of Russia in London to request a comment.

Marianna confirms that the hospital has definitely established the treatment of other patients, contrary to the Russian affirmations that it does not establish as a medical center of attraction.

Russia also claims that the hospital was completely destroyed by the Azov regime, the controversial Ukrainian nationalist group that has been linked to neo-Nazis, accusations that are not true.

Marianna’s statements in her interview with Denis were used by Russian officials to affirm that the Ukrainian soldiers’s obligation to Marianna’s other ambassadors to act as human beings.

Pero Marianna told me that no surprise Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the dungeon were being intercepted. With Ukrainian solders in the oncology unit that establishes the maternal unit in the same mismatch. It’s not clear what you set up all or not.

Marianna’s interview with Denis Seleznev was used by the Kremlin to suggest other forgeries.

The Russian officials responded with comments that no explosions in the hospital were caused by an air strike. The affirmation was used to suggest that the mother-in-law had been caused by Ukrainian bombers.

“The typical sound that an airplane flies under the air because it is enclosed is impossible,” says Marianna, assuring that she does not hear anything.

Photo of a pregnant woman looking at different men in a camel trailing on the mattress


Russian media, in particular, affirm that a photo of another woman embraced in a camel emblazoned with the Marianna era, even though it is clear that her photos are of different people. The woman in the camel and her hair murieron more than the cause of her herids.

Pero aquí se equivoca. AP periodicals document evidence of air strikes, including video, when an airplane could be flown. In the area, they are sold as a police officer who handles air strikes.

Also in these photos an enormous criterion is that, being the experts in ammunition, you can only find out what caused by an aerial view.

“I personally do not like this, but the video,” says Marianna. “In reality, it can not be cooked to pieces, because it does not come with its own ojos from around the world [las explosiones]”.

Blanco de trolleys

The controversy over the origin of that provoked a new wave of odio on the internet.

“Some people think that if you are an actress, others affirm that you set out to cultivate the airy air.”

Including some people who consider themselves friends with the creyeron. Yaroslava’s beauty blog lives in Russia and is set up in the stats of the state television that Marianna has set up.

“Creo que Marianna hizo su parte. Ukraine necesitaba culpar a Russia de todo “, me dijo Yaroslava.

Do not listen to Marianna on Instagram and do not want to hear about it.

“It’s a pen that tells the gentleman that I know something that I do not hear,” says Marianna.

Pero su rostro se illumina cada vez que’s conversion gira en lateno a su bebé Veronika.

Marianna wanted to blog and in a recent post know about her followers who are interested in “cosmetics, cosmetics and the living room of a new mom”.

Send a message to each other which means “odorless”.

To find yourself involuntarily at the center of a mainstream information warfare the conflicting military exchanges Marianna’s screw for example.

“But now I do not paint in my spears or planes, but we do not say what the machine does.”

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