The icaros that live and reproduce in their own time

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The scientists finally decentralized the genetic secrets of the habitat computers most conducive to humanity: Demodex folliculorum, also known as icaro de la piel. Among other things, the halazgos confirm that they are caros in reality are the same, contradicting the previous speculations. It is also known that microscopic animals can potentially have many benefits as well as the fact that they are evolving and creating code-like symbiotic creatures that provide beneficial benefits for arrangement.

D. folliculorum is in reality one of them the specimens of Icarus que nos llaman hogar, junto con Demodex brevis. They have special kinds of arcnidos, more closely related to garrapatas than to arrañas, pero los caros D. folliculorum they generally reside (and are apparatus) in our nostrils. These spines are in the form of gusano viven from two to three semenas, all the time incised in porous nesters, adhering to the most numerous follicles and feeding mainly on our nest, the ace-like substance being proportionate to the lower nostril.

As far as practically all the people in the world are concerned with the collection of icaros, there are so many that we have no members at all. But in a new studio advertised Tuesday in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, researchers in Europe say that now completely sequences the genome of D. folliculoruma log that is ready to respond to persistent questions about its internal function.

Algunos investigators argued, for example, that these caros take care of it. However, according to the theory, the fecal matter supplemented by accumulating dentures of the ellos during which it was screwed and only released from a single wound. Algunos tampered with the speculation that a sobreabundancia of icaros could cause a condition of the conic acid as rosacea, that would allow the bacteria to be released from this explosion to get a icaro. With the embargo, other investigations can take place, and investigators will tell the new studio that it has been confirmed that Icarus has been arrested.

The author of the study, Alejandra Perotti, investigator of the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, said that the main presence of icaros among the people who left Russia and other people affected by the drink could be a consequence of the cause real. Even if Icarus does not have great excrement points when it comes down to it, I have a lot of secrets about how our nurses are treated in the first place. Other studios han seguido found a fan between the icaros and the rosacea, having been able to stand alone on one of the many descendants involved.

“It’s more easy and fast complementary culpar to los caros”, said Gizmodo electronically.

The other halaggos of the muestran team that these icaros evolved into voluptuously perezosos genetically, genetically confused, as a result of engaging their carcasses in humans. Wearing a genome very simple in comparison with other specific relations, and the pair being superimposed on the minimum number of cells and proteins needed to function (with pairs of inclusive pathways functioning with a single muscle cell). They have the capacity to be exposed to ultraviolet light exposure, which explicitly expires in purely porous and solitary nostrils and stays close to the night, and does not produce enough melatonin oil, but it does burn a lot. in exchange, robes of our nostrils. They are transmitted from mother to shadow, from lactation to grass, which means that the populations have a relatively small genetic diversity. And in the case of natural depressors, the power of speedometers and, in general, a proteinaceous existence suggest that it is probable that icaros carry more genes with time.

Investigators theorize that these trends tend to lead to the end of the’s D. folliculorum as a distinct entity, a process that is observed by bacteria nunca with an animal, say. At the same time, it is possible that the icaros do not come to life externally at the same time as parasites, which are completely encrypted internally. If so, we will be trying to translate it now, although it is likely that it will be transformed in no time but much faster.

Regardless of the future destination of these ikaros, the signs are that they are now being hacked. Podrían ayudar a limdiar la peel de excess of cell cells and other materials, for example, as many as their populations are under control. Perotti added that the investigation was proportionate to the persons “adequately aware of these permanent compartments, but that the culmination lasted indefinitely at the time of the most problematic parts”.


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