the indignation that caused the regression of Silvia Pinal to the scenarios

MEXICO CITY, May 11 (THE UNIVERSAL). at the Nuevo Teatro Silvia Pinal, located at number 27 on the Calle Versalles, in the colony of Juárez de Ciudad de México.

This scene only does not mean the regression of the Silvia Pinal scenarios, which has been criticized by many against the production and the family of the latest diva from the Oro period of Mexican cinema for allowing her to be 91 years old. trabajando.

From the point of view, the controversy over the participation of the exemplary exorcist of the Republic began with the principles of April, when the press conference was held but the presentation of the theatrical work and in which the puddle appeared to be completely disoriented.

Silvia Pinal at the press conference on the outside of & # 39; Caperucita, qu & # xe9;  onda ab tu abuelita & # 39 ;, en la que pareci & # xf3;  disoriented.  (Photo by Jaime Nogales / Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Silvia Pinal at the press conference of the leader of the ‘Caperucita, who walks with you abuelita’ outside, in that disoriented partition. (Photo by Jaime Nogales / Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Now, with the exception of critics tracing the outreach and diffusion of an interview conducted to a person approaching the family in the magazine “TV Notes”, in that it ensures that the only benefit of your mom’s activation in this musical is su hijo Luis Enrique Guzmánis ultimately the answer to the accusations against you and has a sentence with a record of legal actions.

“This magazine approves of deciding how to get out of bed and how to do things that I do not know how to do. I do not want to put pressure on my mom. “I’s a theater for people. My mother was very enthusiastic. The doctor told us that the best way to do this was during the occupation,” said Luis Enrique.

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See you in the theater

In the second part of the program, Pinal does not have to worry about the scenario as it hides in the first part of the presentation by the artists who assist in presenting the function, who defends the definition of “La diva” al scenario.

Hourly press and hourly media in which the program originally established the presentation of which is now a member of the salient elephant to announce the departure of the diva in the script.

“Anyway, a scene of emotion and debut in this protagonist has presented a bunch of pressure and junta with the deciding doctors not to reach Silvia”, declared a member of the elenco.

In place of the Norma Lazareno actress, she wrote to her friends on the cover of Capernacle and solicited the paper that initially corresponded to Pinal.

The murmur is not to be missed in the shells of the recumbent, though it takes all the months to get out of the way even though the question of Silvia’s participation is advanced and its level of salutation has reached the news of covid-19.

One of the defenders at Marcos Valdés, shadow of “Loco” Valdés, who is sure that Silvia wants to be with her public and who has the greatest determination.

“Ella puee aparecer como le de gana, ella poude tomar sus propias decisiones y debemos disfrutar de verla todavía en los scenarios” aseguró Valdés.

As long as he defends the actress and who is included, he is surprised by the role of Silvia Debería in following the scenarios by Erick del Castillo.

“Surprisingly, I’ve been haunted, Silvia is happy to follow the scenarios, or is in contact with the producer and I’m safe,” Erick said.

Pese a positio de todo los artiste que apoyaban la obra e’s participation Pinal, no pudo salir al escenario en su segunda fecha.

Explanation of your consent

Seeing the information spread, Luis Enrique Guzmán cobra more than a million pesos to allow his mom’s participation in the work, but the shadow of the diva assures that he searches for the shape of the limb in his name and the reputation of the actress.

“We want to see how we can proceed in a civil manner. If you plan to make public statements that you do not have, that can be made up of criminals and more personal, manchando the family, the name of my mother that is inaccessible … eso es muy bajo, muy chafa y por eso van a pagar “, dijo en interview with” Venga la Alegría “.

Por si no fuera poco, The explicit impression that Silvia Pinal made of herself is depressing but can not be attributed to a script, but that she and her family fully approve of the matrix performed in this play.

“I do not work, I do not activate, obviamented that I am depressed and I have depression as soon as the doctor, with all the physical therapy, with all the convalescence therapies and all that we are dealing with hacer familiarity, we do not know an incentive “, said Luis Enrique.

Cabe destacar que gracias a la photos and videos that dieron a conocer in a social network of the outside of the theater can be seen by a Silvia Pinal who acts on a stream of wheels, which only participates in the beginning of the work and in otro tres actos y, por tltimo, que por algunos momentos se dormitaba.

Of the great musicals in the capercaillie

Ya sea as protagonist deslumbrando a todos al center center of the script, as in Dolly’s case or producing not only “A chorus line” sino también “Cats” y “La jaula de las locas”, Mexican actress is convinced to be a theater reference.

The montages “Celos del aire” and “Don Juan Tenorio” were established in a curriculum under the diva protagonist in 1958 with the work “Ring ring, llama el amor”, the first musical present in the country.

Based on the direction of Luis de Llano Palmer, you function at the Teatro del Bosque (Julio Castillo) in a story that follows a phone call that came together to find love.

It is this field that owls when a distant figure appears in the spectacle; with a car that starts with apenas 15 years old.

The soundtrack has been heard in over 50 films such as “El rey del barrio” by German Valdés and “Un rincón cerca del cielo” by Pedro Infante. About 60 years ago, a series of collaborations were initiated with the surrealist Mexican director Luis Buñuel with headlines such as “El angel exterminator” and “Viridiana” and a young television star, Enrique Guzmán, starred in the title.

Silvia Pinal in 2013 wins a prize from the Association & # xf3; n of Cr & # xed; ticos from the Theater of M & # xe9; xico.  (Photo by Alfonso Manzano / LatinContent via Getty Images)

Silvia Pinal in 2013 wins a prize from the Mexican Theater Critics Association. (Photo by Alfonso Manzano / LatinContent via Getty Images)

The nunca theater abandoned Silvia Pinal

But the theater is on its way. Final initiation of the tempo with the musical “Mame” in 1972 at the Theater of the Insurgents and under the direction of José Luis Ibáñez, montage that volverine a ponerse on stage with it in 1985 and 1989.

And they continued in works like “Mama nos quita los novi” junta jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, series in 1996 that the other’s set of all the iconic characters as the protagonist of the musical “Hello Dolly!”, Directed by José Luis Ibáñez and donde credit party with the first actor Ignacio López Tarso.

Recently, in 2019, Silvia recorded anecdotes of the water epoch in the brand of the repercussion of the mass work which in essence starred Daniela Romo. Pinal records that play back and forth, además fue un papel that the suitcase premium.

This is something to be sure of as well as family. In the finals of the 90’s, specifically in 1998, Pinal starred in the Broadway musical “Gypsy” with the shadow of Alejandra Guzmán.

The work is done by a woman named Louise (Guzmán) who looks at a star of Burlesque, the mother of this, the book Rose, where the paper is currently interpreted by Pinal, who is looking for the shadow of the shadows of June and Louise haga realidad.

Since then, between 2008 and 2009, the actress has been working for more than 50 years under the auspices of the Hollywood star as part of the “Adorables enemigas” work.

The final stage of the montage took place in March 2008 when, at this moment, the theatrical scenarios began to reverberate through the audiences, even though they were in a hurry with “Debiera haber obispas”, no presentations in the City of Mexico.

“It’s the greatest sacrifice I have ever made since I was able to enjoy the temptation because it was too late and too late,” he said, referring to the promotion of obra cuyo objectively reinventing the third person’s body.

The latest app in a theatrical world especially in 2012 with “Amor dolor y lo que traía puesto”. Currently in “Caperucita to wave with you abuelita!” Pinal is the direction of Carlos Ignacio, who described the work, and the diva interpreted it in a modern, beautiful and glamorous style.

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