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“Sex in major people is the biggest taboo of our society,” said Miren Larrazabal, psychologist, sexologist and president of the International Society of Specialists in Sexology. Sexuality is a central aspect of the human being that is present far from all life, as defined by the World Health Organization. This includes the sect, although it is not always associated with sexuality. In 2019, the population of 65 superiors over 700 million people, according to the United Nations (UN). In the next three decades it is calculated that the figure is expected to reach more than 1,500 million people by 2050. In 2021, in Spain, this will be about 20% of the total population, according to data from the National Institutes of Health. (INE). Larrazabal is considerably impressed by the information given to the major mayor, based on scientific knowledge, that the permits adapt to the activities and activities of the physical cambium that can be used. “It’s good that sexuality accompanies all of the vital cycle,” she said.

Recently, it was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine a studio that reflects sexual activity on major people, as part of a project about being a major perpetrator of sexual violence in Belgium. In particular, the investigation is comparable to a sample of 511 people who live in a Belgian country and who are between 70 and 99 years old. The results revealed that a third of them were sexually active (31.3%). How to sexually activate sexual contact with penetration, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex … The 47.3% of sexually inactive inform about experiencing forms of physical activity: intimate contact, penetration or masturbation, as well as caries.

In 2012, this magazine published a similar analysis with data on sexuality and in the last three years in Spain, which has reached as many as 2,000 people. The sample results show that sexuality is present in Spanish majors of 65 years: in 62.3% of men and in 37.4% of women. The parameters are as wide as in the previous study. How to practice sexual intercourse including sex, oral sex, vaginal sex and masturbation. Adina Cismaru-Inescu, clinical sexologist, doctoral student in the field of training and co-author of the Belgian investigation, said that this analysis “demonstrates that sexuality in the third place exists and is physically perfect”.

Even if at the rest of the eds, the sexuality of the major persons is influenced by multiple factors. The gynecologist Ana Ezquerra Giménez defines that the fundamental is the physical and psychological health and that there are many differences in the function of sex. During menstruation, menopause, and the consequent disruption of hormone-producing hormones by the ovaries, the effect on physiological libido and cambium production in the external and internal genital tract as vaginal sequence or minor or severe orgasmic intensity. “The intimate perception of each of these natural cambiums, the perception as a new stage of life and adaptation to a new situation, in an optimistic way, ending in the desolation of an aggravating posterior sexuality, not traumatic.” It is the news that aggravates the pathologies of the age, which suffers as many as men. Ellos do not experience a menopause like tal, because of its testosterone levels bajan levemente en la senectud. Ezquerra Giménez reports that these problems can be treated by specialists.

Some pharmacists who take care of pathologies in order to have an impact on sexuality and sexual desire, as well as all psychiatrists, recover Larrazabal sexology. “Except for professionals who do not care about sexuality, it is very important and even more important that we announce to the students the secondary effects of the determinants of the pharmacy, as well as the fact that they are hacked by the mayors”, he explains.

Sexual desire is a fundamental part of sexuality. Completing and interviewing a number of biological, psychological and sociocultural factors, Larrazabal explicitly says. To the extent that it does not conform to all respect, sexology confirms that it is concomitant with the experts that even a sexually active screw is the best way to hold the work. “Ese deseo sexual and presenting distant caras a lo largo de la vida. “Sexuality is cultivated, it is cultivated,” he said. This sexuality does not exist because it is centered in the coitus or in the genitalia, which can be based on a more amplified model of sexuality, lacking expertise.

The benefits of practicing are numbered: “Sex in proportion to a state of being and having little influence on the physical level: to the circulatory system, to coziness, to reduce the level of stress …”, resume Larrazabal. And, in addition to the physical questions, it has a great psychological impact.

The perception of the major

The perception that majorities have sexuality is positive. It also determines a review of more than one decade of published studios in the Spanish Magazine by Salud Pública in 2019. Without embargo, there are many questions that raise a barrier to the expression of sexual desire: stereotypes, prejudices of convincing persons, the burden of intimacy in society and the association of procreation with sexuality.

It is an inquiry into how women who live in communion advertise an adequate education about sexuality in order to assimilate naturally into the cambiums out of menopause. Respecting the videos, the attraction, the association of sexual relations with the role of the spouse, I realized that when I envied that I had a point of inflection that ponyta fin i su sex screws. Many participants, especially those who follow the doctrine of the Catholic Church, express that the end of their sexual relations is the conception and not the placement and that these relations are part of what they say and do not believe in dissociation.

The lack of sexual education in the major is one of the reasons that feeds the taboo of sexuality in this age, defending Cismaru-Inescu, one of the authors of the Belgian investigation. Además of the perceptions that have about the major people, such as the image of others as abuses and abuses that only “hornean galletas y van a pasear”. The psychologist Larrazabal believes that sexuality in major people is a myth. “The premise is that sexuality is a definite fact of life and that it is the life of the ankle and ankle. We tend to believe that we are a sex species “, sentence.

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