The LaLiga calculator is full of jornadas

LaLiga de España is because of its fineness and resilience due to its survival and the European poets are very attractive and very attractive duels are played

Following the weekdays, LaLiga Español has to decide the second and third position, a place in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League, regardless of the descents, the culmination of which is of the Levant category:


1 – REAL MADRID (84 points): The camp is incontestable from two days ago. This is a visit to Cádiz, where the game takes place, then the white team goes to the final of the Champions League on May 28.

Calendar: Cádiz (F) and Betis (C).

Latest results 5 days: VDVVV.


2 – BARCELONA (72 points): This is the classification for the Champions League, the only one that qualifies for the second LaLiga Santander position. Need a point in two matches. Ya solo puede alcanzarlo el Atlético. If the eastern team does not have all the money, Barcelona will be the second team to be successful. You are visiting Getafe, which is on the porch for permanence.

Calendar: Getafe (F) and Villarreal (C).

Latest results 5 days: VVVDV.

3 – ATHLETICS OF MADRID (67 points): Ranked for the Champions League by following this match with Simeone on the field, thanks to the 0-2 draw of the last day against Elche, and with remote options of the second round your aspiration is the third best. Ahora es suyo, pero depende de si gana o ne este domingo al Sevilla, a point of distance, in el Wanda Metropolitano. If so, confirm your third place; if empathy or pierde se jugará en la tltima jornada.

Calendar: Sevilla (C) and Real Sociedad (F).

Latest results 5 days: VVDEV.


4 – SEVILLA (66 points): Success empate in 17 seconds of the second flight away from the third plaza, but competing with Atletico Madrid -a one point- in a direct duel of domination in the Metropolitan; have given you options second only, because Barcelona is not available for’s, and the logic is to secure the qualification for the Champions League, even if you bet with a point in all the duels, one of which is Betis persuasion a cinco de distancia, con la diferencia particular perdida.

Calendar: Atlético de Madrid (F) y Athletic Club (C).

Latest results 5 days: EEEVD.

5 – BETIS (61 points): Reactivated with their victory in Valencia, deprived of four victories without a hitch, Betis necesita ganarlo all and that Sevilla pierced all in the last elornimas to advance to the Champions League. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Este domingo recibe al Granada en el Benito Villamarín.

Calendar: Granada (C) and Real Madrid (F).

Latest results 5 days: VDEDE.

6 – REAL SOCIEDAD (59 points): Puerto quinto, sexto o septimo en las ost ultimas jornadas, pero ya tiene asuregura su classification before the European competition by tercer aguido, a sequence born from 1981-82. Falta por definir si va a la Liga Europa (quinto o sexto) oa la Liga Conferencia (septimo). Sexto ahora, with three points of view about Villarreal, of course, before a final is dominated in the stadium of La Cerámica. The victory certificate, as a minimum, the sexto puesto; empathizes the bearing bearing and the bearing releasing it to the septum plaza, having in the last few cases perpendicular to the markers of the final citation.

Calendar: Villarreal (F) y Atlético de Madrid (C).

Latest results 5 days: VDEDE.

7 – VILLARREAL (56 points): All sexto options are in the Europa League, all of them, but a victory is dominated by the case against Real Sociedad. If the conjugation is superimposed on the donor conjugation in the table from the bottom of a jornada. Also confirmed in the European classification, before the match by Athletic Club, octave, and four points. Empathize with the mantendra screws in the ultimate jornada and pierde pondrá in a hurry even the septimo poesto, depending on the marker of the bilbaíno team, with seguirá septimo.

Calendar: Real Sociedad (C) and Barcelona (F).

Latest results 5 days: VEDVV.

8 – ATHLETIC CLUB (52 points): Your European capabilities depend on how Villarreal does not go to Real Sociedad in the center of this dome at La Cerámica Stadium, except that the sum of the sums is one of the front duel in Osasuna in San Mamés. It does not depend on how much time there is, as long as the air conditioning is complete, the wind blows in the last day to the south of the Conference League, being the only option of European competition.

Calendar: Osasuna (C) and Seville (F)

Latest results 5 days: DEVVD.


9 – OSASUNA (47 points): It has the objective of permanence and has no possibilities of alcanzar lazas europeas. You are visiting Athletic Club.

Calendar: Athletic (F) and Mallorca (C).

Latest results 5 days: EEEDV.

10 – VALENCIA (44 points): With the options of alcanzar Europe no possibilities of falling into the category. It is easy to watch an intrusive Spanish duel at the RCDE Stadium.

Calendar: Spanish (F) and Celtic (C).

Latest results 5 days: DEEDD.

11 – CELTA (43 points): Ya tiene la permanencia mathemática. You do not have to worry about getting lost in Elche en Balaídos.

Calendar: Elche (C) and Valencia (F).

Latest results 5 days: DVEDV.

12 – RAYO VALLECANO (42 points): Ya está salvado. No se juega nada. The interest is domingo al Mallorca.

Calendar: Mallorca (F) and Levante (C).

Latest results 5 days: DEEVV.

13 – ESPANYOL (40 points): Salvado de mathematician form, pese a su derrota del pasado martes contra el Alavés. It’s easy to recall Valencia without being included in the classification.

Calendar: Valencia (C) and Granada (F).

Latest results 5 days: EDDDV.

14 – ELCHE (39 points): The empathy of the players of Mallorca confirmed its continuity in the Primera Division, five and its pig against Athletic. If not in game, it’s easy to visit Celta in Balaidos.

Calendar: Celta (F) and Getafe (C).

Latest results 5 days: DDEVV.


15 – GETAFE (38 points): It is not mathematically salvaged, even though it is encased, with a few points of ventilation over Mallorca with its seas per jugarse. There is no particular difference in their interests with the balear conjugation. I owe a victory or empathy for its continuity in Primera … Or a Mallorca pig. There are more combinations that confirm your permanence.

Calendar: Barcelona (C) and Elche (F).

Latest results 5 days: EEEVD.

16 – GRANADA (37 points): Taken aback by a series of consecutive and inviting victories since Aitor Karanka, Granada is gaining momentum and still has a mathematical form that is dominated by Benito Villamarín al Betis or Mallorca incuentro contra el Rayo Vallecano.

Calendar: Betis (F) and Spanish (C).

Latest results 5 days: VVEED.

17 – CÁDIZ (35 points): The pig against Real Sociedad’s pony in a pinch, because it has more points than Mallorca, which marks the descent, but also Real Madrid, the camp, is dominated by Nuevo Mirandilla. Necesita ganar para depender de sí mismo en la ttima jornada o que el Mallorca no lo haga en su casa ante el Rayo Vallecano. The first form of guaranteeing permanence is ganar the incubators as it is.

Calendar: Real Madrid (C) and Alavés (F).

Latest results 5 days: DVEDV.

18 – MALLORCA (33 points): In the area of ​​descent, Mallorca should be the domino of Rayo Vallecano and Osasuna in El Sadar in the last day and wait for a Cadiz deer or the Granada tropics or the Getafe deer. Si pierde y el Cádiz gana, descendería esta jornada.

Calendar: Rayo Vallecano (C) and Osasuna (F).

Latest results 5 days: EDDVD.

19 – ALAVÉS (31 points): Built on a shelf of three victories in the house, the Alawites resisted the pile by permanence. If not Ghana is domingo al Levante, declaring LaLiga Smartbank is the misma jornada. También si vence su partido, pero el Cádiz y el Granada ganan sus respective duelos. In the last day there is a direct shock against the amarillo cone in Mendizorrotza.

Calendar: Levante (F) and Cádiz (C).

Latest results 5 days: VDVDV.

20 – LEVANTE (29 points): The 6-0 win over Real Madrid is entirely due to their consecutive conquests in LaLiga Santander. There is domination over the Alaves in the house, but there are no possibilities of permanence. The Victorian team played the game.

Calendar: Alavés (C) and Rayo Vallecano (F).

Latest results 5 days: DVEDV.


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