The land of Silvio Rodríguez is summed up in the Zócalo of the City of Mexico

Lo volvió a hacer. Silvio Rodríguez dedicó al presidente mexicano la cancion El Necio, how the moon has passed the moon in the National Auditorium. In Zócalo, in front of 100,000 followers, the Cuban troupe de clashed with Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Ambos se han visto estos días in the capital. After all, Silvio Rodríguez had dealt with the Mexicans in a concert offered by Gobierno, but did not include a homage to the president. “Hoy se la vuelvo a dedicar a Andrés Manuel (López Obrador) “All the Mexicans who create what a great future is capable of,” he said. If in the Auditorium the president’s message is recreated with fans by all degree, in the capital plateau of good pitches and applause, a little bit of all.

The singer plays with the rain. Apenas el cubano pisó el esenario, las primras gotas comenzaron a caer en el Zócalo y remojaron las baners de Cuba, del Che Guevara y del movimiento feminista que resaltaban entre la multitude. Al son de Tons of poemsaguacero se desató poco antes las 21.00 horas, entre los gritos û los applaos de quienes recibían al micosico, de 75 años, en el corazón de capital.

Algunos llevaban paraguas, otros ensiguiren an impermeable or cualquist plastic to regulate lluvia, pero practically all of which are intended to defrost the free concert. Dance for the evening, Te amaré, Unicornio, Oleo de mujer con sombrero, between discourses and ovations, the interpretation of which lives out its most popular excitement, in front of an emotional and assassinated public. The most recent disco, the one that left the gira ahora, is the title For the wait.

Pero ha sido El necio the protagonist of these days in Mexico. Yes the president’s well at his graduation conference and Silvio gave her the reply in their concerts. If you do not consider Lopez Obrador, Fernando Torres, a 39-year-old troupe assisting in concert in Zaccalo, make sure that the political affinities of your musical idol do not change your mind because you want to capture and record it. “Le dedicó El necio, y, puede serlo, depende de cómo lo veas. “If the president is not alone, he will not be able to see the song, but he can see the other side of the coin,” he said.

In the middle of the plateau of Zócalo, Humberto Calzada opined all the opposite. “The only thing that can happen is that the song that is dedicated is part of the project that has been heard and the choices that have been made. “(López Obrador) has spent a lot of money in order to be able to do this,” he said. Followers or not president, Silvio Rodríguez Recognize the applause for your song.

Once scheduled to start at 19.30, the quote with the Cuban will be retrieved one hour. Mientras, assistants follow legally and intentionally colarse as much as possible beyond the tarima, even if it forms a granule of the wind that is almost impossible to move. Aracely Rodríguez leaves after 18.00, prefers to be in the orilla and play music together. “I do not understand Silvio Rodríguez and the Cuban word. It’s spectacular and true it’s all a delicacy, además that disfrutar of the orchestra is impressive ”, commented the 45-year-old woman who lives in Iztapalapa.

Among the multitude, 17-year-old Dae Montaño and 19-year-old Emiliano Ramos complete their illusion of being seen by the first artist who inspires them to care about the medium before they are born. “Ya estoy aprendiendo a tocar sus roles en guitarra”, said Montaño. “I like your lyrics, because the communication and the music in it are very relevant, it’s very cool”, Ramos agrees. Even the tastes of my friends that I do not have are similar. “Venimos m as a ver a Vivir (Quintana) que a Silvio”, confiesa David Medeño, de 23. ” Of course there are three years, from the (feminist) marches that sing the anthem “, Continent Renata Cisneros, from 19.

Poco antes de las 20.30 horas, salió Vivir Quintana the scenario of ending the concert. “For all the computers that work in the middle”, said the Mexican singer-songwriter, interpreting Canci sinn sin miedo, which is converted into a hymn of feminist movement in Latin America. “Justice for all unpaid computers. Justicia. No olvido ”, exclaimed ante de dar paso al cuba artista.

La espera valió la pena. Unos cantaban, otros bailaban y alguno lloraba de emotion. Like Johanna Cruz, you record the fight with your ass as 15 years ago enamoraron rodeados de Mariposas and other songs by Silvio Rodríguez. “We felt the same frustration and we found that all the lads were only 40, 20, of all the ones that were tampered with and frustrated,” he said. One of the passages, Cleotilde Fuentes, 70 years old, realized that he was surprised to see all the generations in the concert. “Pensaba que nada míb íbamos a venir los viejitos, pero hay muchos jóvenes y eso me gusta”, commented.

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