The life of the bars – 2 years after the disappearance of Veracruz

The foreign debt left them without a team on December 5, 2019, when: Mexican Football Federation (FMF:), announced irrelevance Club: Veracruz Red Sharks:owned by the entrepreneur Fidel Curie Grahaleswho had economic-work problems with the players, coaches և administrative staff.

Suddenly that the collapse of the club Yarocho, who celebrates his 79th birthday this Saturday, April 9, has orphaned his fans և changed the lives of his followers more loyal, bar members who had to change their lifestyle without having a team to support, spend more time with family աշխատանքը Your work.

Even the tools that give color to the stadium stands continue protectedand now they are removed when they exist Hired to host parties“Tokens” և political campaigns.

Hope to see his team again Mexican football has not lost; on the contrary, it grows with each gossip or rumor that is made about a topic, such as November 24, 2021, when Finance և Secretary of Management state, Jose Luis Limaassured that the local government is working Return to football Veracruz.

In front of one of the fences that surrounds the ruined Stadium Luis “Pirates” Source:Unused property after the game from November 8 Cruise 0-5: America: Opening tournament 2019 mediotiempo: He talked to four bars to find out how his life had changed since the port team was disbanded.

Miguel Gomez (Empire Red and Blue)

I have been going since I was a child Red Sharks. My brother brought me to the stadium. It was ugly Cruise did not have an entertainment group as several teams came bringing their bars such as Toros Neza, San Luis և 2002 the bar goes up Influence of Buenos Aires and there I mingle in the bars.

Everything has changed dramatically. Football live, in: Red Sharksbecause it was the theme of work, to protect, to encourage, to follow the club day by day. The change was very radicalbecause in games I used to miss work or ask permission, և I accepted it with job instability, now that the team is gone. I already have job stability I even got a job promotion. I’m a Veracruz shipbuilder.

I spend more time with my family and my partner. It is difficult not to be able here, because that was our way of life. Organizing the people, getting tickets, bringing in a queue is different now. Come out to play. There was a time when I was working on platforms, և I was in pain to miss the game էի I was trying not to continue working outside.

tools are protected in a house. We have not sold anything, nor do we intend to sell, we have acquired tools when we return. We do rehearsals և concerts who hire us to organize a party, political campaigns, where there is an opportunity to go.

Hortensio Rinco (independents)

I started 2002 being a good member Influence of Buenos Aires և my friends and I got together to make our own bar եցինք we made it Inconvenient և Because the name was forced, we changed it independent:.

I’m more busy with my work, I’m not asking for so much permission, I no longer ignore my students! Y: I spend more time with family. My family has never reprimanded me for anything, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not use drugs, because it was my only flaw, they supported me.

When I got married civilly, my ex-mother-in-law would see her face when I arrived at my Jaws T-shirt wedding. He had a heart attack, but I married the team Y: I married your daughter. It feels very sad, this is our second home. you come and see in the worst conditions. Now we gathered our action among our companions and renovated a part of our house. From pure material, as we provided labor, there were a few of them 8 thousand pesos.

Javier Calderon (Knights)

I started at the age of 16, I am the youngest of the leaders. I started in 2011, my brother brought me and I remember it was my first game Veracruz-America.

We return to normal life. It came out every weekend as a local or as a visitor as we came by truck. It: Without a football team is like returning to realityWe return to work.

in our bar There are graduates, Architects:, students:; Then we all asked for days off to go see the team, but now when we do not have we are more devoted to the family, to work և Waiting for us to return.

He tells me a little sad.I missed the birth of my daughter! My daughter was born և I went against the classic Puebla.

Everything is kept with love, the flags are our symbol, the rags are not lost. Drums, bass drums, trumpets, trumpets, everything is stored to return home. We can get rid of cell phonescars, but: which is what my club represents.

Robinho (Bar 47)

I started in 1999; A cousin brought me against the game travelerwhen we were First Division A.; I started coming from there more often. I was climbing little by little, the bar I lead is from 2014, և here we stay strong.

It seems strange not to have a team, when you are used to coming every week or every 15 days; This is something I have never really felt, I would definitely not want a fan. You are so used to rooting your team, նրանք suddenly they take you out of life. It feels ugly.

When did you start hearing about it? non-compliance I thought it was scary for you Curry I lowered the eggs, no, that was a reality. Truth it’s very nostalgic.

I am more dedicated to my work Compared to the previous one, I used to be a mother, I was more dedicated to the team. Later I was told that the team would not leave me anything, և that’s the job, և now I understand. I am more devoted to my work, my family. I am a ship inspector.

I passed, turned around and how ugly to see my stadium So everyone was treated badly, in bad conditions, it is lousy. I see it և I feel ugly seeing my stadium like this.

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