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“Doctors do not treat nurses, treat patients with nurses, treat integral human beings, that is to say, we do not want to see our sick patients in disfigured form.”

In Colombia and around the world there is a growing trend and tendency for medicine to be practiced in a major way by specialists, restoring imports into the role of head doctor or personal physician, as often as other forms of medicine. Generally, the general practitioners are referred to as “professional in patient remediation” for a variety of reasons: except for limited solitary examination with the possible argument of controlling the body by part of the assurance, but the sensation is very “volatile” the form of seeing the patients. Records that in United States medicine is now fragmented as being a patient and neumatologist but a pulmonary problem is not treated with hypertension or hypothyroidism, complementing the remission with other specialists before the formula. From the way that medicine is done from a professional to patients and to a professional to nurses.

In the United States, there are cases of supra-specialists who only treat fat and no pain, for example, neurosurgeons who only operate on the aneurysms of the part of the brain, not the brain. In public health terms it is absolutely inefficient and absurdly practical.

Doctors do not treat nurses, treat patients with nurses, treat integral human beings, that is to say, we can not see our sick patients in disfigured form. No matter what the specialists are doing now, no matter what they do, general medicine and familiar medicine are the only ones that prevent the correct integration between the different clinical actors but only the patients in the hospital. .

The role of the general physician and most of all in a simple port of entry into the health system. If and as a result the system is affected but the human talent is tested with a secretarial function that does not have to be in line with the formation of the doctors. General medicines are clinically sound with adequate criteria and if they come in the door they can not be taken on the talanquera, it is decided, they can not be taken on an obstetrician for the patients and it is just the role that appears to have received uninsured filters: inexorable that the patient decides whether or not to have a specialist or other way to control the gastritis. Dampers are treated in such a way that general medicines can be applied to all cases where they are removed from the sphere of conjugation. No, because the patient should be treated by a specialist but the general practitioner or the familiar physician should follow the prescription medicine.

Salvos las cirugías todas las nufermedes son de manego de medika general con el apoyo, in algunos casio dificile, de medikis e inclousis medistis medistika extern consultat e ex primer level. The problem is that when it comes to grease, it does not come as much as it does part of the work team.

It is up to the insurers to generate integrated work teams with specialists and general and family physicians and to ensure that the patient wishes.

Necessity is the capacitance of general practitioners in the range of pathologies that are most often remedied, and it is not necessary the formation of all physicians in clinical gestation, in order to achieve a complete pattern of attenuation that integrates the specific benefit of patients.

How do you plan to contribute to the health care system and clinical practice? Part of the big problem with having our own healthcare system is the lack of citation opportunity, and there are many legal issues involved in healthcare institutions as well as professionals. Además, the health professionals are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution, and part of this solution is the master’s gesture of the patient.

Doctors can not follow as many wheels as one but on the other, they must work as an integrated system, not disassembled. Unsurprisingly, modern medicine is fragmented by patients by paramedics, but systematically, and in this form they are acoustically clothed, as if many patients did not form a unit conforming to a single cone, but only one or more specialized ellas sin tener en kuenta las demás. It is not a secret to pharmacological interactions that can be given to a multimedia patient by many physicians, such as for example advanced patients who are cynical about their different specialties, algunos of those who are still with some medicine. The question is: how can armar ese rompecabezas be converted to patients?

It is the body of the general medicine and of the family medicine, but which is not in the hands of the internists, but as they are, as the medicine of the global panorama, they can integrate all of them and are part of it. to be human as a patient’s unit.

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