The metamorphosis of Perez into Red Bull

    The conference will be attended by time, patient and time. This is what is recycled Sergio Pérez in the energy of the baby shower. Christian Horner’s repatriation service is intended for renovation up to 2024 y, which is one of the most important, it’s still in the Formula 1 form has the point of intimidating the vignette of the world in momentary moments of time.

    Perez 2.0

    Sin duda, la victoria en el Grand Prix of Monaco the mayor responds to all of their use in the latest months. Checo attracts a 2021 set of negative results and classifications for elvido. Without embargo, the panorama has changed a lot in the present time.

    Sergio, who has always been a target in the World Cup, and has been abandoned but has a problem with cambium tea in Canada, has noted his progress: “Definitely, I feel much more comfortable with the bike in comparison to the cheap one. For example, you have a lot of time to adapt. Now I have the sensation that I have already prepared from the Books 1 and what you can do to train in the car, trying to reach your maximum potential”, Argued in statements made by RaceFans.

    Perez accumulated one pollena victories, five podiums and several fast cars in a new car with an RB18, which has been amplified rapidly in 2022. The embargo, its retaliation for the inauguration of Bahrain’s inaugural car and, more recently, in Montreal at the age of 46 points of Max Verstappenwho encabeza el Mundial ahora mismo.

    On the other hand, the sensations that bastante the best respecting the passing camp and the Czech Republic can demonstrate their talent and velocity at the moment of rest:I feel much more prepared when it comes to classification and carrera, and created that we have a good base. Confidence in the car and what it takes to make the most of the party. This is a big difference at the end of the week”, Concluded the pilot de Red Bull, which at the moment inflates the Grand Prizes of a more efficient manner. The following will be the height of your Silverstone team computer, the temporal flow test.

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