The mistakes that make up Casey White and Vicky White

(CNN) – A very effective diner. A car for huir. An enormous world in which it erupts.

Even though Casey White and Vicky White’s body are only trying to get rid of the Alabama cart on April 29, taking the correctional function substantially further and facilitating the flight of the protector.

It was about 11 days ago that the couple — no family members — found themselves in a hurry, even though they were tracking down the streets of Evansville, Indiana, dating to Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56. for an apparent heron of autoinflamed arms. For entonance, its depreciation is converted to a topic of national interest, and a track of public audio is localized to a solo five-hour distance from the depot depot.

Sheriff and details of Casey White’s translation back to price 0:43

The preparation of the fugitives for the purpose of the Lauderdale condenser carries a great deal of power over the authorities claiming to be safe. Ahead of the flight, Vicky White sailed for $ 95,500 —maybee worth the market value — and used a counterfeit number to buy a 2007 Ford Edge SUV of the orange color that the pair used for Florence, Alabama. Click on the button to see the robe of the hombre and tarde fue vista llevando una baluca.

Pero Casey White —without a dozen cargoes of asset capital totaling up to 75 years of pressure for other delusions — and Vicky White —a veteran agent with an overwhelming professional reputation — tend to be obsessive-compulsive, as long as you love the vehicle of your way and hacer cosas in public to favor your huida.

Their errors do not force the accumulated media to crack down on infamy, as opposed to CNN police experts, and in the last instance significance of the end of your liberty search.

“Only the diner is effective, only the transport, the capacity to change the mode of transport, but also complement the controller,” said FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe to CNN on Monday. “Y así es como los atraparon”.

The flight plan establishes “planned and calculated”

The escape planes are not so much more than all the walls of a circle, said John Moriarty, retired inspector general of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, who has been involved in other cases of reclusive flight, including those in one preso recibió ayuda de un funcionario penitenciario.

“Suelen tener un gran plan”, dijo Moriarty, “pero cuando algo sale mal, no saben cómo afrontarlo”.

The escape of Vicky White and Casey White “is usually well planned and calculated”, said Lauderdale’s sheriff’s sheriff Rick Singleton, before the capture of the moon. “It prepares a lot for this. Only a lot of resources, only an effective diner, only vehicles, only all that do not need to be stored like this.”

And as Vicky White puts it, there is no excuse for not knowing Casey White’s unknowingly.

As the second mandate in the center of the detachment, White “plans to transport the van in the vehicle, making sure that all the armed agents are deployed to take the seat and occupy the tribunal,” Singleton said Tuesday. Ella “sabia that the official registrar in the interrogation — the subdirector— commands that Iba be lvvarlo al tribunal and lo dejaría with other impleados”.

“Ella lo organizi: buy the fly cart, place it in the house, secure the dinero effectively, buy compras, buy clothes for it. Ella, obviamente, arm the plan”, said Singleton, adding that Vicky White era cerebro detrás de todo el plan “.

Casey White retrieve and access special media in your wallet 0:57

The abandoned truck found a reverse track

But a flyover for the pair can be reported as soon as possible, when it detects its flying vehicle: the Ford Edge is found in a trailer in a condominium in Williamson, Tennessee, one hour north of the cart que huyeron en Florence, Alabama, dijo el viernes el Servicio de Alguaciles de Estados Unidos.

The car type SUV has been remotely packed into the lot in such a way that the unloading pair is provided by Williamson’s sheriff’s office and is found abandoned and closed, with labels or identification information, including a CN . As soon as the Ford Edge was abandoned due to mechanical problems, Singleton was running a press conference on Friday. Not to be found in the interior.

Sea’s sea’s razor by which it detects its vehicle, the stage of the mass and the place in which it is found its revelators, according to CNN William Sorukas Jr., retiring from the Alguaciles Service Investigation Division of EE.UU.

Fugitives only want a vehicle at an airport or in the stationary location of a commercial center, where they can not be desaturated at any time, because they can be found in pairs. The fact that the Vicky White and Casey White SUVs have been abandoned in the middle of a rural area suggests that it “modifies any plan that goes far and wide”, says Sorukas.

In Tennessee, Vicky White and Casey White spent US $ 6,000 to buy a Ford F-150, according to US Marshall Chad Hunt Commander CNN.

Where exactly did the mystery come from, when Casey White did his best to “investigate” with the investigators, who did not share the details, said Dave Wedding, Sheriff of Vanderburgh, Indiana.

The diner can be used as a double-breasted weapon

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that can be used by Jeffery Walker, professor of criminal justice at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “The news that haya has decided on its case and haya sacado el dinero … has created a fund that can be used and sobrevivir lasting a time”, said CNN ante the capture.

On the other hand, the diner can be a double-edged sword, according to CNN experts. Including Vicky White and Casey White, diner breeding is effective, tending to be adventurous in public for cucumber, agua, robe and gasoline. To complicate matters, Casey White lit up his attraction with his 2.05-meter stature, which to his authority is “better than having a tattoo on the front,” said Moriarty.

From then on, Casey White flew into an evansville airplane capturing a car chamber while investigators wondered if the 2006 Ford F-150 had been hauled into Tennessee.

If you think that car and recreation is established in Evansville from May 3, dojo Wedding. It seems that Casey White and Vicky White are always in control of each vehicle, says Hunt.

Investigators publish self-published photos on Monday; Vicky White has no appearance in ellas.

If not here’s now, Vicky White’s caretaker agents with a shutter running down a hotel room, said Marty Keely. Ella and Casey White follow in the footsteps of a Cadillac and marcharon, in a way that acabaría with the determination of el and the death of ella.

In the posterior jaw of the pair, the authorities probably talk to people who know them, as opposed to CNN security experts. Objective habria sido construct a “complete picture of your screws”, says Sorukas, to add to his authority “a determination as to why he was hacked and who screwed in his screws before his flight.”

Now that Casey White is obsessed with investigators, it is possible to find out what actually happens, including the most discouraging question: because the nun is going to be more than 480 kilometers away.

“It’s an incompatible tantrum that follows the timing, and the fact that the dispersal takes place in Evansville, Indiana,” McCabe told CNN, “and essentially said that the investigation into alczzara”.

Jason Hanna, of CNN, contributed and is informed.

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