The mysterious portal of the stars constructed by a stream of India hau 300 years

  • Shalbha Sarda
  • BBC Travel *

Jantar Mantar de Jaipur

Fountain of the image, Getty Images

Photo pie,

Credo hace trelos siglos, the Jantar Mantar of Jaipur is a compliment to the free air of giant astronomical hermeneutics that are accurate.

A semaphore descending from the primordial equinox, in a steep and hot plate, passing through the brakes of Johri market, the main market of Jaipur, with its coral walls, delicacies and moss arches.

Quizás bring a little moment to adventure and hager tourism in the capital of Rajasthan desert, but the wind is perfect to measure the time with the zombies projected by the Sol.

Directed by Jantar Mantar, the mysterious portal of India to the stars.

For the first time, it comprises free air – free of extra triangular walls and escalating to one end – part of the place: it is not decorated like the Palace of the City, which is not intruding like the veneer Templo Govind cercano Hawa Mahal.

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