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The National Center of Genome of Denmark open Lifebit a four-year contract to implement the software for an internally configurable environmental investigation of Lifebit, Lifebit CloudOS, center of the national supercomputing center of Denmark.

LONDON, April 28, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Lifebit, whose technology leads to a secure analysis of sensitive data for investigators and the interconnection of large cohorts of patients around the world, announced by United Nations Genome of Denmark (NGC). Lifebit implements Lifebit CloudOS to create a configurable internal investigation into the NGC supercomputer cluster given that it serves as the gestation and analysis platform of scalable and secure data for national, international, and international investigators.

The Danish NGC, the governing body and authority within the Danish healthcare system, has been instrumental in implementing the National Strategy for Personalized Medicine. The NGC Central Vision is the most accurate, specific, and effective diagnostic tool for tracking the health of the Danish system. Durante la first phase of the strategy, the National Center of Genome of Denmark and its collaborators reclining and sequencing the complete genomes of 60,000 patients diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune diseases and common diseases before 2024.

The platform offers a high-throughput computer infrastructure of the supercomputing center in their Danish installations, which allow the NGC to complete its vision of establishing and operating a national or private infrastructure. data at all times in the national secure infrastructure. Solo Lifebit, with all its experience in genomic data as with its compatibility capacity at the international level of governance entrants to complete the work of its patented Lifebit CloudOS operating system, which is considered to be projectable.

Accordingly, the platform permits access investigators, consulting and secure analysis of these genetically sensitive clinical data in a totally scalable and flexible manner, allowing for collaborative and global scaling.

The federation started a crucial paper to allow the introduction of the possibility of collaborating with international societies such as Genomics England, France Genomique, Genomic Medicine Sweden and other biobancos from all over the world. The virtual conjunction of these conjunctures of sensitive data, which permits a conjunctural analysis that all modes perform in the same way as the data, can be explored exponentially in more detail. In some cases, it is possible to observe that up to 10 cases or the number of patients in a study center is about 100 percent higher than the number of genetics and genomic associations, which clearly shows the import of the real consistency of these data.

“Lifebit certainly guides and impulses the most precise and privately owned national medical programs. We are summarizing the execution plan of this program for the nation of Denmark. It is internally configurable to allow investigators to collaborate more effectively in order to increase the scale and momentum of international collaboration between other governing initiatives, through which life has been approved. Thorben Seegerdirector of Desarrollo of Lifebit Negotiations

Other examples of the Lifebit data platform in the work of Genomics EnglandNIHR Cambridge and Hong Kong Genome Institute.

About Lifebit Biotech, Ltd.

Lifebit creates platforms for business-specific databases and organizations with complete and sensitive biomedical databases. Unique patented Lifebit technology provides secure access to biomedical data. While offering research-friendly interfaces to national precision medicine programs, even allowing pharmaceutical companies to launch new drug-free prescriptions, Lifebit allows its clients to transform their potentially meaningful form into biodata.


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