The new format of the Champions League from the time 2024-25

UEFA has finally confirmed the series format of the Champions League (UCL) as part of the 2024-25 season, which will be converted into a conformed tournament for 36 teams.

Make a dramatic exchange with respect to the competition from which the hinchas are acostumbrados. For this reason, the continuation presents a complete overview of the implications that these novels tend to be within the most important club network of world football.

¿Why ocurre all this?

Most parties are equal to more diners and clubs are more likely to be the mainstay of the cake by the transmissions. Asymmetry, the great teams seeking to find the most relevant centers against their main rivals, which is the main goal of the first stages of the Champions League.

Entonces, do the boxes imply more parts?

Based on the original plan proposed in 2021, the network will practically double its size, having a total of 125 incubators to 225, with each team having 10 parties in the group stage.

And what is the “Suizo Model”?

In order to divide the teams into groups of four, as currently; all the clubs are killed inside a giant board with points and points in the goal difference.

This format is based on the suizo system torrent that is used in the ajedrez, because the teams do not play against the rest. The difference is that the format of the game decides what to do next to the closest opponents of a team deserving of each series of games, points that in the Champions League concomitant all the phase fixtures of groups at the beginning of the time.

It has been used in other football competitions with a large number of participants, including the competition classification of the CONCACAF Champions League where all teams have four concentrators, but the results form part of a 34 conforming league.

¿How many teams form part of the new Champions?

The number of participating clubs increases, from 32 to 36. The new format means that teams tend to be guaranteed a minimum of concentrations and a majority of 10.

Ó Where do you buy the extra four teams?

1) El team that occupies the third place in the table of the fifth league of the UEFA rankings pass directly to the group stage (currently, dicho club should also play the qualifying rounds). Historically, this league has always been in France. Tied in the league table positions for the 11th of May at this time, AS Monaco is classified in the group stage of the Champions. The Ligue 1 site in one of the round qualifying rounds has the league quarter; de ser así, el Rennes ascending from the Europa League (UEL) to match current positions.

2) An optional team mediating the classification route denominated “Champions Path”, in which participates in the league situation of the 10 first places of the Coefficient by UEFA Countries. To give an idea of ​​what benefits are provided, the percussion clubs in the final classification round of the present cold weather Brondby, Dinamo Zagreb, Ferencvaros y Ludogorets Razgrad.

At a given moment, this cup is automatically ranked among the champions with the best ranking (according to the UEFA Coefficient) which does not automatically classify groups into phases. Under the embargo, the UEFA exchange rate is to be converted into a placement classifier in a hatchery dependent on the coefficients, which benefit from the majority of Shakhtar Donetsk players having their own club coefficient; no obstante, the coefficient of the Ukrainian league has decreased.

3 and 4) Reserve the plazas for los the countries with the major coefficient at the current time. In the present camp, the clubs in this quintet of the Premier League table and in the second round of the Dutch Eredivisie pass directly to the group stage of the Champions. At the moment, these teams are ser Tottenham Hotspur y el PSV Eindhoven.

Ó What happened to the based places in historical order?

Basically, you only have to reserve the points for the clubs with the UEFA coefficient more than the ultimate ones that do not qualify for the Champions League.

If a club tends to classify European competitions for being elegant, it means that they can produce salts. For example, Manchester United can finish the octave in the Premier League table, win the FA Cup and ascend to the Champions based on its quinquenal coefficient. By the way, the United States jumped on the team that was going to the Premier League to go south to UCL.

Entonces, deciding that these cups “do not alienaban of all with the values ​​and the European model of solidarity based on solidarity”, in order to base the classification on the merits over the can.

I Which benefits benefit from the coefficients?

Obtaining an extra cup in the Champions’s part of the Pa Bajeses Bajos deserves a lot of interest, which is treated as a destination plaza by a team not qualified for the “Cinco Grandes” league. As an embargo, it treats an atypical case in history.

If we repatriate the upper five temples, England and Spain will have 9 out of 10 cups.

2020-21: Inglaterra España
2019-20: Spain, Germany
2018-19: Inglaterra, España
2017-18: Inglaterra, España
2016-17: Spain, England

The beneficiaries include Villarreal (in three shares), Arsenal (two), Bayer Leverkusen, Chelsea, Getafe, Leicester City and Real Sociedad.

The Dutch Eredivisie is currently benefiting from being counted with three clubs in the group stage of the Europa Conference League (UECL), and all advancing. Feyenoord Rotterdam is classified in the final, sufficient for the Dutch to occupy the second position in the odds table. Without embargo, items 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be loaded by Cinco Grandes, which will require you to use a large sponge to occupy one of the first places.

At the same time as the UECL implantation, the Dutch were terminated at points 5, 8, 7, 29 and 9 of the coefficient table.

As a country obtaining a cup by coefficients, it represents an additional team present in European competitions. For example, the Premier League contends with plazas, with a handful of men competing in the Champions League:

Champions League: 1-5
Europa League: 6, FA Cup champion
Europa Conference League: Carabao Cup Camp

If the Copa camels are among the first ones, the cups will support the septimo and octave of the board.

This means that the ranking of 11 clubs is technically possible; the sea, practically the Premier League team; are teams that are classified by yield on domestic lathes, cups by coefficients and all three European titles (not classified by domestic route).

¿Is the system of annual coefficients better than choice by historical order?

There are pros and cons.

By the way, the original plan corresponds to the teams that the south had been in Europe during a period of five years. Waiting for a red flag, which is a good news for a great club in the Manchester United region, is an access route to the Champions.

Last but not least, Benfica (in the coaches), Arsenal, AS Roma, Chelsea, FC Porto, Napoli and Shakhtar Donetsk had a cup of graces on the original plan. Arsenal, Chelsea and Napoli are all benefiting from systematic ambitions.

Others argue that the new plan proves that clubs are less likely to benefit from the performance of others. Why should Getafe, Leicester and Real Sociedad have a place in the Champions League when they are in their own league, only because the rest of the teams in the tuberculosis circuit are temporal in Europe in a particular tempo?

Ó How do you fix the fixtures?

It is hoped that UEFA conforms to four notes with new teams, as well as all certification based on the coefficient of quinquenal clubs. Each team team against rival world class (one local, one visitor) to create a fixture with more or less similar parts.

They are created more “partisan” by the teams that conform to the primary worlds entertained or not, because the wind is impossible to impose on the current system.

For example, the World 1 teams are made up of all the other World Club 1, 2, 3 and 4 teams.

As you can see the world’s teams in a Champions League format with 36 teams, using the new system and the final tables of the camp ahead of the Continental League leagues.

Bote 1: Chelsea, Villarreal, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Inter de Milan, Bayern Munich, Lille, Sporting CP, Real Madrid

Bote 2: Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund, FC Porto, Ajax

Bote 3: Shakhtar Donetsk, Lyon, RB Leipzig, FC Salzburg, Benfica, Atalanta, Zenit San Petersburg, Besiktas, Dynamo Kiev

Bote 4: Dinamo Zagreb, Club Brujas, Young Boys, Leicester City, AC Milan, Real Sociedad, Malmo, VfL Wolfsburgo, Sheriff Tiraspol

But still, Manchester City in their Premier League camp condition is looking for a fixture from the “Model Suizo” conformed to: Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Benfica, FC Salzburg, Young Boys, Sheriff Tiraspol.

What are the qualifiers and qualifiers?

The first eye passes directly to the final octaves and seams of the sort. Clubs that occupy places between the ages of 9 and 24 are encouraged to focus on each other and the flight, leading teams to team up as students to eliminate the elimination process. No news about Europa League qualifiers from 2024-25. Clubs that are killed between the 25 and 36 teams that mediate elimination in Europe.

This means that the team that was killed in the last 24 of the group stage, a site sufficient for a cup in the Europa League, the current system has the probability of advancing even the crowning champions of Europe.

The competition takes place in the traditional format from the final octave phase.

What about the Europa League and the Conference League?

Hold competitions competing to define the Suizo Model from 2024 onwards, with an increasing number of 32 to 36 participating teams.

You can also play in the Europa League group stage and singles in the Europa Conference League.

New qualifiers for advancing to the final octaves, while damping tracks for the Europa League and Europa Conference League coaches.

This is a good news for teams that follow the group stage. One of the four semi-finalists of the Europa League descended from the Champions, and one of the four best in the Europa Conference League discusses the group stage of the Europa League.


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