the parade of weapons in Ukraine

They say that they are judged videojuegoscan be manipulated un Javelinun for example antitanque which is capable of perforating the most powerful armors and which is converted to one of the symbols of the Ukrainian defense ante los ataques rusos. Equipped with a unified launcher unit with GPS and cámara infrarrojael projectile is expelled to capture its objective that it can be more than 4 miles away because it is subject to soldering, including the interior of a unit. Designed for the finals of the 80s by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin companies, try to use the media of the 90s by the stage fan and fire one of the weapons designed in the invasion of Iraq there are about 20 years old.

United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Countries Ukraine frente al actual conflict with Russia. The arms shipment has been intensified. Recently, Germany has been compromising on sending four dozen anti-aircraft guns, the flaming Cheetah flares, all designed for air defense as well as for ground targets. This autonomous armature can be fired in the 70-degree pass, but is an important part of the air defense of various countries.

Además of the anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft tanks, the armament parade of Ukraine including armored drones, air vigilance radars, tripartite coast embargoes, lanzagranadas, cascades, chalets, anti-missile and anti-missile missiles possibly chemicals. The weapons were flown in the direction of Ukraine, but their air force was reduced and it was a weak point of subsanar; as an embargo, Occidente has repeatedly neglected to be proportionately estranged by temor a conflicting of major dimensions.

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White history

Genaro Beristain, academic at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of UNAM, an international security specialist, noted that the weapons are always combined with humanity from their initiatives; embedded with our primordial pass, when the hermeneutics of existence are transformed into weapons using weapons to attack or defend. “Weapons evolve because of the creation of humanity. The war has always been accompanied by the societies far from being destroyed, because the confrontation but also the political confrontation ”.

The affirmative investigator who follows the principles of the twentieth century, fights a substantial exchange with the total mechanization of the weapons; of the finals of the first method of the silo, the apparatus of the nuclear weapons of another brinda otro giro substantial: the possibility of acabar with great candidatures of persons, mediating the division of the atom as a herramient of the destruction of humanity. “In front of the second part of the XX symbol, it is very important to have the largest airplanes with tank numbers, submarinos, aircraft, etcetera; “Posteriorly, the weaponry is not as important as the power of destruction.”

Palatinamente se logra avandar en un sistema de guile de misiles. “The best audio technology is the type of system and now it is most convenient to attack at a distance”, said the specialist and aggregate who suffered the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the EU, the best of the intelligent weapons, media and digitalization. “Cobras are more likely to import non-tripod weapons and evolve drones with greater autonomy and historical background, even if they do not require the training of a human in a battlefield; now it is de facto safe with a computer ”.

Beristain says that in the current conflict, Ukraine is reciprocating military of the EU, since it has not sent its most advanced weapons. Algunas are currently working hard to get the most out of their lenses and aim at Artificial Intelligence (IA) with which to transmit information between and out of the mandate. “The EU has not been able to send the latest technology because the Russian-made missile has its capacity. “The weapons that are being sent to Ukraine are casual, concise with the Russians.” Además is a weapon whose use does not require a very profound entertainer, as many people can use it. “Considering the people who are supported by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, they support the patriotism: citizens between 18 and 60 years old who do not necessarily have a formal military training and can use their weapons without digitalization.”

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Las ganancias de la guerra

The academic says that initially the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations are the main manufacturers of weapons. The EU, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and France concentrate the largest number of arms sales. Israel has a very important steel industry, even though it is post-Soviet, like the Czech Republic. “It’s a real white industry looking for forced marches to get food from the theater of war,” he said, commenting that Ukraine’s armed forces have not been fed at all by nations led by a large number of people. which are different papers in this industry, as well as intermediate countries and Machiavellian nations.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have taken up arms against Ukraine as intermediaries, having their origin in one of the great potential armaments. “No matter, the armaments industry is gaining a lot of money. “It’s a system that keeps track of the quotes in the bag, while the armament products are substantially supported and the more the conflict is resolved, the more it can be redistributed.”

For Beristain, the steel industry requires a lot of money that can be sent to other countries, but the final provocation is that the nations take part directly or indirectly in the arms that Ukraine has. “The companies that buy cell phones, sinks and refrigerators are part of the armature industry, because the wireless industry is always a bargain.”

Mexico forms part of the pentagon chamber of the Pentagon that has created the ultimate decade of meditation that defenses, grandeur, and small, externalizing production. Information from the EU Commissioner for International Trade, the costs of making more (as part of a higher cost of a salar structure) and the proximity of the manufacturers of the original equipment, favoring the aerospace conditions Martin Composers , General Dynamics, General Electric, Honeywell and Raytheon Technologies all have subsidiary operations operating in our country.

Specialist in national security
“Even pagans with deaths are Ukrainian, miserable more rebiban weapons, more extending conflict and more deaths from poner”

The specialist who says that another lamentable scenario of the war is that Ukraine has been converted into a sales fair. “Países Bajos has announced that it will send Ukraine to a subfield that does not produce anything, finally trying a quiz with the objective of being able to compare the opposing sides in other or posterior conflicts. “It is possible that the pagans with their bodies are the Ukranians, whose weapons are more than just weapons, they extend the conflict and more than the poner”.

On the part of Russia, many more sophisticated weapons are being used to capture the great nuclear scenarios in a future. “As you can see, Vladimir Putin exhibits Russia’s capacity hypersensitive thoughts“I do not know what to do with the radar and the EU does not say that it does not have access to these instruments.” The hypersensitive missiles are basically guided weapons that can fly and maneuver the superior velocities of Mach 5, because only the velocity of the sound.

Since the EU and China have launched hypersonic weapons, Russia’s affirmation that it has and has implemented a functional version of this type of missiles in Ukraine. The currently used, Kinzhal sheet metal is based on a variant of the Iskander short-range ballistic missile, modified to be launched by a combined aircraft.

Beristain opined that Zelensky’s very simple political discourse in Europe about inclusion in the OTAN and under attack Russia, los dejaron solos. “It’s time to dump her and move on,” said Roni Bar-On, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima. “Ukraine does not want arms, but it does have the population of Russia.”


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