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Chicago – 21-year-old Jayline Pérez will graduate three semesters before graduating from Roosevelt University in December 2021. Both parents and grandchildren have been hugging each other to their primary school, or Rush Education and Career credit. Hub, o REACH, por haber cambiado su futuro.

“It simply came to our notice then that the university was an option for me,” he said. “REACH fue one of the first media that you, my second school, animated to and from the university.”

Ahora Pérez study for the admission exam in the medical school and then made a medical career. The neurociencia of interest, pero quiz exchange of opinion. Pérez También is working with his mentor, Dr. Susan López, Director of Diversity, Equation and Inclusion for Postgraduate Medical Education at Rush University Medical Center, adding to the investigation of health disparities by COVID-19 (working with COVID-19 patients to see the differences in their results following the lack of interpretation in Spanish) and organizing pre-medical camps for African American and Latino adolescents.

Pérez’s camouflage has taken control of its sound when the REACH unit continued to reach the secondary school, as part of the After School Matters (ASM). The resident of Belmont Cragin has taken an interest in any of the current health benefits, including a summer stay at Rush University Medical Center with REACH’s MedSTEM Explorers program, a practical redesign session, and the ability to skip it. Keep track of the program orientation of a degree of competence.

“If the majority of the participants in the program are women … it ‘s like saying:’ Wow, women women who pay for me ‘”, dijo. “There are many capacities to enter places, and there is a flow of students who have a history very similar to mine. Always feel that you do not like me because of my cultural origin. Crocodile here, on the Northwest Side, and with all the barriers that you have to follow to avoid the clumps of the fence. When it comes to other students, they definitely resonate with someone, but I know that there is no wind in Unica ”.

Comment with REACH in 2018, with all the emotions to find the truth behind the words “The import representation” are clearly evident that they are despised.

“We do not establish any clinical experience, such as treating patients or having communication with other medical attestation providers, such as recourses,” said Perez. “It simply came to our notice then. When you are listening to a patient, including if you are serving water or taking a lot of it, you are doing it all by yourself, and before that I can say ‘Actually you can adjust, you can actually and most of all’ “.

In 2021, of the students ranked by REACH, the 75 per cent eran mujeres, the 90 per cent eran living in West Side, the 88 per cent eran African American or Latino and the 65 per cent eran first generation of university students. The program has a proportion of more than 180 students from the secondary school and the university over 25,000 hours of paid admission based on workmanship and price up to 50 per cent of MedSTEM Pathways and 100 per cent customers per MedSTEM Explorer obtain one of the most credible reconnaissances in the industry (ie, RCP, primary auxiliaries / basic salvavids, phlebotomy technique or ECG technique). Rush Education and Career Hub is one of the first students to attend the university to participate in learning opportunities in science and mathematics; their mission is to enhance the diversity of STEM professions and medical attitudes.

“It does not matter if our students are limited to transporting patients. “Yes, you can do that, because they have the capacity to do more,” said Rukiya Curvey Johnson, executive director of REACH. “Deberían ser los mediks, deberían ser los écientics é investigaci ,n, deberían ser algunos de los anesthesistas, y, entonces, ¿qué podemos hacer para que sten directly en ese camino u puedan accreda a salarios moss altos y por lo a calyx of screws more beautiful or better? ”.

Curvey Johnson is a member of REACH and is the executive director of STEM and strategic initiatives of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Surprisingly standing in the midst of ongoing education, I see that REACH as an opportunity to be able to inform the industry sector. With 10 associate students in this country and more searching, Curvey Johnson wants every REACH student to feel like Perez is in the future: a sense of ownership, confusion, self-agency, and the opportunity to work hard for people.

“It’s all that we cultivate in all our students,” he said. “Build a sense of self-efficacy from what you can do to activate a exchange, to solve a problem solver of the community, to install a cover over the alguns of the disparities that come in, to be supplemented with other ingredients. The fact that Jayline has given her an adjoining pass with her sister and coded our new entertaining camp program is phenomenal. What is increasingly important is that it is a type of relation, and it is also the type of way in which computers can participate and be animated ”.

It is not uncommon for the camera to follow the pressure of the sound, only to show interest. You are interested in what REACH wants to send. The hermitage of REACH professional orientation permits the young people to explore the camp según their tastes.

“You can click on ‘Me gusta ayudar a la gente’ and you will find one of the cars that are aligned with this, and tend to have the opportunity to participate and see only the latest programs, [sino] “There are other programs around the city, as well as activities that can be done to help and benefit from this interest,” said Curvey Johnson.

In the case of Perez, there is nothing more to empathize with. In the work of continental retribution, “si Dios quiere, as a medical student of a tooth”, dijo. It also requires a resource for others that prevent it from being capacious.

“One of the factors of disparities in medical attitudes is that there are not many professionals in medicine who test for underrepresented communities,” said Perez. “Ellos (REACH) is a professional formation. All of which are easy to understand, but only for medical information based on the information technology of other programs. “I hope that such an evolution will take place for other people, whether they are sick or not.

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