The relationship between Metaverso and medicine

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced his intention to potent el Metaverso, a digital entry into which persons can be accessed as avatarsthe concept can be very fashionable and the experts assemble all the possibilities that it offers can be the one that can interact with the devices as devices of virtual reality gaps and other complementary.

The field of Medicine does not realize the potential of this digital universe. “Virtual and virtual reality is gaining a lot of momentum by providing the ability to use medicine and the like. With the potential for 5G mobile access and the Metaverso concept, its possibilities are multiplied by allowing itself with greater agility, velocity and realistic sensation of interest“, ha explicado a Medical Redaction Pedro Cano, medical expert at Salud Digital.

On the other hand, Francisco Sendra, a radiologist and professor at the University of Málaga, considers that Metaverso offers Medicine a breakthrough of its current Internet capabilities: “For example, a virtual hospital in Metaverso that reproduces a real hospital may be allowed the users know exactly where to kill and the aspect of different services, consultations and units, transfer to a real visit. you can enter a room and get information from a proceeding or selection to see how it works and which requirements must be considered “.

“El Metaverso can be an interesting marketplace for Medicine”

Cano afirmado que “sin duda” el Metaverso is an interesting market for Medicine. “You must analyze and consider how a channel of communication and medical-patient interaction“, it has been explained and detailed that the cost-benefit should be evaluated compared to other current systems.

For now, according to the expert at Salud Digital, even though Metaverso is more than “an element for advertising the products and services of hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies, universities, pharmaceutical companies and all types of health companies”.

Virtual reality allows simulation of operations and treatment of phobias

As an embargo, there is a reason why there is a world of possibilities for medical professionals. Según has been explained is periodic, the most clinical and assistive services in the field of virtual and virtual reality: “From the superposition of relevant information about a patient or the simulation of medical operations, or through the schools of patients in chronic nurses”.

Asimismo, has valued other applications as well treatment of “phobias, physical rehabilitation, valorization of cerebral lesions and neurorehabilitation“, as well as for the formation of medical students and staff. At this point he sent a sample of Sendra, who’s most likely to use Metaverso in his doctorate.

El Metaverso, key to the formation of Medical students

“Our experience from 2011 more than 3,000 pre- and postgraduate alumni. Compatible hemos that can be performed with only similar activities to those that are hacked in the hall, such as courses, jokes, team work; in scenarios that result in more attractive 2D format “, the radiology professional Medical Redaction.

In principle, the affordability offered by Metaverso has increased use scenarios that experience “extremely costly” in real practice. Además, compromised with this type of ensemble, Sendra leva performing while being consistent in a game of radiology of radiant ‘League of Rays’.

If there is competition in what, apart from its semantics, students who participate in the demand for the island when transcursing their contents and resolving them. “In the last three years the game was completed by 468 students from more than 20 different faculties of Medicine, but I still have an interesting experience that we are currently evaluating,” he said.

The Future of Medicine in Metaverso

Tanto Sendra as Cano has valued positively the future possibilities of Medicine in Metaverso. The docent, for its part, has incurred in the formatting opportunities that it can offer, as “the simulation of clinical situations, in which the users are used to interact in a medical scenarioincluding a simulated patient, represented by his avatar “.

They are at the stage where they do not replace the function of the doctors, even amplify algunas, such as communication or access to therapies and trainingas well as increase the possibilities of remote control for patients and people who live with chronic diseases.

At the University of Málaga levevan from 2011 using Metaverso for the formation of medical students

As the expert explained in Salud Pública: “El Metaverso permite Proportionate virtual space and applications that facilitate interacting media with an avatar with patients“without any risk to the health and well-being of the person being disturbed by the consultation or the medical center”.

Finally, Cano matizado que due to obstruction, such as the activity of the gent against the ‘online’ treatments or the inability to access the elements of virtual reality, which in reality have a steadily increasing precision, and which Sendra has added to the need to guarantee the privacy of the patients in the digital environment.

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